how to influence people around you -powerful influencing steps ethically - indenpency ethics


Before you start influencing the people try to influence yourselves. This is the best way for sucess. Whatever we commit ourselves , if we start to influence ourselves and getting done that job, we shall easily able to influence the others.

Next step, we should be listening others morethan just talking. The way for listening is quoted like emphathetic listening. By doing so ,not only we understand about the depth of the thoughts, we can increase the circle of influencing.

And instead of believing only in personality development, we should go in deep in the mind and search or indulge to get the truth from our mind , inspite of blaming others circumstances. By that way we do influence the people surrounding us a lot.

Be the answer,not the question.

Whenever some problems occur, either in personal life or professional  life or even accidentally, we start indulging the weaknesses of others and just start pinpointing, because of his/her failure or because of his/her weakness, it has occurred.Instead of that, what circumstances made the problem , how we are going to overcome that, how we are going to prevent recurring the same.  In reality these are thinking make the others to gain confidence on you and make the team work sucess. Any organisation , includes family, running is a teamwork. Let us not imagine like indenpency, it is Interdependcy. So, taking care others by being not the question always is remarkable way of influncing others. 

Be aware of what is happening around you.

This is nothing but knowing yourselves.Instead of staying in a imagenary world, be yourselves. It is not so easy as I write. Because you must be knowing each and everything word you are using while you are in conversation, each and every action you are carrying out. When you realise the word what you are using in a conversation, hopefully you are selective. And It will give you self confidence as well as the otherside goodmood reaction. You know very well. Every action as a reaction. Do not worry much about unwanted reaction , evenafter , you give the kind words. Just ignore that, as you know it is not going to hurt your inner, i.e.self.

Be proactive, not arrogant.

Be humble and show integrity.

Be patient , wait for the chance.

Be creative, not the victim.

With that we should try to regulate ourselves doing some creative activities or social activities which can improve our morality and confident. Unless you test yourselves under circumstances, you can not proove yourselves. Better, whenever you get chances utilise. Identifying the chances is under you when you have a definite aim.

How to win friends
How to win friends

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chukra G profile image

chukra G 7 years ago

it is really good

TToni9 profile image

TToni9 7 years ago from Lewiston, ME

What an interesting topic. You know...if you could provide in depth descriptions to the list you provided you'd probably end up with a bestseller.You've definately given me food for thought. I just found out we can create hub pages. Go to hub you're a perfect candidate to open up some great forums. Thank you for the insight. TToni9. If you want to see more of what I'm about check me out on Twittwer,Facebook, Triond,icanhascheezburger(celeb LOL's),Stumble Upon,Digg,Del-i-scious,and my hub starting a writing forum called Revolution Writers created for those who need a healthy outlet to any or all of the White house policies that actually oppress the average Joe and Jane. TToni9

sarovai profile image

sarovai 7 years ago Author

Welcome TToni9. Thank u for your comments.

chefspecial profile image

chefspecial 7 years ago from Arlington, Virginia

I like your advice to be proactive and not play the victim. Too many people do this in today's society.

sarovai profile image

sarovai 7 years ago Author

You are correct chefspecial. Thank u for comments.

DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

DeBorrah K. Ogans 7 years ago


Interesting hub!

You have given some very good advice here!


sarovai profile image

sarovai 7 years ago Author

Thank u DeBorrah , for the comments.

lilian_sg profile image

lilian_sg 6 years ago from Singapore

I like the idea of proper influence. Ethics is always thrown about but I guess who actually practices it is a question mark.

sarovai profile image

sarovai 6 years ago Author

Thank u lilian_sg for comments. There is no alternative than right way of influencing.

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