India's Poverty Logo - Agarbathi.

Make Agarbathi to Maintain Family.

Poor Make Perfect Agarbathi Hand Made & Export Quality

India's population is 115 crore and more than 70 percent live in villages.

How many villages we have in India - As per 2001 Census:- 6,38,939.

Highest Number of Villages in the state of Uttar Pradesh - 107,452.

Next - Madhya Pradesh - 55,393.

Next - Comes - Orissa is - 51,349.

Next - Bihar - 45,098.

Next - Maharashtra - 43,711.

Next - Rajasthan - 41,352.

Next - Jharkhand - 32,615.

Next - Andhra Pradesh - 28,123. Assam - 26312. Chettisgarh - 20,308,

Himachal Pradesh - 20,118.

Next - Gujarat - 18,539. Uttaranchal - 16,826. Tamil Nadu - 16,317. Punjab - 12,673.

Next - Meghalaya - 6,034. Manipur - 2,391.- Kerala - 1,364.- Nagaland - 1317.

Next - Tripura - 870. - Mizoram - 817.- Andaman & Nicobar Island - 547. - Sikkim - 452.

Next - Goa - 359.- Dadra & Nagar Haveli - 70.- Chandigarh - 24. - Lakshadweep - 24.

Daman & Diu - 23.

If these are the villages in India how many family's would be in each village.

How many family's would be poor.

How many persons would be poor.

How many lady's would be there.

How many children would be there.

How can we increase the income of these family's.

Agarbathi's are exported to Australia, Asia, Africa, USA, Europe & North America.

Bangalore seems to be the Agarbathi Capitol in addition to IT,BT .Garment,Garden City.

No company is listed in Agarbathi manufacturers directory from among the states under Union Territories and our Buddhist predominant state SIKKIM & Arunachal Pradesh.

Sikkim has 452 but they don't manufacture Agarbhati - are there no poor lady's.

So also Himachal Pradesh which has over 20,000 villages - they don't manufacture Agarbhathis. Are there no lady's.

The demand for Agarbhathi's is so high that a single company in Bangalore exports over 80% of its production.

There may be 100% EOU Company's but no body seems to care this Agarbhathi Industry.There may be but our Govt has not made any efforts to introduce this culture in far off places where their ministers do not go,perhaps on account of there being no such 5 STAR hotels there.

Who is incharge of the small scale Industry - Has he gone to Andaman & Nicobar Islands,there are 547 villages has he seen 10 villages.Has he opened a Agarbhathi Training School for Lady's IN ONE VILLAGE.

Agarbhathi increases the Income of the poor family.

AGARBHATHI ITS THE LOGO OF THE POOR INĀ  INDIA.[ There are others also but this one beats any other.]

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