I need mercy of the Lord

I need the mercy of the Lord.

I already told you that there is a shift in my prayer now a days. And I see some changes in my life.  Earlier I used to pray to make me a millionaire. I thought living a life of millionaire is the greatest life.  Now I love the giver than the gift.  So I pray that God come and live within me.  While I praying this prayer, my inner being told me that I am neither worthy to receive the Spirit of God nor worthy for God to live within me. 

Thant means I did a lot of sin in my life. I am not in a good shape for the Lord to come and live within me.  There are lot of dirty things in my life.  Thing which God detest. He is a pure God.  He can live only in a pure heart.  And I am here with a dirty heart and mind.  My thoughts are dirty.  My hand is dirty.  My heart is dirty.  I am completely unclean. I am covered with sin. (Sin means all kinds of sin, I am ashamed to list it out here)  I am in a terrible state. 

I don't know how I dare to ask God to come and live within me.  I am just like a pig which love to roll around in the mud. I need to undergo a cleansing process. Washing, inside out, with high quality detergent. I doubt many of the stains would not go easily. It will take time and effort to make it clean and pure.  One by one the events of sine come in to my thought. 

From my childhood to till now I did countless sins.  I started to steal coins from my mother for buying sweets.  Then I took money from the pocket of my father.  I picked mango in the way back from my school.  The list goes on.  I am ashamed to tell all the sins I did in my life.  My ways were wrong.  My intentions were wrong.  Always I think about myself.  I never thought about others. 

I wish, if I could reverse my life, I would not do many sins which I did in my life.  In short I am not worthy to receive the Holy Spirit.  I am not worthy to ask God to come and live within me.  Now it is up to God to cleanse me. He needs to more kind to me to clean me. I am sure He will show extraordinary kindness towards me.  I remember Jesus shed his blood for my sins. Now I constantly praying My Lord, please cleanse me with the blood of your son Jesus.  Just like Paul I could only say that "What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death?  Thanks to Jesus and his sacrifice. Through which I could go to my Lord.

I am praying to Lord.  Lord please forgive my sins.  Cleanse me.  Make me clean and pure.  Make me a vessel of you!  Come and live within me.  Give me a pure heart.  Give me a heart which is worthy for you to dwell in. 

My heart is heavy now.  It will be heavy till it be cleansed by the blood of Jesus.  I need Jesus and his love.  I want Him to fill my heart with His love.  I want the presence of my Lord in my heart.  Nothing more than that.  Nothing less than that. 

I request all of you to pray for me.  So that God have mercy upon me.  God love me.  God have mercy up on me. Cleanse me.  Make me pure and holy.

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Steph 6 years ago

None of us are worthy

Steph 6 years ago

Just want to add to my previous comment. God delights in your humble heart and He is pleased that you are disgusted with your sin. However, He does not condemn you. He gave His life so that you can live abundantly and free from the bondage of sin. If you repent you can be so free! The Bible says that the best we have to offer God is like filthy rags before Him. Yet He desires to live within us and change us from the inside out. Through Jesus' blood that was shed you are made worthy and holy.

You write:"I doubt many of the stains would not go easily. It will take time and effort to make it clean and pure. One by one the events of sin come in to my thought."

I am telling you Jesus can make you feel so clean and be so free from guilt and memories of the past. He has mercy on you and you can be saved and live a new life now. Your sins can be erased, to be remembered never again. If you want to commit your life to Jesus pray this:

Heavenly Father I come to you in prayer asking for the forgiveness of

my Sins. I confess with my mouth and believe with my

heart that Jesus is your Son, And that he died on the

Cross at Calvary that I might be forgiven and have

Eternal Life in the Kingdom of Heaven. Father, I believe

that Jesus rose from the dead and I ask you right now

to come in to my life and be my personal Lord and

Savior. I repent of my Sins and will Worship you all the

day's of my Life!. Because your word is truth, I confess

with my mouth that I am Born Again and Cleansed

by the Blood of Jesus! In Jesus Name, Amen.

Yolanda 5 years ago

The Lord loves you unconditionally. If you invite Him in, He will come. You will find that you will no longer desire to do some of the things you used to do. That is the Holy Spirit at work within you. Don't condemn yourself because God will never condemn you. You are His prized possession, the apple of His eye. He loves you and will wash you white as snow.

whosoeverwill 5 years ago

God does not condemn you...nor you condemn yourself...how can God do anything for you unless you let him...so get rid of your thoughts...be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind...how...read your word...talk to God and allow him to work his perfect work in you...God is able...God is love...have faith in God...trust God...and stop your own thoughts...powerful or pitiful...you have a choice to choose...life or death...blessings or curses...your choice...happy or sad...Jesus or Satan/Devil...you make the choice...we have all done something...come away from those pass things...when you are born again all things become new...saturate your mind in the word of God...and when any negative accusation come up...God said in his word you can cast your thoughts down...read 2Chorinthians 10 verse 4-5...you can change your thoughts with the word of God...receive what has been given to you and pratice...faith without works is dead...But God...God bless you

boyatdelhi profile image

boyatdelhi 5 years ago Author

Thanks all for your kind visits and encouraging words.

May God bless you all abundantly

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