Inalienable "rights"

Do people have an unalienable "right" to a job, health care, home ownership?

I believe people have an unalienable "right" to a job, health care, and home ownership.

Lets establish the ground rules for debating the true-nature of the unalienable "right" to a job, health care, and home ownership. If there is such a thing as an honest discussion that can be had without showing contempt for someone's precarious condition in life; but then one has to agree the human condition is self inflicted simply because people let life happen to them by not standing their ground and demanding the sense of the rhetoric that is thrust upon them by the belligerent people of the earth... Let's understand from the start, "I am not suggesting or condoning any type of give a way program, nor is it socialism or any other ism that has been used to take advantage of someone else...

To begin understanding rights you must see the art and science of sharing is the action, deed and endeavor of the most sophisticated beings of the consciousness mind; for they are the only ones who seem to be aware enough to comprehend this purpose for equality as the sharing justly of the things of necessity for one's growth and development... The wisdom of sharing is of mutual benefit; "Provide the resources that one might care for themselves, and they will progress, develop and grow; let them not forget the art and science of this development, growth and progress..."

Lets start with the meaning of Rights: Rights are the desire for the power of freedom; as power is a right and authority; as this authority is the right we gain with freedom's power through liberty's will; as liberty wills the freedom of these rights. Notice the free in freedom; rights are the freewill you should not have to attain over and over again. Freedom is the sovereign liberty the Constitution was found upon; this notion is the life blood of a democratic republic; as a democracy is a sovereign republic when it is implemented best... It is just another ism of dubious ill repute when it is not implemented correctly...

Now, lets see how True Rights are simply desires; and that the desire for job, health care, and home ownership is a small task for inclusive, selfless and civil folk of righteous behavior whose intention is to think with their souls and not with their egos... It is easy to understand that rights are basic equal, equitable and paring, as were the morals of the righteous founders of the Constitution in terms of equality, equity and justice... Rights are not the exclusive, selfish evil of the unjust, they are the inclusive moral behavior of those intent on the righteous integrity of True Rights...

Conceptually speaking, for anyone to see fit for anything less than parity in the world of life's desires formed from existence energy; then they must have been programed to believe they are more worthy than someone they feel is of less significance, because in the scheme of things all matter, mass and energy is sourced at the same point of origin. Like the hydrogen ion on the periodic chart is the first element from which all other elements are formed, so in the end it is that all things are of the same thing at there source and energy as people are (=) equal in every aspect. You see the self that you are is the force of energy as are we all... This is the indisputable fact of life, existence and being... Now lets get on with the lesson on the rights that might be made available to our energy force form (body-self)...

These people that wish to dole out rights as if they are exclusive commodities only meant for a few would have you believe the resources of the world belong to the ones that hoard them and that this hoarding constitutes ownership - as this is what the pseudo civil hypocrites do believe. These hesitating, dubious and suspicious folks must believe the matter, mass and energy of existence has more of an affinity for the greedy selfish few and that their desire for money is more important than the order, logic and rule of the nature which composes their form.

You need to comprehend that all work involves the resources of the world and it all belongs to nature as does everything, for nature is the super set of energy; and that the distribution of natures wealth must be made amongst all to satisfy its order, logic and rule. Look at this site to get a feeling for the perspective presented here ~ Life is about the the bliss harmony and happiness that an inclusive selfless and civil conscience provides not how much money one can acquire in a lifetime...

Now lets investigate this illogic which propagates the chaos of the human condition where rights are withheld and only doled out to advantage a few who cheat the rest. Read and answer this question: Do people have an unalienable "right" to a job, health care, home ownership? Voice your thoughts, you may wish to make your voice heard both places. Comment here, let your opinion be known, its all about venting and clearing the air so the real issues can be resolved...

The real challenge of freedoms rights and liberty is to evolve humanity beyond its parochial desires for trivial frivolous desires that do not evolve the capacity, ability and potential. The human race must elevate its mentality beyond its parochial behavior founded in the greed and envy of one's ego so it might evolve the enlightenment of its purpose...



Order Is Logic and Rule

Life's logic is in the discovery, exploration and experience from which we gain insight into our true nature of being as the energy of our spirit.

Now with this charter for logic giving light to the ends, means and ways of nature lets look at the temperament, attitude and behavior of the ways and means that are used to attain our best end, that of enlightenment...

