International Law VS Municipal Law?

International law governs the relation of sovereign independent states inter  and constitutes a legal system the rules of which it is incumbent upon all states to observe. Municipal law also known as state law or national law is the law of state or a country.

International law regulates the behaviour of states whereas national law the behaviour of individuals. International law concerns with the external relations of the states and its foreign affairs. Municipal law concerns with the internal relations of states o and its domestic affairs.

 International law is a law between equal sovereign states in which no one is supreme to the other but municipal laws the w law of the sovereign over the individuals subject to the sovereign rule.

whether international law is a law or not is a debatable question and this debate is continued whereas municipal law i a law in a real sense and there is o doubt about it.

However international law and municipal law relates to each other and some justice considers that both from a unity being manifestation of single conception of law while others say that international law constitutes an independent system of law essentially different from the municipal Law. Thus there are two theories knows as monastic and dualistic. According to monastic and the same thing. The origin and sources of these two laws are the same, both spheres of law simultaneously regulate the conduct of individuals and the two systems are in their essence groups of commands which bind the subjects of the law independently of their will.

 According to dualistic theory international law and municipal law are separate and self contained to the extent to which rules of one are not expressly tacitly received into the other system. The two are separate bodies of legal norms emerging in part from different sources comprising different difference subjects and having application to different objects.

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very nice

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lone rubbish

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gud work bt nt clear similarity

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international law is very sad. and not a good law.

Odili Chukwudi ( 2 years ago

when you say international law and municipal laws share the same sources, do u mean a treaty can serve as a source of municipal laws?. 2347035611641

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you are mostly concerned about the differences between international law and municipal law,what about their similarities

balaji 10 months ago

Onnum puriyala

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clear ideas but writing is not clear,,,,

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