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Bad student behavior
Bad student behavior | Source

Dear friends,

Do you remember my last article titled “You better be a good student!” published few weeks ago? Well lots of people have read it and I am very happy about that, I also received several messages on my FB page and between those messages one in particular took all my attention.

A student from a design school wrote to me a long message confessing that he/she was a bad student! Yes after reading my article on Hubpages realized that he/she belonged to the “mediocre students” category.

The good thing is that this student confessed very honestly that it was his/her fault, irresponsibility, lack of concentration at so on…

The other good thing is that he/she told me that it was really the last opportunity to try to do something good about his/her future to keep alive the hope to make it. Even against all odds it is the time to give it a last shot, last chance to get back on the right track.

This message ended asking if it was possible to send me the portfolio to get an honest feedback. My answer has been positive, no problems send it to me and let’s see if we can save the boat!


Now you know how many times I get similar messages? Many! Do you know how many times I do not see a real will to change things for the better? Too many!

The Design School That Sold Me on Detroit's Future - CCS students Detroit
The Design School That Sold Me on Detroit's Future - CCS students Detroit | Source


When I received the student’s email I read another long message with a part of his/her life story as student…a pretty negative one, but the good thing for me it was the fact he/she was admitting own mistakes and irresponsible acts while being a student. Reading that story I felt that probably he/she really wanted to try the last opportunity to recover a negative situation, so I opened the annexed file to see the portfolio.

His/her book was not bad at all in terms of creativity (so you do have some talent, use it!), the artistic skills not so bad either (they need work and lots of exercise but it is possible to get the good quality), at the end my feedback showed clearly the possibility to make a better portfolio with some hard work without playing around. I finished my answer writing “I know you can do it, do not waste this opportunity…back to work!”

We can all make mistakes, it is human. However; we should always try to get back from insanity. This way we care for ourself and start again to build something with our strength, our will, our head. We open to ourself the doors for a better and constructive future.

So here a bad student real story that might turn into a good ending one, however with lots of difficulties because of lost time (it is so hard to recuperate time…). Another reason to be a good design student. From the beginning.

Meanwhile I am waiting for the new portfolio proposal...

Why this video?

Because it is about good students' attitude in a design school. Here we are at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California and you can see students' life in school with a background voice explaining school philosophy and discipline requirements to make it! It is fun, but it is hard. It is competitive, very demanding, sacrifices are required and all this simply to become good designers that knows how to draw well. Students that can put together a strong and talented portfolio to go out there and have a chance to get a job.

Those students are educated also to become designers in career and it is not a bad thing.


© 2014 Luciano Bove

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Valentino 2 years ago

I am a bit affraid when i read this , its my dream i work hard, i draw everyday , somtimes at night ( the good ideas come then.. ) I am not in Design school i am already in High Scool of ART, but its my dream and i following it.I have a strong passion to the design, and i hope t oget approved from the University and go in , but i see how hard is it , but in the same time its really fun to do it, in the other hand i think when you love to do somthing , its shouldn't be hard.. i think so .. :)

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 2 years ago from Paris Author

You are right!

kasra 2 years ago

I have not been in a design collage so far, but I plan to do so in near future.

I was wondering if you could see some of my works and with your professional sight on the subject comment on it, I know you are very kind and answer lots of questions, this is my email address cause I'm not in fb


please help me too!

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 2 years ago from Paris Author

OK no problem!

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