See, Intellectual Revolution at for some insight into this dialectic paradigm model ...

The Ends is Equal to the Means and Ways to Logic

To manage, steward and respond to the needs for the growth and development of the human race one must ask how will it be done; the response has to be with equal, equitable justice...

Lets now look at the incongruence in how some envision their brand of justice, equality and equity: Starting with the question, "How does one accomplish any thing without resources to pursue any end?" Let me elaborate jobs, healthcare, and home ownership come by way of being able to come up with the resources to attain such. How is this accomplished but by labor or having someone provide you the resources to accomplish the end? Here is the incongruent knee-jerk part of this thought process used by the profit motive of capitalism; jobs and ownership are controlled by the wealth of capitalism so to break into the ranks of business one must give up their rights to the resources that were theirs in the first place. You see in an absolute reality we are all part of the nature of earth and in so being we (all people) have inherited the rights to the resources by our heritage as earth creatures. Capitalism has usurped the natural order of our nature and pretends it is the righteous game plan for distribution; but in fact it is the usury plan of the greedy fascist nature of exclusive, selfish and evil people intent on profiteering...

The next problem is that politics play to people's selfish nature; and the chaos of the party system of government only breeds this greed propensity of the profiteer's fascist nature. People of these ranks of social chaos claim there is an exclusive privilege of some sort for them to have ownership over another and that the resources of the world are inherently theirs simply by their fascist beliefs in possessing the earth's resource. Let me explain ~ When one wishes to exclude anyone from being given the right to the resources of the earth they are surely selfish and in contempt of democracy, they become insistent on obedience to a powerful leadership of a strong demagogic government that caters to their whims. This method of control has a propensity for seeking political leaders to support their appeal for their desires and prejudices rather than using rational argument to include others selflessly in a civil fashion employing positive-order, logic and rule. The exclusive demagogic politics seeks disorder, chaos and disarray to sow the seeds of their Fascist delusion...

Fascist profiteers always sing the same worn out tune, "the pursuit of liberty is the citizens problem, that worker ownership has no place in business." It seems that every idea that does not meet their greed motive is socialistic. They like to pretend ownership is not a right that should be available and blessed on everyone in the a sovereignty of people that form the government body of politics. They like to espouse that the markets will tend to the fray they have created.

All the notions that I have just mentioned are common threads in the fascist-profiteers fabric of usury-foolery. The contempt in their nature is exactly what is wrong with their competitive logic, they only think of themselves, and freely deceive the public with their incongruent rhetoric to gain their advantage of their true usury manipulation intent.

Well, I have to say all of the mentioned profiteer rhetoric does not work and the proof is easily seen if one opens their eyes and looks at the historic record that has accumulated... Profit Capitalism is all about taking advantage of the consumer, it is a hugh pyramid scheme accomplished by the collusion which takes place within the ranks of a corrupt government.

The greed promoted by competitive profiteering is what has brought the market to its knees in every case throughout time since its inception. The profiteers consume themselves with their greed and drive the markets into the dirt at the wary citizens expense only to experience another wave of usury to be formulated by another band of crooks to carry on the tradition of manipulation for self gain... The disadvantage is always to the workers and consumers that are not vested in the pyramid scheme of this usury, they bear the brunt of the mismanagement seeds these profiteers of businesses usury sow... I ask when will it end?

Government at present does not belong to the people it has been stolen by the profiteers, this is the problem... Government is not the answer, especially the corrupt system that has evolved and is in place now. Only sovereign governance, the self rule of the people, by the people, for the people can ever set the stage for a real democratic republic, the kind of government that was speculated and proposed in the Constitution of our forefathers. You see, you can not have freedom, rights and liberty if there is not the fairness of sovereign-equity and justice. See, The-Human-Condition- at

The root cause of all misunderstanding is in the knowledge conveyed by language which lacks truth in its meaning and understanding. Most folks do not have a grasp of what they are saying when they use their language; its a guess at best in meaning. When someone says liberty is something to be pursued; it is apparent that they have no clue what the word means. Lets see, if I can shed some light on its definition meaning. Liberty has to do with equality of status; with the right to liberty there is no competition for equality, equity and parity... Let me ask, does a child have to compete for its survival in its family? Does it compete for the roof over its head? Does it compete for its health care? Do these questions sound logical? The answers will define your comprehension of liberty and your contempt for selflessness or willingness to be selfless... Survival is not a commodity to be bought and sold. Liberty demands that no burden or handicap be placed on one's person that is not placed on all who reside in the sovereignty...

