Importance of Plants to Human and Animals2

 Importance of Plants to Human and Animals

As Clothing Material

Our clothing materials come from j plants.

1.  Leaf and stem fibers of plants are harvested, woven and dyed with different colors. These fibers are made into thread. These thread are made into clothes,    -curtains, placemats and beddings.   

2.  From pineapple and banana plants come our jusie and same clothing. These clothing materials command high prices.

3.  Fiber and cotton plants provide us with soft clothes.

        As food Source

1.  Grass is the chief food of cows, horses and carabaos.

2.  Bran is the main food of pigs.

3.  Spices such as nutmeg, pepper and cinnamon add flavor to food.

4.   Juices come from most fruits such as mango, oranges, melon and strawberry.

5.  Coffee comes from coffee seeds, chocolate drinks from cacao and tea from the leaves.

6.  Cereals include rice, corn, and wheat are made into bread. Other sources of cereals are oats, beans, pear, cassava, camote and tubers.

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Truth From Truth 7 years ago from Michigan

good talking points

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