If Time Stood Still


Is linear, chronological time an invention that controls our reality?

We are convicted by a multitude of scientific principles, mathematical equations and quantum physical theories which for most when mixed with a bit of religious teachings provide the basic ingredients to the elixir of life. What strikes me is how much trust we impart to a few controllers and informers; to whatever story they create and how little credence that one gives to one’s own understanding of reality even when it makes more sense than the story given.

The strive to find life’s meaning, the holy grail so to speak, is the eternal carrot dangled in front of us and like a cruel joke, life continues to perpetuate this desire with the temptation of new discovery just when it appears we have gotten close to the answer or indeed have settled into a common understanding. Despite this cyclical occurrence we continue to put our faith in the few to decipher the new questions posed and add the answers to the bottom of the page or indeed update the existing story. Whether by default or design, we have empowered the few with a growing authority to direct us in anyway they desire effectively marking their own homework, as well as ours. Of course they always achieve an A+ while we struggle to achieve the required pass mark dictated by their ever changing criteria.

Like mesmerised sheep, we have become domesticated in huge herds where we live under an illusion of freedom while the herder has become an expert in our natural instinct enabling them to unwittingly control our day-to-day movements and behaviour. Part of this programming involves the clear identification amongst the pack of the non-conformist, the black sheep you might say, where additional training may be required, so to speak, or indeed complete elimination where they are in danger of ruining the desired status-quo.

Like sheep we are dumbed-down to consider our seemingly secure and fertile existence is in our collective best interest, a protective bubble from the big bad World where the perception of our so-called past warns us that many risks and many dangers lie in wait. Like sheep, we are hot-ironed, watered, fed and sheared with our ultimate fates disguised from us by the herder. Like sheep, our deep lying instincts occasionally make us demonstrate behaviours out of check with the expected order. Like sheep, we fail to realise these suppressed instincts are a reminder of the freedom we once had to roam, the fulfilment it once provided and the less decided fate we once enjoyed.

I sometimes ponder from a motionless position while the hustle and bustle of people, birds, insects, clouds and other moving object passes me by, what is the measure of this existence in reality. At some point in reality, a stake was placed in the ground that suggested a ‘beginning’. With the cyclical rise and fall of the sun already established as a potential measure of chronological time, our journey began. And with every journey like the approach of sunset, we perceive an END. And to this end we perceive forwardness to our existence, progress one might say, with an ultimate prize awaiting us at the end of the long and arduous road.

We perceive a different existence at the end of this journey where another more enlightened and relaxing eternity will greet and reward us for all our hard work. We even perceive that like “how things work” in our current existence there will be some punishment for those who lived a “bad life” and such failure will be met by a suitably harsh sentence. While many spiritual philosophies are the foundation of such belief, these understandings seem to have been pooled into a few broad control systems that galvanise mankind into a one-god mode of thought where a handful of high status mortals dictate the rules under the guise of divine authority. As such much of the knowledge and technical expertise that underpins the fundamentals of the original spiritual realities are again ‘dumbed-down’ and compiled into convenient chronologically linear tales elaborated by men who hold the mighty “remote control device” in their position of “commander in chief”.

Formulation serves to complicate the “occurrence of nature’s way” and assign a reason for its events. In prescribing a reason, the “natural” event is given a perceived significance. The perpetrator’s knowledge then assumes a perceived “importance” and apparent “advantage”. Ones focus then becomes the perceived power of “understanding” versus the perceived failure of “non-understanding”. By now, the reality of the natural event becomes lost beneath the importance of “understanding” and if the perpetrator can then demonstrate the manipulation of the natural event, the listener becomes subjugated by the teller’s “apparent magic”? And so life goes on…

To elaborate on this perception, I thought of two “sounds” or you might say expressions that I perceive in an ironic way to cover the “extremes of existence”. “Ah” and “Oh” are “noises that I see as “instinctive” consistent, non- prejudicial and transcending of language, culture or belief. we seem to move further away, whether by design or accident, from the basics of the “Ah” and the “Oh”. The “Ah” which is the sense of “what is right” and the “Oh” which is its mirror of “what is wrong” are infinitely more “deep” and “meaningful” by their “connectivity” and the sense of “knowing” they emanate. The “feelings” associated to the “Ah” and the “Oh” require “no further explanation”, they are simply a most “fundamental realisation”.

