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 There are many revenue share websites out there that you can publish you can instantly publish your content on and earn a little bit of extra money. However one of the best new ones is, this site uses Google adsense to generate revenue and there are two ways you can make money, by publishing what they called Xomblurbs which are short descriptions of another site, blog or article with a link to whatever it is you are writing about or Xombytes which are a minimum of 150 words and can be about anything you like. The great thing about Xomba is that even if you don't make any money from the Google ads you can make money by linking to your other content on the web, essentially creating backlinks. The Xomba community is very active and people actually do take the time out to read your work and comment, giving you advice and feedback on your writing.

Xomba is ranked very highly on Google and articles are instantly placed into search engines as you write them. There are people on Xomba that make $300 a day from their pieces, I have personally seen my adsense earnings rise dramatically since I have been a member, and I have only been a member for 3 weeks. I went from having £1 in my adsense account to have £35 in 3 weeks and with little effort I would say, because I have not been working every day on it or heavily promoting my content but I have been writing consistently. Another thing I have noticed is that my Triond earnings have also increased as I write blurbs linking to my articles, many members link to their e how articles, and hub page articles.

Xomba is slowly becoming my favourite site to write for as even the CEO of Xomba is easily accessible and he answers your comments and questions and gives you suggestions on how you could earn more money. All the staff are very friendly, I was featured in the Xomba daily blog within the first week of being a member for writing so many articles in such a short space of time. They recognise hard work and good writing skills by holding contests where you can win money and add to your overall earnings.

To start making money with Xomba click on the following link

To read some of my Xomba work please go to


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divaroktz 5 years ago

Hi friends. Sorry to say this but Xomba is no longer the user friendly site it used to be. The sad but true thing is the site has indulged into seroius mistrust and stealing of authors income by hoodwinking them. Please read the articles below to know more:

intriguewriter profile image

intriguewriter 4 years ago from worldwide Author

I don't use Xomba any more . I posted this eight months ago, I found that my account actually got deleted for no reason! So, I am not really an advocate of their website any more.

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