The profiteer of capitalism have made a joke of the Constitution and life itself; just because they are of an aggressive nature they feel that its their call to dictate the gaming rules of life to reflect their obtuse nature.

Look the free market system is a merchant scam mechanism... A notion of free market is a misnomer, it is a lie because their is not full participation, there is no parity. The only way a free market can be free is if everyone has equal interest. In any logical equation of marketing, it would have to be inclusive, selfless and civil. Why, you might say? Not knowing how to think in a logical sequence is the root of the misunderstanding of this concept logic. Let me explain it to you simply by using the fact that equations must balance to provide sense, logic and rule. What does this mean you might ask? Well again it simply means both sides of the equation have to be equal. If you lack math skills, let me try explaining it this way, you need to take everything into consideration not just your interest... To figure out the solution to any problem you must have all the variables in an equation in compatible units of measure so not to come up with the illogic of usury...

You see profiteers like shell game hucksters, they are users and are willing to lie and cheat to make their profit; if this was not the case they would not have any motive for their intent of profiteering. What would be the motive for profit taking if not to advantage themselves over others? You see this manipulation, usury-motive and advantage-intent provides the profiteer the means to their greed-experience.

Lets seek the solution of the economic problem in a logical fashion. The concept of sovereignty is a means for pooling resources. Sovereignty implies a democratic republic is a place in time that provides equality, equity and parity. This means ownership is an inherent right; but the government that was implemented has ignored their duty to implement this concept in their management, stewardship and responsibility for the welfare of people that form the sovereignty.

You see profit based capitalism with the help of bogus representatives has robbed the rights of citizens by hoarding wealth within the ranks of the most greedy by appealing to their competitive nature. Profiteers are more interested in their profit than sharing the wealth they extract from the citizens resources. How could this be? Well, commerce is a three way street not a one way street with three primary variables; it is a shared endeavor between the worker, the purchaser and business. This means you can not have a sovereignty without the three parties and that the three must share equally in all levels of commerce responsibility to make it work within any formula equation that defines the equality, equity and parity granted by the Constitution...

In an ideal economy the purchaser should set the price by demand, as business supplies and the workers produce the products of the marketplace... Companies should be an ownership of buyers, workers and industry where they share in providing for the needs of the people... Quite simple actually... See, How-To-Create-Economic-Stability


Now lets see how some look at the economics of life through their myopic view and how they feel about correcting the injustices of the marketplace and the chaos it produces:

Do people have an unalienable "right" to a job, health care, home ownership?
The United States Declaration of Independence states that "all men (all people)... are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness". Does that mean, today, that people have a right to a job? A right to health care? A right to own a home? Or does it mean that they have only the unalienable right to pursue these things?

breathe2travel says
NO! Only the liberty to pursue such things.
Nor do I think it is the government's job to provide such for its constituents.

cattleships says
@Ioua Finally, someone who can talk turkey! A democratic republic is a place in time that does it's best to ENSURE equality, equity and parity. No government can PROVIDE that unless it's a socialistic one. Ownership is not an unalienable right. The pursuit of ownership is. I agree that capitalism has an Achilles heel: greed. But that can be checked by allowing markets to operate without government intervention. If you take a real good look, you'll see that the very government that you espouse is in bed big time with the banks and companies you find despicable. Profit based capitalism is not the culprit. Think about it: the purchasers and the producers (the market) don't set prices because of government (taxpayer) subsidized intervention. Example: Too Big to Fail Banks. That is a horrendous failure of government to ENSURE the protection of the American people.

CalebSparks says
Those who would declare that health care is a right are only displaying their ignorance of American law and good ethics. Do various other people have a RIGHT to receive a portion of the money that I earn? The answer is obvious, yet so many of our government programs are based on this socialistic philosophy.



