I Hate Bullies

Bullying Forms

 Sexual Harrassment - discriminating someone through gender or sexual preference and or making sexual remarks that are indecent and unneccessary to people.

Racial Discrimination - discriminating someone though their skin colour or nationality which is unfair and bigoted ignorance.

Religious Discrmination - discriminating someone through either their religion as inferiour to yours or them discriminating you by making references to the bible as an attack on you.

Disability Discrimination - discriminating someone because of their disabillity and making horrible remarks about them.

There are many more forms of bullying but usually they boil down to these four references each one is attrocious and wrong, bullies are cowards and usually jealous of you and feel inferiour to you. They are always brave when they have an audience but cowardly alone they enjoy nothing more than inflicating their powerful at you or behind your back as they are to weak to say it to you.

Bullies will always be around you but you just have to rise above it, you will always get someone who will try to belittle you either through gender, colour, religion and disability and many more reasons and you must report it otherwise it will get worse for you.

They will feel more power if they see that it hurts you and if you do nothing to stop them, I know it sounds easier said than done when it comes to reporting them but you must do it, remember your the powerful one by stopping it.

If you leave it, it could have a devastating effect on you, and has been known to lead to deppression and other mental illnesses as well as suicide and no body has the right to make you feel that low and vulnerable, so stand united and stop it.

If you know some one who is being bullied or you yourself are do something about it now and report it to someone who will help you or they will forever be bullying you.

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jkbensen 7 years ago

I hate bullies to and no one should be bullied for whatever reason. Keep living strong!

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