Jon Benet Ramsey Memorials

There are 65,400 memorials to Jon Benét Ramsey on the Internet. Some were started in 1996 and some more recently. Maybe the longer she is dead the more some people think about her and decide to still put up a memorial site. These are all kind gestures. It shows that people still care about what happens to children. The memorials have pictures, poems, and links to sites about her case. Some of the sites have links to YouTube videos of her pictures with music are shown.

Her death was tragic and shouldn't have happened. Her case still hasn't been solved, but the newer type of DNA testing may cause the killer to be found one day, if he commits more crimes and is tested. At least the evidence is in the national DNA data bank.

But poor Jon Benét Ramsey isn't alone in being a child victim in the United States. Of the industrialized nations, the rate of homicides in the U.S. is higher than any other country. A little over eleven percent of murder victims in 1999 were youth under the age of eighteen. Studies have shown that of ten murdered children, less than twelve years old, six were killed by parents. In Jon Benét Ramsey's case the parents have been cleared by the newer DNA test that came out July 8th of 2008. Though it is still a sad subject and unsolved at least her parents are absolved of any connection to her murder. This only leads to more questions than answers.

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ralwus 7 years ago

Ah, this still upsets me, a lot.

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