IAS Exam Pattern Details

The Indian Administrative Services IAS exam is conducted by UPSC each year. The IAS exam pattern involves three stages: the Preliminary level, Mains exam, in addition to Personality test. Each of the 3 levels in the IAS exam pattern are always carried out by Union Public Service Commission.

1st Phase in IAS Exam Pattern

Unquestionably the Preliminary or simply CSAT is the first tier within the 3 stage IAS exam. It's usually conducted around 2nd or third Sunday each May in which around 1.5 lac IAS aspirants appear for the civil services Preliminary. The Prelims includes 2 papers of two hundred scores equally common to all applicants. Questions on Indian polity, current affairs, GK, Indian History, Geography, General Science, and Economy are typically expected in the 1st paper of IAS Preliminary. Whilst the 2nd paper comprises of questions about mental ability, comprehension skills, logical reasoning, passage, statistics, and decision making ability. The outcome of Prelims are announced during the 2nd week of August and only aspirants who crack the Preliminary qualify for the 2nd level of this IAS Exam pattern.

Second Stage in IAS Exam Pattern

The 2nd phase is referred to as the Mains exam which involves two thousand score. It should be noted that your IAS Prelims is simply of qualifying nature and so the marks are never counted for the purpose of civil services ranking. Civil Services candidates are required to select 2 optional papers for the civil services Mains, whilst GS and Essay are standard to all hopefuls. English, and one Indian language paper are mandatory however merely of qualifying nature and scores are never disclosed and neither counted for the purpose of merit determination.

Final Level in IAS Exam Pattern

The third level is considered the Employment interview level conducted by a group of specialists in the UPSC hq located at Shahjahan Road, Delhi. Merely those IAS hopefuls who qualify the IAS Mains can appear for one's Civil Services Interview. Commonly 2.5 times the total vacancies during a particular year are called for this IAS personality assessment that commences around the last week of March and carries on right till the 1st week of May. The IAS interview is led by a Union Public Service Commission member and other panel members tend to be primarily invited to carry out the civil services interview and subject matter specialists as well as noted professionals or technocrats. The civil services interview generally takes twenty minutes even though many IAS candidates have faced 5 minute interviews also.

The very last outcome in this 3 level IAS exam pattern is released a few days prior to the Prelims exam in May thereby pulling to a finish an entire pattern of the IAS exam spanning twelve months.

To find out more about how to prepare for IAS exam, movies, and e books, IAS Preparation and realise your dream of becoming an IAS administrator by making use of valuable resources for IAS exam preparation.

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Comments 79 comments

gaurav 4 years ago

sir is it true that the pattern of mains exam will change from 2013

Priya  4 years ago


I want to know about the change in the pattern and the syllabus of prelims and mains ... I am doing my graduation and I am preparing for IAS exams as well ..I want to take test in 2014 and I opted Punjabi , and sociology as my optional subjects how the changed syllabus will effect my preparation ? and is the combination of Punjabi and Sociology good for gaining good scores ?


Suju 4 years ago

Sir how d pattern ll change in 2014. Now i m in third year architecture i want to know how can i prepare for ias from now only

Rehana sultan khan 4 years ago

Sir,jst want to how to prepare for ias, sud i go for choching or stdy at home?

ghanshyam dadsena 4 years ago

sir i jst want 2 ask i m at 3rd sem. how 2 i prepar 4 dis

suil udawat 4 years ago

thanks 4 giving all these inf.

Hina 4 years ago

Sir, i am in second year and doing b.sc. i want to know hw should i do the preparation of I.A.S. exam. please suggest me

abhinav 4 years ago

i"M a student of clss 11th.........nd preparing ias exam......

so..thnxxxx......for a detil.......

SHIVAPRATHA 4 years ago


Manisha Singh 4 years ago


Ravi 4 years ago

Very good explanation about IAS exam pattern .I am studying now B-tech 1st year .Tell me how to prepare for the IAS .

NARENDER IAS 4 years ago

sir,Can i know what are the advantages if we top(1st) in IAS exam.

