If Everyone Thought Like Me

If everyone thought like me people would be appreciated and accepted for who they are. Accepted even if they are a grouch, or mean, or not as smart, or not as pretty, and seriously not skinny, that’s what makes up our individuality. If everyone thought like me people wouldn’t mind helping someone in need. Welfare would be given to those who are trying to do things with there life. Like a single mother who wants to go to school, but needs financial help. She wouldn’t be turned down, because she works at Payless and makes too much, but not enough for her to survive on. If she wanted to stay and sit at home, she wouldn’t get money for not being productive. And income based housing would be affordable for everyone, because you never know when things will turn.  Its funny how things work in this world. If everyone thought like me neglectful parents would have to be responsible, spending time with there child everyday, because being a parent you never get vacation. No one should be allowed to pick and choose dates to see the life they help to make. If everyone thought like me we would help the needy in our own backyard before traveling the world to help those afar. If everyone thought like me every family would get a turkey on Thanksgiving even the rich and especially the poor. If everyone thought like me prisoners would go to war and the others would stay here to defend our land. If everyone thought like me when Bush was told no, he couldn’t get any oil, we would have packed up right than and let them fight there own war. If everyone thought like me teachers, counselors, professors, nurses, soldiers, police officers, fire fighters, would make way more money than entertainers. If everyone thought like me, on one would be allowed to divorce unless you could prove abuse of some sort. If everyone thought like me, school would be free including college and graduate studies. If everyone thought like me anyone that is sick would get care, a life should be valuable it’s a shame that everyone does not feel this way. Thank you Jesus that God is not man, because every time I falter, he is still there to take my hand.

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