Importance of Biology

Biology, to put it simply, is the study of life. It has to do with finding out facts about all living things, which are basically categorized into plants and animals.

Why do we need to study plants? Plants are of use to us as humans and this as necessitated carrying out studies on them, to find out how to get even more benefits from them. They are of use to us for feeding (rice,beans,potatoes,tomatoes etcetera), medicine (various kinds of herbs serve the purpose of performing one curative function or the other, in the body,when taken in different forms), shelter (almost all the materials we use in the construction of the houses we live in, come from plants. Wood, for instance, is used in roofing construction and furniture construction) and for other uses like air purification (plants make use of carbondioxide, a substance which humans and other animals produce as by-product of respiration, and this helps in purifying the atmosphere, as this element can be damaging to human health)

Why do we need to study animals? As stated above, that carbondioxide is useless for the human body to carry out day-to-day living activities, it is biology that revealed this fact. Several other studies have revealed facts that are beneficial to human beings and other animals in the area of nutrition and health.

Biology is seen as the most important area of study and this will continue to be the most important, as it is the area that has revealed facts that have taken us where we are today. It is important to note here that all the success recorded in other fields of study is dependent on the facts revealed by the studies carried out in the field of biology.

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emma 6 years ago

imporntance of biology

gail 5 years ago

very nice answer

bev 5 years ago

nice conclusion

angel 5 years ago

i think with biology our life has improved greatly we now know every thing about the human system,especially how to care for ourself and avoid sickness and diseases.

jasmine 5 years ago is nice to know or to learn more in biology..

Barbie Forteza 5 years ago

Thank you for theire answer above so they can help me for my assignmments so I can releat to they many answers.


Esther 5 years ago

Thank u very much for these answers on biology,it has help mefinish my assignment and also it has open my mind.thank u see u next time.

Ahadzi lsaac 5 years ago

Infact, with the study of biology we have now got to know much about living and non-living thing and how they are useful to us.THANKS !

Stanley okpani 5 years ago

Thanks for this great information, God bless you.

maria 4 years ago

please more add releated biology in human welfare

Janet 4 years ago

It is true that biology is the factfinding subject among all the other subjects.

atinkut 4 years ago

i appreciate yours.thank you a lot

sehar 4 years ago

this is very nice...

Favour ukpanah 4 years ago

This is quite educative...

Abdullahi umar Ganye 4 years ago

Thanks for your contibuton, it realy help us for assig.and reseach.

Joseph kamsar freptok 4 years ago

I appreciate ur work am curently using part of it for my project more grease to your elbow.

thejan 4 years ago

when there is no bioloy ,there's no world

myrene toktok 4 years ago

ang baho ng titi mo!!!

bell 4 years ago

.. this is very nice answer ' they can help me to my assignment ..

thank you :)

laizel 4 years ago

thanks to the answer

jed 4 years ago

thanks !

sel.... 4 years ago

tnx a lot ...

69 4 years ago

for me biology is important to our life because it is the study of living organism

cherry anne p. arcenia 4 years ago

the answer is good so thanks

yellow butter fly 4 years ago

i appreciate all these asnwer.,.... it can help me to answer my assignment about biology

Chloey 4 years ago

thanks.. :))

brenda salim 4 years ago

I appreciate the answer ........................... thank you!!!!!!!!

rizalyn 4 years ago

nice one

Rizzbrent 4 years ago

I congratulate u guys for this research for it helps me much in my study most specialy in biology................................. Job well done@

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nimra khan 4 years ago

these answers are really very helpful. thnx alot.......

aleexa 4 years ago

great job! epic answers !

Afuye bukola 4 years ago

no biology no world

KILLEWA 4 years ago

Thanks much, the information is quite relevant to the question asked though more may be expected.

jj 4 years ago

how many words are there in this

merlete 4 years ago

thank you so muchhhhhhhhhh......................

suyi 4 years ago

Thanks for your helps for my paper :)

portia31 4 years ago

it helps so much...

ryan"chris 4 years ago

no GOD , no biology that's all thnks !

mira 4 years ago

love biology

Fifi 3 years ago

well it's nice 2 know that besides all that we can learn it together.we can socialise.thanks 2 biology i now have more confidence of going on with my career choice

Pranav 3 years ago

nice! it helped alot in my exampreparation. thank u sir i am grateful 2 u

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rizamae 3 years ago

yes, biology is a important to all students

dj 3 years ago

so less points

injy 3 years ago

thanq youu :D

debina 3 years ago

nice! superb

Sayyed saifullah shah 2 years ago

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angelica penaranda 2 years ago

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fientoniel 2 years ago

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hon digale 2 years ago

Excellent it help me & my fellows to easy for dailylife!!!

Max Lisimachio 2 years ago

There are more than just plants and animals you know. There are fungi, protists, and monera.

niyati 2 years ago

it is really good concept to understand 2 years ago

biology is the most important thing in the world. because there are a lot of things that we live on, like living things and non living things. for instance, we live on the plants like tomaotos, potatos and many other things and we know that the plant is non living things. non living things is one of the branch of biology.

Rahimullah Qaim 22 months ago

Thanks fr co operation

priya tomar 21 months ago

Thanku biology

peace 17 months ago

wow.i hope they could post more

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