Dileep 4 years ago

sir, is ias pattern changing from 2014?

baban 4 years ago

sir i can give the test afterv doing engeniering

Nidhi Agarwal 4 years ago

I am pursuing my bachelors in journalism,2nd year...n i wnt to go fr IAS...pls guide me as to how can i do that?

karthik 4 years ago

sir iam studying B.tech 1year i want to prepare for civils. can itake mechanical engeneering as option. what are the coaching institutes for mechanical engneering. for which year i can prepare. what is the best options for my education to appear for my civils(ias)

neha 4 years ago

mam is graduation percentage counts in ias???? pz tell me.....my email-om3neha.bsc@gmail.com

satish 4 years ago


i completed my degree. for qualifying preliminary, with out couching what I do?

Tajdar Usmani 4 years ago

Sir, this pattern will be change in year 2014

Raghu 4 years ago

I would to tell all the IAS participants that you should have to try for IAS in your style because you are the architect of your future.

sivagami 4 years ago

how prepare ias exam

zaku 4 years ago

am bsc chem. 1st yr

how shud i start my preparation?

manu 4 years ago

sir,what r the subjects r involved in IAS examination

Hasnain haider 4 years ago

I am hasnain haider i am doing B.A privet can i prepaer IAS please give me answer. Thanks

mansoor 4 years ago


I want to know about the change in the pattern and the syllabus of prelims and mains from 2013 ... I am doing my post graduation and I am preparing for IAS exams as well ..I want to take test in 2014 and I opted urdu , and public administeration as my optional subjects how the changed syllabus will effect my preparation ? and is the combination of urdu and public ad. good for gaining good scores ?


shani kumar gopswami 4 years ago

i wanna be a ips how that is possibly pleas tel me

shatabdi 4 years ago

sir i am in final year n i want to prepare for ias sir i want to know if i star preparing for ias exam after my final year would it will be benefit for me or not.because i want to finish my graduation with gud marks so i found it difficult to concentrate on both that is my university as well as on ias preparetion.plz help me .

Anmol kesarwani 4 years ago

Plzz ias informetion. Email id :- anmolkeshari96@gmail.com

reena gupta 4 years ago

sir i am reena i wnt to know that from where in delhi i can get information about ias i am doing b.com(hons) 1st year in delhi from regular so how can i prepare for ias plzz...... tell me something and give suggestions whatever u know .....(reenagupta241@gmail.com)

PRATAP RAJ 3 years ago

Sir what would be the syllabus of IAS FOR 2014.Plzz....tell me which sub will be surely in mains.(pratapraj90@yahoo.com)

susi 3 years ago

Dear sir

i want know the changed pattern of the exam.and know reference books names and websites to prepare. plz give suggestions to prepared (susirithabe@gmail.com)

manjunath 3 years ago

i wanna be a ips how that is possible pleas give me suggestion so that i can prepare from now itself as i am coompleting my graduation in few months....so please help me sir.

IMRAN KHAN 3 years ago


shree 3 years ago


i want to in the ias exmination 2013 when i can prepared by this corse plz help me

B Ramarao 3 years ago

I am Completed Bsc,I am Interested for Preparation of IAS

Please Guide me How to Prepare.

Thanks and Regards


Ram 3 years ago


How to prepare the IAS my aim become to Tamilnadu IAS

rashmi 3 years ago

hellow sir i am rashmi currently persuing final year BE and i wanted to start preparing for IAS . I heard that the pattern gonna change for next year itseems could you please let me know about it sir.

Niha Sudhakaran 3 years ago

I want to appear for IAS exam of 2013.

Please tell me what all changes in exam pattern are going to happen for prelims and mains of 2013.


Chanchal Kumar mishra 3 years ago

Sir i am a student of b.h.u and iwant to be D.M. of my distic. How to prepair IAS exam. Pls help me

jitender kumar 3 years ago

thankx for this pattern sire G...i wanna ask about ips physically & perlims test

maaz jameel 3 years ago

sir my gradution completed before 6yrs, now i will try in IPS exam pls some advise how can i do? i am sports player(bodybuilding) competion faces

rajesh 3 years ago

sir can a computer science engg. qualifier for ias ras exam.

PRACHI 3 years ago

Is it true that the pattern for IAS EXAM GOING TO CHANGE will it affect my preparations

RAKESH 3 years ago


RAKESH 3 years ago


Raghav 3 years ago

sir i am doing b.tech and starts the preperation of ias so how we can do?

anjuattri 3 years ago

sir at present im in the b.tech 1 year..i want to be prepair for ias ex. how can i do that?????????plz sir tell me..............

ravi kumar 3 years ago

along with dis i want much information about I.F.S also plsssssss provide us

Pintu Sharma 3 years ago

Dear sir,

I want to become an IAS officer.So I want to know new exam pattern for IAS 2013.

