Inventing 101... Get The Wheels Turning in 24 Hours.

Inventing 101... Get The Wheels Turning in 24 Hours.


Visualize what you want from life then work toward it.

See it, then be it.

Excerpt from: The Path to Success is paved with Positive Thinking.

Inventing 101... Get The Wheels Turning in 24 Hours.

The Road Starts Here

So you would like to be an inventor? FANTASTIC give your

self a pat on the back. The world needs more entrepreneurs like you. This is a fun and exciting field to be apart of with lots of opportunities to create something cool and new something that has never been thought of in the past.

On the Other part of the quest to be the first with a unique idea is the much to common outcome to a preserved idea. (The darn its been dun factor)

You need to get accustom to stomaching the reality that you just weren’t

the first on the seen.


Would you like me to give you a formula for success?

It’s quite simple, really. Double your rate of failure.

Thomas J. Watson, founder IBM

Hay it a big world

The world is big with over 7 billion people in it my friend you need to see this as a good thing not a roadblock. You need to go the distance theirs a old saying You probably herd before its TRY, TRY, AGAIN. And I mean this because if you don’t use this approach your going to quit and abundant the mind set you need after the first (darn its been dun) outcome trust me I have seen it.

If your idea is a dud just move on think of all the people going about their day to day life’s in this big world trying to accomplish more, have more time freedom or they needing a easer way to get a task dun. The world is certainly full of great new ideas for you to invent.



Enjoy your uniqueness. Out of all the billions of people since the beginning of time, there has never been, and never will be another you.

Excerpt from: The Path to Success is paved with Positive Thinking.

Journaling your thoughts to keep on track

You will need to start Journaling all your thoughts get your self a nice 6 by 8 or larger journal about an inch thick one that will be easy to tote around. Keep this with you all the time to jot down ideas.

I use the fount section to keep track of tasks for each week. I Wright week of, at the top of the page and make a list of the vary most important tasks to be completed that week.

This could have tasks to complete from a number of different projects. Next to each task place the letter of the week that represents when you will work on it.

Your task list will consist of anything from making a important call to idea research. I use the opposite side of the page for side notes on the task I am working on.

The best part of the pencil and paper journal system that I don’t get with my handheld device is I get to give my completed task a good Xing out upon completion now that’s rewording.

If you get to the end of the week and still have tasks left or have advanced a particular one to the next stage start your next week with it. Always list the vary most important Tasks you need to finish. You can add your own variation but I think it works well for me.

Next about half way thru your journal Wright My ideas at the top of the page. You guest it this is the place you are going to record each and every idea that pops into your head and when I say pops that is latterly how it happens.

It’s Time To Slow Down and observe

This is the fun part you get to simply do nothing just observe. When was the last time you just milled around at the mall and observed what people are looking at and doing don’t rush like you need to get to a destination. It may seem kind of strange at first not rushing around but you’ll catch on, and bring a small note pad to list products and ideas and snap a photos of cool ideas.

Take a stroll threw the different departments I like the house wears department see any new interesting gadgets with patents try to find as many as you can jot them down. Go take a brake from your doing nothing have yourself a tea.

If this kind of drifting around and observing is to slow for you run the steps or do a quick lap around I don’t want you to fall asleep not yet. Plan to do his milling around and taking notes on a regular basses from now on. Or until you invent something like silly putty and make two hundred million.



Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Thomas Edison


Building the inventor mind set think of things that never were and ask WHY NOT?

I herd someone say once that a Terrific products come from a terrific ideas, Wow that sums it up its so much clearer now isn’t it. Ya Wright. What dose it take to come up with that great new idea?. I have one word for you SIMPLE keep it vary, vary simple.

If your going to offer something new or improve on a existing product made sure its simple and dose one or two things extremely well. Look at the research list that you have been compiling do you see anything that could be improved or could it be joined with another product.

The key is to find a way to serve others better to fill a need. One of my first inventions was to make a device that would hold my jet ski in place at the launch pier because every time I would come back from parking the trailer my jet ski would be floating 30 feet out or under the pier and that was hard on the new paint.

I filled a need by building a small device that would easily clamp to the side molding of the jet ski then to the pier works like a charm quick and easy problem solved I filled a need. I believe with persistence and a little luck you will succeed and have one of those moments to.

Prototyping after you reserch your idea

Prototyping your idea to see if it is going to work is fun and challenging at the same time you start to see your idea come to life as a working idea and not just on paper. There are a few thing you need to take carve first. Make sure you have done all the pulmonary research you can on your idea. If not you will be wasting your time.

A few years back my nephew had an idea so the first thing he did was run to the hardware store and bout a heavy duty tap measure, two feet of cable half round aluminum piping an assortment of nuts, bolts and sharp drill bits not to mention other misalliance items he dug up from around the house.

So what do you think my nephew was building. He was building a small retractable bicycle lock that would mount on the frame of your bike. To use the lock you would pull the cable out rap it around a fixed object and insert the end back into the housing. Pretty cool and fast to lockup your bike.

Now the bad news after a ten minute search we found it on the master lock web site in twelve colors. You guest it one of those darn it been dun moments.

I will be the first to admit I have dun the same thing myself meney times. Now with the internet It makes the pulmonary research on your idea vary fast.

With that said and your research completed its time  

Catnaps Encouraged

Living life as an Inventor by honing your skills of looking at problems and developing salutations for them. One of my favorites ways to salve a particular problem is the catnap this is the best part to the inventing process. Let your subconscious show you the way. I will elaborate soon on this point my catnap is calling. Happy inventing.

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