Jon Benet Ramsey - The Death of Innocence and What Happened Next

During March of 2002 Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey's book The Death of Innocence is released, which concerns the ongoing conflict and their fight to rescue their decency and to show the purity of their actions and intentions towards their daughter. They also enter into suit against many of the media companies: the Globe, Time Warner, the Star, the New York Post. The book publishers Windsor House Pub Group are too sued for libel.

So from October 1999 to 2000 the case basically languished and the reporting in the media stopped and the public outcry whimpered to a halt. Then a newly elected D.A., Mary Keenan steps in and pledges to investigate the evidence taking all of it into consideration and to lean on the work of the original investigators. Keenan's conclusion was that an intruder had murdered JonBenét; her study of the evidence took into account the male DNA that had been left in JonBenét's underwear.

Just nine months later, after the attack of JonBenét a man attacked another little girl in Boulder; she was eight years old. Her mother awakened and the intruder fled. Her parents informed the Boulder police of the similarities, but they brushed that comparison aside. All of this was reported by CBS on their 48 Hours Mystery program. Amy had been in the same dance class as JonBenét.

But the murderer has never been discovered and up until July 9, 2008 her parents and even her older brother Burke were suspected, until the new DNA testing method had proved their innocence. But Burke was a nine year old at the time the horrible crime was committed. One reason that Burke was in question was that his voice had been on the recording of the 911 call that Patsy made though she said he was sleeping during the call. This hullabaloo was started by a word to the press, which ran wild with suspicion.

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sue 6 years ago

After watching Toddlers and Tiaras and two dreadful children by the names of Sterling and Paris and their angy looking father and horrible mother I started to wonder if little Jon Benet might have been killed by another parent. This fathers face was vicious when he though his terror was not going to win and mum even said to the children we are going to kill them.

mac 5 years ago

there is a video of the little angel on stage,,,there is also a women in her late 40s or early 50s with shoulder length black hair and a long blue or black dress,,she is the announcer for the pageant, she is involved with her murder

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