Japanese IQ test for job applicants

Apparently this is an IQ test given to job applicants in Japan in which "Everybody has to cross the river". It's an animated game that's both fun and frustrating.

Click to start the test: Japanese IQ Test

Everything is in Japanese, but follow these instructions below if you prefer English. ;-)

It took me about 20 minutes to solve, my boyfriend about 10 minutes.


Click on link above and then click on the big blue circle to start. To move the people, click on them. To move the raft, click on the pole on the opposite side of the river. You must follow the rules below.


  • Only 2 people can be on the raft at the same time
  • The Father cannot be left alone with either or both of the daughters without their Mother
  • The Mother cannot be left alone with either or both of the sons without their Father
  • The thief (the redhead in the striped shirt) cannot stay with any family member if the Policeman is not there -- she gets violent
  • Only the adults (the Father, the Mother and the Policeman) know how to operate the raft

A screenshot of the game

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jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 10 years ago from Scotland

wow this is tough took me about 9 mins.....jimmy

livelonger profile image

livelonger 10 years ago from San Francisco Author

you're twice as smart as me, jimmy ;-) good thing I'm not looking for a job in Japan!

vic profile image

vic 10 years ago

This is fun! Thanks.

profile image

IĆ°unn 10 years ago

they have a version of this question on a quest in my rpg game. I might have, ahem, looked up the answer. I'm not un-bright, but I'm not patient either and I have moments of being incredibly lazy. hehe :o

Drax profile image

Drax 10 years ago from NYC....

see where I come from our first question would be how deep is it ? and then next - it looks jumpable... the very last option would be to work the raft...

Kavitha 9 years ago

This only took me about 2 minutes. Did you know that a 4th grader in japan has to take a harder test than this and has to do it in 2 and a half minutes. I am only 12.

flotz 9 years ago

this "test" is not japanese, more likely it is chinese. anyhow, it is fun 1:30

filip 9 years ago

5 minutes :-I

JonB profile image

JonB 9 years ago

Great Fun! Took about 15 minutes (about 5 attempts) to complete.

Kelly 9 years ago

I did it in 42 seconds. Also, my dad is bigger than your dad.

profile image

markion 9 years ago from London

interesting game, took me 6 min

carl 9 years ago

what is the answer i can't get it

Rachel 9 years ago

This is a fun game but...

I have a friend who is Japanese and she stated that the writing is Chinese. SOOO this game is a CHINESE IQ TEST.

livelonger profile image

livelonger 9 years ago from San Francisco Author

Rachel - you are right! That script is written in Chinese.

tera 9 years ago

well i must be a crack head because i don't get it at all

bleh 9 years ago

its impossible

rock 8 years ago

It is really an excellent test.

David Roberts 8 years ago

Very good test I thought, took me about 3 minutes.

bgdoug1@aol.com 8 years ago

it is kool took me about five min!

bardots 8 years ago

it seem catchy in the middle but i just continue with my strategy... then i gtot it!

tb 8 years ago

it took my twenty minutes

kim 8 years ago

it took me about 1 min..im only 14

Charlie 8 years ago

I still cant do it!!

marilynn 8 years ago

wow...this was a great test but i didn't keep track to how long it took me to figure it out. less than 10 minutes though.

andrew 8 years ago

it took me 5 minutes

Summer 8 years ago

Will some one post how to do it cause i have no clue

mee 8 years ago

Cop and Thief cross Cop comes back Cop and Boy cross Cop and Thief come Back Dad and Boy cross Dad comes back Mom and Dad cross Mom comes back Cop and Thief Cross Dad comes back Mom and Dad cross Mom comes back Mom and girl cross Thief and Cop come back Cop and Girl cross Cop comes back Cop and Thief Cross


I solved it in 2 minutes ^_^

Ali 8 years ago

this iq test has been asked me at the time of interview and interviewer told i sold it in 9 min u hav 15 min to solve it then i stared to solving then i completed it in 12 min.

coolone 8 years ago

1. Policeman and thief across 2. Policeman back 3. Policeman and son across 4. Policeman and thief back 5. Father and son across 6. Father back 7. Father and Mother across 8. Mother back 9. Policeman and thief across 10. Father back 11. Father and Mother across 12. Mother back 13. Mother and daughter across 14. Policeman and thief back 15. Policeman and daughter across 16. Policeman back 17. Policeman and thief across!

