Jinns In Arabic And Muslim Traditions

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Evil Demons

Jinns, in Muslim and Arabic traditions are considered to be evil demons that possess different supernatural abilities. They are created from smoke and fire so some believe that they are below angels. As all demons do, they are here to torment humans, their abilities are several. Jinns are led by their leader known as Iblis. Iblis was once considered or called Azazel, who is basically the Islamic counterpart of the Devil.

Supernatural Abilities

While Jinns are known to have several different supernatural abilities there are a few that they are well known of having. Most people have heard of before such as shape shifting capabilities. This is the gift of being able to take on any form, as long as it allows them to complete their mission of working evil on humans.

Good Or Bad?

While the Jinn are considered demons there are on a rare occasion a few mentions of the Jinn influencing humans to do good, as well as performing good deeds for those who have the power to summon them.

An example of this is the story of King Solomon. In some traditions the king possessed a ring that gave him the power to summon the jinns to fight beside his soldiers in battle. It is also said that his temple was constructed with the help of the jinns.

Despite of these stories the Jinns are mostly said to be evil and are known to be well feared among the Arabic and Muslim people. They are creatures who exist for the only purpose of tormenting humans and nothing more.

The Qu'an

The Jinns are actually mentioned in the Qu'an several times however these creatures were known well before then. They are said to have existed during Pre-Islamic Arabia, during which period they were considered to be god-like and said to exist in a world parallel to that of our own.


To this very day the Jinns are feared among the people. In fact they were mentioned in the media like shows Destination Truth, in one of their episodes of which they happened to capture a great amount of evidence. The Jinns may have existed years before our time but they may just still exist now. That is if you believe in that sort of thing. I will leave that up to you.

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