As I search in frustration to find my house keys I experience a moment of “Ah” when I finally locate them in that last pocket in which I convinced myself they could not be. I also endure the mirror experience of the “Oh” when I discover they are not where I expect them to be. What I know is that both experiences occur in my present. Yet, with the clock ticking, some one or something has dictated a sense of “haste” for me to find the missing object and not be “late”. Why? Rush to work, rush home, rush to beat the rush hour, rush, rush, rush…

The complexity created by and reliance on the elaborator, explainer, experimenter and manipulator seems now to be acute. Those who manage to maintain a degree of the “Ah” and the “Oh” and thus a semblance of “sympathy in their work” may have a “positive influence” on “perception”. Unfortunately, those who exploit their perceived magic hold us to ransom on the basis that their absence might leave us at the dire mercy of the natural imbalance that “they themselves” created. Who they truly are and their agenda is lost on me when in essence it is their World to… or is it?

At this juncture, I wish to consciously override scientific, mathematical physical, religious and any other philosophy that prejudices thought and try to portray an “observation” of existence purely through the senses. Mathematical formula, laboratory experiment and Holy Scripture in their global forms suppress one’s “self-belief” and “self-trust” in “natural instincts” and “senses” which are telling, pure and true. “Personal experience” is what we “know”, “understand” and “realise”. What we “see” is “truth” and what we “do” is “reality”.

My little daughter has on many occasions walked into the room and despite my silence, immediately “sensed” my “inner feelings”. And without “instruction” or “explanation” she has affected an “appropriate” behaviour such as a hug, offer of assistance, chirpy conversation, calm thoughtful presence or whatever is appropriate to the situation. And in a totally “natural” and “instinctive” manner I reciprocate “accordingly” with an appropriate behaviour that requires no preconceived direction. What is “clear” to me is that this “exchange of energy” is a totally “natural process” and a “conscious connectivity” that I “understand” to be “normal” and to which I “seek no further explanation”.

The product of linear time seems to perpetuate only one perception; time is running out..? Despite no tangible evidence of where we began and where we will end up we are ridden by the illusion that time is precious, limited and ultimately finite. On this basis, we seek to implement further technologies to help us go even faster to the point where we now live an ‘instant’ culture. Instant ‘at-the-flick-of-a-switch’ fame and success is the expectation of our reality TV, online virtual existence. Instant fuel, instant water supply, instant service, instant food, instant compensation, instant cosmetic changes to our appearance have become the norm as we seem hell-bent on hurtling ourselves inexplicably towards some sort of unnecessary oblivion.

For me, the concept of time has always been a fascination and remains questionable by my perception. I can see only the present. That’s what I feel and that’s what I know. I often wonder if time is a creation of the elaborator, explainer, experimenter and manipulator..? Time suggests a past and a future. It implies that the past no longer exists and the future has not yet arrived. What I don’t get is where does the present fit in? Surely the continual transition from past to future would result in the non-existence of the present? What I see, is what I see; a continual change to the present. Change can be recorded and consequently compared. It can also be perceived to create a new reality. Does a bird that flies from one point to another move from past to future? If it fell prey to a cat and devoured, would it have been extinguished or simply consumed into a different existence, in the present? The “Ah” and the “Oh” exists only in the present and always will. It is what we experience…

The perception that things were worse and will become better or visa-versa is easy to say, yet we are rendered helpless to quantify such claims. We cannot bring back the past or realise the future while the fleeting indeterminable “now” of time is gone in an instant. We live in memory of the past and hope or fear of the future yet we cannot even savour the present. Would we live without fear if we did not see a past or a future? Would we be accountable for our actions now, rather than later at the gates of heaven? Time presents the notion of laziness and haste. Would patience and doing the right thing, right now not be the norm in the present?

