Japanese Mythical Creatures And Monsters

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Tales of monsters exist around the world, from several different cultures. Some of these stories are more ancient while others tend to be modern day. Such stories are what many use to create fictional based books and movies, such movies that end up becoming best sellers. Japan is one country that has plenty of tales to tell that involve monsters that are horrifying. Just as terrifying as they are they can be intriguing. So interesting that one may not want to stop researching them. Dive into the terrifying realm of Japanese lore. Not just tales of heroes or damsels in distress. But tales of monsters. Such monsters that some may still believe exist.


The Kappa is a kind of water demon that is believed to be named after a river God that was named Kappa. This water demon is said to be the messenger of this God. Described to be dwarf like, the Kappa carries a tortoise shell on its back, has webbed feet and hands and is said to have a monkey like face. It's skin may range in colors from green, blue, yellow and red though it is thought that its most common color is green. On the top of its head a sort of depression where there is a gel or water like substance. According to lore, it is this substance that gives the Kappa most of its power. The Kappa also has a beak like nose.

This demon tends to enjoy being a bit reckless. For example it liked to look up the kimonos mew women, passing gas, and swim up plumbing, stroking one's bottom while they are defecating.

This demon likes to drown it's victims, after drowning them it will remove the persons insides for the victim's anus. Though it most favors the liver. The Kappa may be destroyed by bowing down to them, in return the Kappa must bow dowI and the fluid substance will then empty, wreaking it.


A giant skeleton, the Gashadokuro, is a terrifying spirit. It is thought to be made out of the bones of people who have starved to death and is much taller than any human. It is a ghost that comes out after midnight and makes ringing noises in people's ears. If people do not run away faster hearing such noises this ghost will bite of their heads with giant teeth that it is depicted to have.

The Hibagon

The earliest reports of this creature is believed to be in the 1970s. This is like the Big Foot of Japan. The Hibagon is described as bing around five feet tall and weighing around one hundred and eighty pounds. It is completely covered in a thick coat of brown or black fur though at times its been spotted having a patch of white fur on the chest. It has a strange triangular shaped head with human like eyes.

Though this creature has disappeared as far as people know there are people who will never forget about the Hibagon.


Perhaps a very interesting monster from Japanese lore is the Futakuchi-onna. She is a woman who has two mouths. One mouth is located in the natural place while the second is at the base of the neck. The second mouth will shout out cruel things to the woman in order to get her to feed it. If the woman does not feed the mouth it will eventually cause her get pain. Eventually the woman's hair is believed to turn into serpent like beings, allowing the second mouth to help itself to the woman's food.

The Drunken Boy

The Drunken Boy is an Ogre demon who was considered to be a vampire. He was nearly walkways depicted wearing red colors. Though he had a taste for blood The Drunken Boy seemed to favor his female victims the most. He was said to keep woman as prisoners to feed upon them, gorging upon their blood. Hence his name.

This demon was chilled, according to lore by a certain hero, who disguised himself and his men to get into the demon's liar. They succeeded and the hero battled the demon. It was harsh fight but the hero won and was said to take back the head of the demon as a trophy. He was also said to free the captured women.

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