Is The United States Moving Toward A Global Financial Meltdown?

Economic Depression
Economic Depression

The U.S. Is Moving Toward An Economic Depression

Most People Think That The Economy will get better soon, it will not, here is why:


"We can see things happening in the economy right now that many others do not because at this particular moment in history, its very hard for most people-even most experts-to face what is actually going on. The U.S. economy has been such a strong and prosperous powerhouse for so long its difficult to imagine anything else. Our goal is not to convince you of anything else you wouldn't conclude for yourself , if you had the right facts, based on objective science and logical analysis...We all naturally prefer a future that is better than the past, and luckily for most Americans, that is what we have enjoyed. Not so this time....Despite this universal desire for good news, and despite the fact that the housing and stock markets were both near their peak in 2006, our first book did remarkably well. In fact America's Bubble Economy has been discussed in articles in Barrons, Reuters, Bottom Line, and the Associated Press. The book was also selected as one of the 30 best business books of 2006 by Kiplinger... More recently, since the release of Aftershock in late 2009, support for our analysis has grown considerably, dozens of newspapers, magazines, radio broadcasts, and television programs have featured and quoted from the book, and interviewed coauthor Bob Weidemer, including the New York Times, The Financial Times, the Wall Street journal, Associated Press, CNBC, Fox Business News, and many more. {quoted from Aftershock Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial meltdown by David Weidemer PhD., Robert A. Weidmer, and Cindy Spitzer}.

We all prefer a future that is better than the past but not this time; unfortunately most financial experts do not get the past right because most of today's financial analysis is based on preconceived ideas for a hoped positive outcome. Unlike any other moment in our history, there is something fundamentally different going on at this time. Even though people who pay no attention to the stock market or the latest economic news say they can just feel it in their gut. Experts keep on saying we are on the verge of recovery, but something feels different at this time. The difference this time is that we are riding on a multi bubble economy. With so many linked bubbles now on the descent, the impact of their combined future collapse will be far more dangerous than any downturn or recession we've experienced in the past.

The Start of the Economic Downturn:

Just how did this happen? We were riding high, the Dow Jones was over 14,000, U.S home prices were close to their all time highs, and consumer and commercial credit were flowing freely as honey on a hot summer day. Then suddenly overnight, which most people seem to have forgotten, the world and U.S. economies were rocked in late 2008 and 2009 by the 1)Real Estate, 2)Stock market, Private Debt, and 4)The Discretionary Spending Bubble.

Next while most people think that the worst is over, the coming "Aftershock" will bring down all six bubbles in the next several years. These six Economic Bubbles which make up our false economic recovery are: 1. The Real Estate Bubble, 2.The Stock Market Bubble, 3.The Private Debt Bubble 4.The Discretionary Spending Bubble 5. The Dollar Bubble, and 6.The Government Debt Bubble. Unfortunately while most people think that the worst is over, the coming "Aftershock Global Financial Meltdown" will pop all six of these bubbles in the next two to five years.

The Coming Economic Submarine Missile:

The first four of these financial bubbles will bring down the last two: our vulnerable dollar and massive government debt bubbles. Like a submarine missile that already has been launched toward us we are waiting for the impact. This government debt bubble presently is almost 17 Trillion dollars and growing. Much of this debt has been funded by foreign investors, primarily from Asia and Europe.

What Is The Government's Credit Limit

Anyone who has a credit card realizes that he has a credit limit. Does the United States Government have a credit limit? Most people, including investment bankers and government leaders, don't even ask this question. They seem to believe that there is no credit limit and the government can just keep borrowing forever at low interest rates. What is our credit limit. If our debt about 16 trillion dollars and our annual payment toward this debt is 500 billion, then we will need 30 years to pay this off!

So far congress has dealt with our economic problem by borrowing more and more money; as long as the government can continue to borrow and print more money then that will be the easiest way out of the situation. Congress appears to view our ability to borrow and print money as "Money from Heaven." What it and most voters don't realize is that when the government hits its credit limit, it doesn't just mean that we can't borrow more in the future. It means that the government's entire past debt becomes due. The entire 20 trillion or 25 trillion or more will mean that we finally can't borrow more. The debt will be due because we will not be able to refinance it any longer. The loan will be called due, Game over.

In the end all of the "Money from heaven" gets very real and every bit of it will be paid back almost from a massive loss of value of our assets, and much more of the world's assets, caused by massive inflation, and ultimately, a U.S. government debt default. "Money from heaven" will have created a pathway to hell.

Conclusion: You can Weather This Economic Storm With Faith ,Preparation, And Information:

Some of the most useful information and practical advice is to be found in several books titled "Afetrshock Protect Yourself and Profit In The Next Global Financial Meltdown, and The Aftershock Investor a Crash Course In Staying Afloat In A Sinking Economy both authored by David Weidemer PhD., Robert A. Weidemer, and Cindy Spitzer.

These books give very practical advice on what type of jobs to pursue, what financial decisions to make, what investment decisions to make , etc.

Most importantly, do not forget your personal worth and the blessings you have in friends, family, and health that you cannot buy and have faith in following the Lord God to take you through this storm (Matthew 6:33).

Source: Aftershock Protect Yourself And Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown by David Weidemer PhD, Robert A. Weidemer, and Cindy Spitzer

Prepare For The Economic Meltdown


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