• I would like to challenge all the social profiteers that feel money is of such great importance to justify their opinion in some fashion that equates to their purpose for existing....
• I will give you my reason for my opinion. I assure you its not what you want to hear... Look at the site below to get a glimpse of the reality you avoid... The-Politics-Of-Our-Existence-Energy-Budget

I am publishing this as one essay for the sake of expediency, to deliver the subject matter in one measure; but I am going to split it up in the future because I know people do not want to read such a long piece especially as mind invoking as this material is, so I will be busting this up into more palatable segments for better digestion... Thanks for bearing with me as I find the best way to communicate this information... All suggestions are welcome...

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loua profile image

loua 5 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Appletreedeals, with your curt remark "purposely ignores the reality of the natural behaviors endemic to human nature in a societal setting." I felt this statement was open ended, you never made known how you applied the word endemic, I took it to the extreme of your proposal by your rancor; I did not know it was the extent of your comprehension, that everyone should know how to interpret your opinion to your liking... At that I do apologize I did not intend to stoop to your level of rhetoric when I implied there was nothing to gain from your words of wisdom ...

Apparently the content on this page has struck a nerve in you, because you do not read my work as a rule, as you do not have the foggiest notion of what I am talking about nor do you care. You came for a confrontation because the notions of Rights maybe the title alone upset you...

In the future, please, unless you have some pertinent information to share about the content presented it is best you avoid my hubs, for your introduced B.S. rancor and rambling statements are not welcome...

Appletreedeals profile image

Appletreedeals 5 years ago from Salisbury, Maryland USA

@Loua - hmmm... I didn't expect my short comment to develop into to an extended dialog, but your response makes such an easy target I can't resist.

Your response brings to mind a tip my father once gave me while teaching me to drive a stick-shift car; "Always be sure to put the car in gear before engaging the clutch," or in your case... put the brain in gear before engaging the mouth.

I also didn't think my short comment was a rant. When I think of rants I would envision something more like your response. But if it appears as a rant to you, so be it.

Regarding my use of "endemic" - are you certain of your position?



–adjective Also, en·dem·i·cal.


natural to or characteristic of a specific people or place; native; indigenous: endemic folkways; countries where high unemployment is endemic.


belonging exclusively or confined to a particular place: a fever endemic to the tropics. "

I believe endemic, used as an adjective, (as described above), was properly used to describe the relationship of "natural behaviors" to "human nature," (does human nature imply something other than people?)

Convoluted??? I thought my one-sentence comment was pretty straight forward, not - "twisted or coiled, or intricately involved, or complicated." Once again, my perspective is that "convoluted" would more aptly apply to your response than mine.


"...but the endemic sickness is profit-capitalism and its greed you so apply side step in your rant..."

Your repeated use, (4 times), indicates you like the word "endemic", but you lost me with this statement, my comment was merely an opinion of the thesis of your hub, not a counter-argument that made or "side-stepped" any points. It appears you feel the need to re-state your position. (did you feel I missed it?)

Just to be clear, when you said "As for the condition of human natural behavioral nature,..." did you mean "the natural behaviors of human nature?" Or am I just not understanding your meaning?

As for providing the "purpose, motive, and intent" of my opinion, once again I must be a bit too ignorant to understand or engage in intercourse on your level. I won't bore you with more dictionary quotes, but the implied meanings of; purpose, intent, and motive, as you use them, are so similar that it seems to be a triple-redundant statement. But in my own imbecilic manner I will try:

The purpose of my opinion was that the thesis of your hub was, to use one of your own descriptive terms... pure B.S.

The intent of my opinion was that the thesis of your hub was, to use one of your own descriptive terms... pure B.S.

The motive of my opinion was to let you know that the thesis of your hub was, to use one of your own descriptive terms... pure B.S.

"negative-emotions" sounds bad, I shall try to root them out. (could you help me? I want to make sure I get the right ones.), but "fluttering thoughts" sounds nice, I will try to have more of those.

And as for my opinion being the "epitome of pretentiousness," wouldn't "pinnacle" be a better choice? I'm not sure I'm qualified to be a representative of a class of anything, much less the "highest degree" of a class.

And by the way... what was it about my original short comment that caused you to resort to name calling? Was the need to call me a "hypocrite" created by the weakness of your own response? (ps. do hypocrites "agree in," or agree on?) Also, more redundancy, once again, (LOL), aren't the actions of choice and decision pretty much the same thing? Do you need to same something twice because it needs the strength of repetition?

