~Survival bares a heavy price~


Every step a black woman takes in humanity is a journey of courage, strength and sovereignty, for her journey has been a mighty one and her legacy was edged in blood, sweat and tears...

~Throne of a Queen~

If history has taught us one vital fact it is the strength and courage of a black woman.

Her servitude to mankind shutters the consciousness of humanity.

Her voyage begin long before the ships docked on the sands of time,

slave quarters, cotton fields, the whip, rape, the chopping block, abandonment and all that comes with the confounds of slavery on its highest plateau with no form of penitent, she has endured the blunt of mankind and came out swinging.

From the womb she came forth out of darkness already on the throne, crowned with elegance long before mankind could truly comprehend, appreciate, celebrate his great gift, embrace her worth or glorify her magnificence.

She brought forth kings and queens on bitter, soiled ground and taught them the solidarity of hope, forged life on a distant throne, gave birth to new nations that scorned and turned their back toward her, she breast fed two nations while other's were scampering for cover and tarnishing her name.

Yes! survival bares a heavy price, collapsing the foundation around us while churning the ever turning wheels of injustice, bending the minds of broken warriors while lighting fires that burn images to horrible to claim or to violent to imagine.

Yet, a true queen recognizes fatuous hallucination and overrides small implications that her worth is less significant than any other, for afterall, it is her throne.

Don't be fooled by misconceptions of her journey, her intelligence and strength superseeds that of normal intellect, she is the foundation on which continents are reborn, reshaped and rejuvenated.

The luster in the terrain swells with her sweat, blood and tears, she gives birth to new seed continuously replanted in the fields of the world, the altitude on which she glides through life is that of a caterpillar breaking forth into a butterfly, as she rest on the tips of her own silhouette.

Though her body enslaved, trampled, disregarded, her mind and spirit never gave forth to subjugation and forever steadfast on freedom. She is an ever awakening Harriet Tubman, leading the slaves out of bondage even when fear reared its ugly brow, she reminded them that freedom was worth the price of death, yes!

African queens have suffered at the hands of ignorance, but through everything they have been subjected to, their strength can still be felt in the depth of civilization and the whirlwinds of humanity. Her legacy of life will never be diminished, for she forever gives birth to new nations, constantly building on greater foundation, and will forever brake the manifold of mans existence as she opens the gateway of consciousness.

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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 5 years ago

God bless the black woman. She has born so much with those narrow shoulders. I do honestly love the black woman. Dear God let's lift her and her burden. God bless you Karen!

Karen Russell profile image

Karen Russell 5 years ago Author

Thank you Micky, I do appreciate you stopping in, hope to see you again real soon, Hotep!

Alana Latham 4 years ago

beautifully put

Karen Russell profile image

Karen Russell 2 years ago Author

Asante Sana/thank you very much!

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