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Patricia Ross

I didn't want the opportunity to pass up the though ENRICH YOUR LIFE. A few weekends ago I had such a wonderful time of enjoyment and happiness. As well in our lives we have moments of grief and sadness. At this time I keep asking myself what was I experiencing. I WAS ENRICHING MY LIFE OR SHOULD I SAY I HAD BEEN ENRICHED. I met two wonderful people on the airplane flights. Simply by being not doing anything but being positive spirit and attitude. Then trip was from from Texas to MI. Arrive in Atlanta change flights which was another 1 1/2 hr flight and the person that sat in the seat next to me was pleasant. Just starting talking, sharing in conversation for 1 1/2 hr. to we arrived in MI. We didn't even know each others name but I proved to be a good listener and conversationalist.

As I returned from MI to TX the same exact same experience happen. A person i never met before sat beside me on flight. We started conversation and 1 1/2 hr. went by in sharing life stories. Although, this time numbers and names were shared. Now days has passed and I have thought and ask myself what happen. When this happen 4 days had passed and I have thought, ask myself what happen. These two individuals had impacted my life for altogether with 1 1/2 hr of conversation and listening to each other. Impact with real conversation not in a meeting or seminar. Today I realize my life had been ENRICHED. So, I say ENRICH YOUR LIFE BY LETTING BARRIERS OF DIFFERENCE SHED YOUR PERSON. Open your mind to a new positive attitude everyday and be to draw in your mind, body and soul uplifting.

Now ENRICH your life and live in a ENRICH life even during your grief and sad moments. Get an ENRICH Life by release and get relief through partnering with someone you can communicate via talking and listening.


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Follow through with health & wellness

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    DFW TEEN VOICE Properous & Thriving Youth

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