Importance of Plants to Humans and Animals1

Importance of Plants to Humans and Animals

Plants are important to humans and animals. Most of their food mainly come from plants. But plants have other uses other than being food source.

 As Building Materials and fuel

1.    Coconut trunk is used for building cottages or wooden bridges.

2.    Pine trees are good sources of plywood.

3.    Tangile, molave, narra, apitong and kamagong are good building materials.

4.    Palochina is made into furniture and also used for wooden crates.

5.    Pine trees are used for making plywoods. They are also used for making Christmas Trees.

6.    For fuel, ipil-ipil and bakawan are widely used.

 As Medicine Source

Herbal plants are almost everywhere. They also have medicinal values. Examples of these plants are:

1.   Ampalaya is good for diabetes and anemia.

2.   Suha can cure dizziness.

3.   Mayana is used to cure headache and gas pain.

4.   Coconut meat when mixed with sliced carrots is a good laxative.

5.   Calamansi juice is good for diabetes, indigestion and gas pain.

6.   Kamote tubers are good for high blood pressure and insect bites.

7.   Garlic can cure arthritis, high blood pressure and insect bites.

8.   Banana can help improve blood pressure and stop hemorrhage.

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Woww The best !!

Kristian 4 years ago

Woww The best !!

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