Please send me new exam pattern and syllabus on my e-mail id-pintukct@gmail.com.


RANGANATH 3 years ago


shivangi 3 years ago

can i known the date of next examination held on 2013

srujana.s 3 years ago

sir how to prepare for IAS exam please guide me sir please

Sayyad Zaigam Jameel 3 years ago

I am a graduate in BA private, my percentage is 49,can I do preparation of IAS examination

ashok 3 years ago

sir i am doining btech please tell me pattrn of ias......

Abhilash 3 years ago

if you really want to crack IAS exam then you really need to work hard and you need a better coaching from others that's the way you will outshine

Then you must go to http://www.wiziq.com/courses/upsc-ias-civil-servic...

They will guide you from beginning that which course or subject you should opt for according to your interest

They have different video tutorials for Mains and Prelims

Wish you all the best

Will their be any change in Mains exam pattern for 2013,if yes then how long will UPSC take to update about this? 3 years ago

shourya srivastava 3 years ago

sir,now i'm in class 8 and i want to start my preparations for IAS exams how should i prepare 4 it?

Beauti pandey 3 years ago

sir i'm pursuing b.b.a as wel as preparing for i.a.s. plz tell me the pattern of i.a.s. examination paper.......

jaimishra80@YAHOO.COM 3 years ago

sir my name is jai shankar mishra i want to say thank u for providing accurate and correct steps for upsc exams

jai shankar mishra 3 years ago

IAS or IPS exam how can prepare by commerce subject

jaimishra80@ YAHOO.com 3 years ago

IAS Or IPS exams how can pass out by commerce stream

mr mishra chinmaya solan hp 3 years ago

how can student are pass out upsc exam without coaching they can belong to small towns and villages but without proper guideline they can pass the upsc

jai mishra 3 years ago

IAS totally depenupon your hard work and gk

jai mishra 3 years ago

how can prepare the ias exam

Bijal 3 years ago

Sir i m now in b.com 2nd year I want to give ias exam in 2015 pls tell me the ias exam pattern.....

sandhya.s 3 years ago

sir i m now studying bsc(cs) final year.......i just want to know how to prepare for ias exam and also which subject i have to concentrate more pls i want ur suggestions..........

sivaguru 3 years ago

I am studying b.tech it shall if any percentage requiredin b.tech for ias exam

Honeyhk 2 years ago

Sir as we all know that upsc ias exam pattern has been changed and now there are only 2 optionals to b selected for mains exam so i like to ask this question which is not mentioned anywhere that do the combinations of subject restrictions apply in 2013 as well? I mean earlier there was restricions in selecting some combinations of subjects....for example u cant choose management and public administrationas your optionals so i want to ask that as the pattern has been changed... does this restriction has been removed or it will b applied as it is like before?

Preet 2 years ago

can u please let me knw how many examz UPSC conduct and how much markz for the same

ramesh 2 years ago

sir i needed how to study dis and wt knowledge ther want plz sug me

sunil Gend 2 years ago

I am students in b.sc .after b.sc I trying in competative exam . please sir change in the syllabus information. thank you

anamikasingh 2 years ago


i m graduate in b.com .which subject from b. com IAS sub detail...

anamikasinghk 2 years ago


i m graduate in b.com .which subject from b. com IAS sub detail...

Rakesh kumar 2 years ago

Sir..mein b.tech 3rd year computer science ka student hu....kya mein ias ka exam de skta hun..plzz tell me whole process...my email id is:



santosh kumar 22 months ago

I m computer science engineer 2sem stu i want to prepare for ias exam at home wt is my syllabus which reading kumarsantoshcse263@gmai.com

kishan Kumar 21 months ago

I wanna made ias so I getting advoice that I how made ias officer

Aparna 17 months ago

Sir , im in 1year BE how should I prepare for IPS ?

ritesh Kumar 13 months ago


Me abi graduation kr ra hu mera major subject history h muje ips ki tyari krni h can u help me


jugal harsot 6 months ago

Sir me jugal harsot undergraduate b.sc with zoology chemistry and botany sir mujhe IPS RAS AND IAS ke bare me guidance chahiye sir plz can you help me


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