Inside your mind: Strings and things made of matter.

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there, does it make a noise?

If humans are ever going to evolve as opposed to going backwards they need to begin to open their minds to possibilities that have erstwhile appeared unimaginable. Possibilities such as there being solar systems encircling distant stars which not so long ago were only theoretical, possibilities such as DNA decoding and the understanding of the genetics of life, the power of the atom, black holes and their purpose.

New theories offer the chance to do what science does best, to take our knowledge further beyond our imagination and answer the question 'Why are we here'.

'God created everything' is one opinion, written five thousand years ago by people little knowing of the world that they lived in at the time. String theory does not close the argument to their being a god, it merely moves him or it beyond the three dimensions of space that we are accustomed to.

'The big bang theory' still limits everything to a point and nothing beyond, string theory or 'M theory' tries to explain beyond the dig bang.

String Theory

Imagine that an atom were the size of the solar system, a string would be the size of a tree. Unimaginably small but these are quite possibly responsible for the universe that we live in. They are open or closed string forms of multiple dimensions depending upon the state they they are in, vibrating and resonating in a way that on a larger scale forms matter itself. There are liquids that show a similar effect when you vibrate them the atoms become exited and link together forming a harder structure, in a sense a type of shock. The string vibrations have to be considered within extra theoretical dimensions to appreciate how they become the atoms and compounds which are observable by us. My understanding of these strings is that they are the result of an interaction of Branes which following an impact or collision created the energy and residue which formed our three dimensional open universe, our concept of space time and the known laws of physics.

Strings are the remnants of a collision between Branes of multidimensional existence which constitute and contain the universe and a multitude of other universes.

Multiple Dimensions

We are three dimensional, we live in a three dimensional universe and as a result we have difficulty in recognising a multiple dimensional state. But we are beginning to! There are considered to be ten dimensions of space plus one dimension of time which if following the law that 'time is relative' then it has some form or other within each dimensional state.

Strings effect three dimensional space by their interaction with it, producing the various states of matter that we see and believe, but they also effect other dimensions which occupy the same space, where you have a line representing one dimension length, for three dimensions you have breadth and width, higher dimensions are also present occupying the same space. Strings are believed to be within these dimensions and only effect our dimensions when measured.

Shroedingers cat is a theoretical model of the states of matter being in constant flux until measured or observed, the cat inside a box fitted with a reactive plunger full of poison, the box is sheilded from exterior influence and if any is measured such as radiation seeping into the box, then the plunger emits the poison killing the cat. In Quantum theory the cat is for a while both dead and alive until the box is opened at which point one or the other states is set, the cat is either dead or alive.

Matter at the quantum level is therefore said to exist in a state of flux, switching rapidly through all possible outcomes and eventualities until such that it is observed or measured, it then appears in that state generally following laws relative to the observer. In other words if you go to grab an object you expect it to be there when you touch it, but it only took that form as you saw it, prior to that its state was fluctuating throughout all possibilities within the ten dimensions of space and time. The Neo cube in video three is a basic representation of the way in which matter exists and interacts, however you have to imagine that all of the shapes and possibilities are present at the same time and it is you that sees it in a certain state at any one time. Some people believe that through practice you may be able to determine the state of matter and manipulate it in some way.

The tree!

What we need to consider now is how and why matter appears as it does when it does. In Quantum theory matter is present in all possibilities which also means at all possible times, matter can be borrowed from the future to plug gaps in current time, and matter is only in the form that it is when you measure it, this determines that everybody can exist within a separate instance of reality unbeknown to each individual. I for instance exist within my reality where everything follows laws and directions determined by my understanding of that reality, I interact with my environment and it react to me just as I would expect it to, whereas a person to whom I am speaking exists within their own interpretation of reality and may be interacting with it in quite separate ways. In my reality a person could have died in an accident at some time however they are still living their lives within their own reality which has separated from mine, this is multi dimensional existence where every possible outcome is achieved. Potentially a person never experiences any death other than old age as whenever a fork is passed where two options are presented you always take the life option, two possible outcomes appear, the accident where you die or avoidance where you live and your sense of reality continues along the life path, to a separate party in their reality you may have died, and they are no longer able to interact with you. 

So it may be your mind which is controlling and arranging realities through its interpretation of the environment. Remember the tree and the forest? well it most certainly does NOT make a sound if there is nobody there to hear it!, put simply sound is the vibration of matter in the air which has been caused by some trauma (the tree falling over), these sound vibrations are waves travelling through the air vibrating backwards and forwards effecting particles that come into contact with it helping the wave to move further, Only when the wave comes into contact with the ear is the vibration recognized as sound, and then only by way of the brain interpreting those vibrations as sound, in you mind. The sounds only exist within your head, outside of that all is quiet, much the same as colours and images are purely down to how your eye transfers data to your brain, images only appear within your mind, outside there is only energies of light rebounding off colourless surfaces made such by the frequency of particle movement within them which is determined by the state they appear when you interact with them. In a way I am suggesting that all without your body could be and quite possibly is not what it appears to be within your mind, you react and interact with information that is delivered to you by your senses and they cannot determine the dimensions which exist in miniscule properties at string level.


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