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How I decided to make my website

I still clearly remember those times when I was a student. It was the time which now wakes only sweet memories and pleasant smile. But sure it doesn't mean that I didn't meet any hardships and disappointments during my university years - different situations happened.
As all of us I liked some courses and some disliked, I had tasks which I liked to carry out and which I preferred to put off. The majority of my group mates hated to write essays and topics in English and French but for me it was a pleasure. Every essay was a call for me to think over the problem or situation, a small personal brainstorming. Besides it was a great opportunity for me to show my ability to develop my thoughts. For some topics I had a lot of to say, I was full of ideas but there were also subjects on which I had no clear idea. Internet helped me in such situations: I googled the topic, read other people opinions and shaped my own view on the problem. I didn't copy ready essays from the Internet I simply was searching for inspiration.
I usually had high scores for essays and topics and often my group mates asked me to help them with topic on this or that matter. I saved almost all the topics and essays I wrote for me and other people and pretty soon I found out that I had a ream of paper with topics and essays in my table. It was the way an idea to make my own site crossed my mind. My own site with essays! The aim of my site is to help those students who have no idea what to write on the topic. I do not charge any money, I provide topics for free. When I was a student I used in such a way sites of other people and now I think it is time to create my own site and share the results of my own work with other people.
Now my site provides essays on topical issues like globalization and feminism as well as typical topics like "my family" and "my best friend". Topics and essays are divided into groups depending on their difficulty level. I'm going to develop my project in future and among my nearest plans is to make a grammar page for non-speakers like me (I have enough information on this subject as well).

Where to find free topics and essays in English

So if you are looking for inspiration or need help in writing an essay or topic welcome to my website. All information in the site is provided for free. I'll be glad to help you.

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