But anyway, I thought my "reason" for my opinion was clearly stated; I think the thesis of your hub is flawed.

Regarding your closing, I am glad all comments are welcome, (I hope this one is also). I certainly didn't intend to start a debate, but as most gamesmen will tell you, "hunting is always more enjoyable when the game is plentiful," so if further dialog would help you define your position, I will be glad to be of assistance. (if I'm not too much of an "imbecile" to understand your "purpose, motive, and intent" that is)


loua profile image

loua 5 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author


I have to note that besides the convoluted statement bearing no validation, and also the misuse of the term endemic I find no redeeming quality to your post.

As endemic means a disease or condition regularly found among particular people or in a certain area: like areas where malaria is endemic. I find your use of the term less than meaningful in the context you applied it not to mention that your rant has no substance of any value to reflect upon.

As for the condition of human natural behavioral nature, it is lost in your convoluted rhetoric; but the endemic sickness is profit-capitalism and its greed you so apply side step in your rant...

You see, if you can not provide your purpose, motive and intent for your opinion your words are purely the reflection of your negative-emotions found in your fluttering thoughts based on your endemic indoctrination into the capitalism cult of pretentious imbeciles that feel their opinions are more important than the welfare of humanity...

In closing I would say your statement is the epitome of pretentiousness; to put out an opinion without any substantiation, purely based on what other hypocrites agree in is not a justification of a choice, reason and decision for an opinion..

I do appreciate your interest and your comment... All opinions are welcome; but it makes for a better debate if sense can be made of the comment i.e., One needs to supply their PURPOSE, MOTIVE AND INTENT for the goal, objective and plan for one's opinion so reference can be made to the source of the issue... Anything less is pure B.S perpetrated by imbeciles...

Appletreedeals profile image

Appletreedeals 5 years ago from Salisbury, Maryland USA

Well, yours is an interesting perspective, but unfortunately I see it as naive and pretentious poppycock that purposely ignores the reality of the natural behaviors endemic to human nature in a societal setting.


ps. found your hub through a "Google Alert" for keyword "Hubpages"

loua profile image

loua 5 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

dfager, Well posed observation,

Government is simply a mind control mechanism; governance, guidance and rule is the actual vehicle needed for controlling the repetitions, routines and habits of the human beast and in so doing make it more sophisticated...

The hope for change is not the issue it is the reason for change as it provides the choice motive for the change from one desire to the next; as the will changes come when the iterations of repetition progress to repeating the new habit that substantiates the routine decision. In other words as it becomes necessary to do things one becomes adapted to doing what becomes routine.

All the excuses people can conger up can not hold back the changes that will evolve as better means of life, survival and circumstance become apparent. When that which needs to be done becomes so apparent that people can no long make excuses for not doing it; like buying a cell phone and changing your cell phone for a better one.

You see mind change has already happened with things in the technology sector, in religion, in investment , the news media, and politics. These are some new alterations in human repetition, routine and habit; they are not huge changes but they are the bricks in the wall of the negative mind set that dictate the negative behavior defeatism that you expressed, the concept of choices has become less negative because there is value seen in some available choices. You even make note of it as you stated, "Essentially we need to see value in society" much like the value in any choice be it technology or be it ideology.

As the negative biases are righted to become more positive in purpose-value the whole paradigm of life will reach the tipping point and the magnetic direction of the human condition will become more and more positive; but the negative biases of humanity are tough obstacles. It is only when people realize they do indeed have better choices available to them than they are in the habit of having at their disposal; like better mileage, better investments, better lifestyles, etc., etc...

What I have outlined is a course of action for when the tipping point is right for shedding the old negative-repetitions, routines and habits for ones of positive-value that will evolve life's wealth and its worth...

Thanks for stopping in and commenting...

dfager profile image

dfager 5 years ago from Federal Way, Washington

I like your vision, good hub. I'm just not as optimistic about human nature. I see human nature much like Thomas Hobbes, in a natural state with no government, mankind's existance would be "solitary, poor, brutish, and short". Political power whether right or left will always end in corruption. I'm not sure evolution occurs in a few thousand of years either.

It matters what we believe and I don't mean that we all have to believe the same exact thing either. Essentially we need to see value in society more than in individual achievement. Afterall, you can't be a leader of industry without consumers.

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