Dumb Guy 8 years ago

I followed the answer did it right and still don't get how i did it.

linda@3smartcubes profile image

linda@3smartcubes 8 years ago

Wow it was fun solving this....although it took some time, but i solved it.....i think i can get a job in Japan...hehe!!

:) 7 years ago

5minutes :)

Ice 7 years ago

3 minutes really fun the key is the police man...

Melvin 7 years ago

lol.. i used 1 minutes

emily 7 years ago

i hate to cheat lol and i still cant do it without looking at the answer :(

pHANTOM 6 years ago

i got ur time jimmy, i got 7 minutes

nub 6 years ago

yay i love this test n i do it like every day its super easy like thirty seconds my first try :3

Sarah-Jane 6 years ago

it took me less then a minute.... im 13

Mo 6 years ago

Nice - i enjoyed - took me a while - but once i got the hang of it i did it again and it was quick.

raja209 6 years ago

i did it within 5 minz....n really its v gud..skill test......

CHARUL 6 years ago


Kiana 6 years ago

Yeah, it's Chinese. And this took me around eight minutes. :D

venku 6 years ago

oh!.......its really amazing.......i took 4min......

Nick 6 years ago

Took me 3 to 4 mins guys

zen 6 years ago

took me 4 days to answer it. im better than u guys.

Lada 6 years ago

53 second

Old timer 6 years ago

I'm like 96 years old or something and I completed it in 25 seconds on the first go. I'm way better than all you youngsters on here stating your ages with a good score to boot. ;)

Randomdudeguy 6 years ago

Seriously took me 3 mins to solve...

Kori Kinkela 6 years ago

i didn't need answers to solve this... In my global history class we did this for fun today as a group and i wanted to try it out myself, Its aggravating but fun all at the same time!! lol ^_^ yaay I played it a few times now. i'm trying to beat it faster and faster ^_^

fo rizzle 6 years ago

chuck norris is the raft

farhaan sarang 6 years ago

i did it in 2 minutes 47 secs...

R.ALI 6 years ago


Jahanzeb 6 years ago

it took me 11 mins easy but a little strategic i like it, it was great (another pakistani:)

nananana 6 years ago

Yeah this game is in Chinese... NOT Japanese!

nathan 5 years ago

took me 48 seconds to solve..............this is pretty easy.......i solved a harder puzzle then this which took me ages........i mean ages around 6 minutes and i was told i have an iq of 140

dave 5 years ago

6 minutes

EQR 5 years ago

I did it and took me like 50 seconds and I'm 24 years old, so i guess i got the job in japan. Jajaja

Well practiced ;) 5 years ago

Takes me a minute :)

Michelle 5 years ago

Man, i'm never gonna get a job in Japan =p

sahlialcala 5 years ago

dear god???i i cant believe it!!!i made it!

James M. 5 years ago

it took me only 2 min. and 37 seconds. pretty easy! And i''m only 11 :D

5 years ago

3 Mins :)

Vitou 5 years ago

very good game for young people for practice their brain. :)

honey bunn 5 years ago

My whole class played the game one day and it took us all hour. After all that complaining and arguing we finally figured it out.

jarrot 5 years ago

2mins 17secs

christian ahued 5 years ago


Sandman 5 years ago

I had it right the first time I did it. Little under 2 minutes. Thinking about 20 seconds and the clicking. I am only 31!

Just another User 5 years ago

I have a certified IQ of over 132 (Mensa, top 2%) and I had to look up the answer…

Jazz 5 years ago

I did it in a 1 and 50 secs with 17steps. Any one did under 17 steps?

marty 5 years ago

easy! beat it in 1 min 36 secs...

Edward 5 years ago

Did this IQ test and finished it in 30 seconds.

James 5 years ago

Weeehhhh!!! Barbero! Those claiming to do it in less than 2 minutes is making up! You have to move the pieces, and you usually need to start thinking har dform move 9 to 14 hich is the key (policeman). Jazz, the minimum move is 19 steps. Barbero ka talag!

alun 5 years ago

45 seconds 17 moves best I can do :-)

krish 4 years ago

Good game for me its 5 min

prasanta kr sen 4 years ago

its take me about 5 mins

John 4 years ago

2 minutes (MAD)

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