Feeling Alone!

This is one of my favorite poems that I have written.  It shows that to get to the "light" we have to stroll down Sorrow's Lane.  Sorrow is a friend to respect and learn from, not be bitter about.  This poem was written in the mid 1980's during a very dark time in my life.   I have since moved to valleys more serene, lush, and green.  But I never forget my dark nights of the soul when I felt so alone.  Those Dark Nights of the Soul are part and parcel of who we all are!  The MYSTICS have always known this and it comes up in their poems and writings and discourses.  My Sadness has taught me so much and still does.  Joy and Sorrow, like Kahlil Gibran said, are part of the human experience!  Embrace it all!



Alone am I in this asylum.

Madness fills the air.
Emptiness fills my heart.
I am embraced today by despair.


What is worse than being locked behind four walls?
Locking yourself inside Hell’s gate.
Feeling alone and unloved by the self

and unable to change one’s life.


I speak many words.
People listen to them.
I wonder if they help them to love.

For better or worse I am talking again.
Does anyone care about me?

Perceptions distort reality.

What is real can never change.
But I change and so do my perceptions.
I create both joy and pain.

I know them well.

They are the foes of peace

They entangle my mind and soul.

Constantly pulling me to and fro.

They ask me to love and hate life.


I must walk on.
No time to stop,

although teardrops fall in my hand.
Fooled by laughter.
Haunted by tears.
In silence I suffer alone.





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Joy Illumine 7 years ago

I can feel the despair and remember some of my own dark moments. They are healing moments and add so much to what I am today, whole, healthy and capable. Thank you.

XtinaX profile image

XtinaX 7 years ago from United States

This is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read. It made my eyes water. It is good to know I am not alone in these feelings and I can only keep trying to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Mike Dennis profile image

Mike Dennis 7 years ago Author

Thank you kind soul for your words. Yes, I so relate to what you have said. Ever try writing a poem to express your feelings? You can hub it....

Please tell your friends about me.



Mike Dennis profile image

Mike Dennis 7 years ago Author

Yes, JOY, we have our sad memories of our darkness. All of us and we must honor them as part of our healing.

Randy Behavior profile image

Randy Behavior 7 years ago from Near the Ocean

But you know you don't "really" suffer alone don't you. :)

Mike Dennis profile image

Mike Dennis 7 years ago Author

Thank you. I do know now though I did not know then.

Funny how the two words ALONE and ALL ONE are similar.

Now I feel the ALL ONE connection, but I think it took the aloneness to make it to that point. Polarity thing going on...duality and such.

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