Is it worth getting an alternative certificate to teach?

Less than five years ago, school districts could not fill vacant teaching positions fast enough, and used nice big incentives to draw teacher's to their schools. Alternative certification was a good way to recruit new teachers to fill the void. People who had a Bachelor's degree could get into teaching in the area of their expertise through an alternative certification programe. For example, someone who has a degree in Accounting or Engineering could go through an alternative certification program and begin teaching Math.This was the way to go if one had a desire to teach and get into a secure field. Sadly to say with all the changes in educaton, this may not the way to go anymore.

Alternative certification programs can be found in most states in the USA. It gives those that want to become a teacher another way to get a teacher's license without going to a four year progam, and get in the classrooom sooner. Not to long ago, this was an enticing oppurtunity to get into a secure career. But, today with the economy the way it is, and schools cutting back on thier budgets, it may not be as beneficial as it once was just a few years back.

Alternative programs to get your teacher's license can cost between 2 to 5 thousand dollars depending on the state and who is running the program. Some programs can be completed online and others require being at the program site. The time to complete a program varies from state to state and even from program to program. But usually it will take up to two or three years. The great part about this is that you can begin teaching after the first year if you pass the state exams. The next step is to get hired and start getting paid at a regular teacher's salary. Depending on where you begin teaching you can start out as much as 40,000.00 a year.

This sounds great but the bad news is in today's economy, even the field of education has been effected with budget cutbacks, teachers are no longer in demand. Therefore, there is now more competition. If you are a beginning teacher, it's more difficult to hired. Programs have been cut, so teacher's get laid off, and when openings come up in a district they usually get filled first by the misplaced teachers. If you don't have a cleared liscence then you may as well give it up, because districts have hundred of canidates to choice from who probably have more experience. Why would they choice someone with little or no experience over somebody that has years of expereince. Don't forget teachers that have tenure, they will get first dibs on the openings which is antother set back for the new teacher to get into the field. So with this in mind you have to take into consideration whether going into an alternative program is worth it now.

Here's something else you may want to think about, things can change, who knows the teaching field may once again cry out for qualified teachers and offer a good chump of change to get you to sign on with them.


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