One may point to night and day, life and death as chronological but these can simply be experiences, cyclical changes to the reality of now. Certainly our existence is degenerative i.e. we reach a peak and our energy cells diminish before being extinguished. But like night and day, new life forms at every instance. So at any point of “time” how do we establish whether it is the beginning or the end? I suggest it is the now…

One may paint a picture of the so-called past and create grand designs for the so-called future. But only the present can be perceived and perception is our reality. Perception is not static and is eternally influenced by all factors that affect the instance of now. As such every instance involves change and with it an alteration to our perspective which in turn means a new reality. A new reality may create the perception of a past and by default a future. However, we cannot re-visit our so-called past perception unless all conditions that created it reincarnate themselves. As for the future, our innate realisation that the conditions of the instant reality will change and that we are part of this process means that our participation in this change is fundamental. However, the future can only be perceived in the instance of the now i.e. reality. It is not inconceivable to me that we can record the changes that affect our reality and apply this understanding to further change our reality, all of which occurs in the now. What ultimately always manifests is a new reality. The possibility that a repetition of the influences that create the instance of “now” might recur, effectively repeat of the past, I perceive to be an incredibly improbable occurrence. However, I suggest it may not be impossible; Deja Vu?

Perception of reality is based on the factors which interact with us at every instance. Consider the topical scenario of a gang of youths hanging around in a menacing manner, posturing and posing under a perception of reality that is ugly and threatening. Yet you walk the same road and observe the same surroundings with a completely different perception of what could in effect be the same reality. The energies we share and absorb have an unavoidable impact on our perceptions of reality. Actively seeking out desired energy connections will undoubtedly result in an appropriate impact on ones perception while the unconscious influences of negative energies will inevitably affect ones perception accordingly.

With this perception in mind, it makes me wonder if the introduction of linear, chronological time is an artificial reality. On the basis that everything is connected, reality is the instance of now and that all things contribute to its change. This would imply that as an individual, “you” have the power to change everything and anything. If one pictures infinity as a single body of water of which you are part, it is then a reality that by galvanising sufficient energy, one may be able to send at least a ripple or even a torrent across the whole. For me, energy is a general term for effect which in turn means change to the reality and as a consequence perception. Thus, everything appears to possess a similar capacity to impact change. In effect, while the general perception implies a power lies elsewhere the reality is that similar power lies within all of us.

Is it the case that some elements within the whole have come to understand this reality and discovered the means by which to galvanise the required energies to control the frequency and size of the waves across the whole. This disorientation of the whole enables them to consistently absorb a greater proportion of the energy. As such the majority spend all their energy resisting the continual torrent of waves which in effect provides a perpetual feed of energy back into the waves being generated. The perception created by the wave maker subdues the impact of the remaining whole by draining its energy capacity to a level that is sufficient for us to continue pounding the treadmill of the continuum while maintaining the wave makers own energy levels.

For me, the big waves are modern religion, politics, commerce, science, academia and the likes continuously generated by the wave makers galvanising our perceptions and their control of the energy whole. Globalisation, civilisation and monetarism are presented as improvements to our reality and as such our perception of the reality. Yet the majority feel like they are on a continual treadmill with insufficient energy to alter their personal “reality” marshalled by the perception created that to step off it would ultimately result in falling into a chasm below where hell’s fire awaits. The perception created of past means that the wave maker can “paint a picture” of a poorer time from which we came and present a grand design for a better future, as long as we do not step off that treadmill.

Although neither past nor future can be quantified, the perception that they exist also means that they cannot be denied. Yet from my perspective the so-called future can only be perceived in the instance of the “now” and re-visitation of the so-called past would require the reincarnation of every effect that created it in the first place. As such, I cannot perceive how the wave maker can actually create the realities in which our perceptions are imprisoned, without of course the buy-in of our perceptions to this reality. It seems to me that the wave makers are completely reliant on their ability to control our perception…

On the contrary, under this concept, it seems equally possible if one could galvanise sufficient latent energy, the deferral process fuelling the torrent can be defused. As a consequence, the waves would presumably decline in size, reducing the drain on ones own energy, while re-distributing the energy back across the whole. In our general perception of reality I suspect this manifests as peace against war, charity against greed, localisation against globalisation, saving against spending, giving against taking, non-conformity against conformity etc…

Of course, we are informed by the perception of past “knowledge” that we do “now” what is necessary for “future” before our “time” runs out. There is no “time” to ponder on the instance of the present i.e. our “reality”, as this would suggest getting off the treadmill, forgetting the past, not waiting for the future, taking stock of what’s broken right now and “fixing it right now”. And to whose benefit would that be...?


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