Jose Rizal Poems Written in Ateneo


  1. My first Inspiration – dedicate to his mother


  1. Felicitation
  2. The Departure: Hymn to Magellan’s Fleet.
  3. And He is Spanish: El Cano, the first to Circumnavigate the World
  4. ‘The Battle: Urbiztondo, Terror of Jolo

These poems were written through the encouragement of Fr. Sanchez


Poems Jose Rizal written this year was on different topics – religion, war, childhood memories and education.

  1. In Memory of My Town – a poem in honor of Calamba, the hero’s birthplace
  2. Intimate Alliance Between Religion and Good Education
  3. Through Education the Country Receives Light
  4. The Captivity and the Triumph: Battle of Lucena and the Imprisonement of Boabdil – This martial poem conjured up the defeat and capture of Boabdil, the last Moorish Sultan of Granda.
  5. The Triumphal Entry of the Catholic Monarchs into Granda – a description of the victorious entry of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel into Granda


Rizal’s Final Year in Ateneo, Poems written were the following:

  1. The heroism of Columbus – A poem of praise to Columbus, the discover of America.
  2. Columbus and John II – this poem relates how king John II of Portugal lost fame and riches by his failure to finance the projected expedition of Columbus to the New World
  3. Great Solace in Great Misfortune – a description of the tragic life of Columbus
  4. A Farewell Dialogue of the Students – the last poem Jose Rizal wrote in Ateneo

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comment to me is rizal more specific info ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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lagyan nyo naman ng link ng buong detalye kung saan o kanino naka dedicate ang poem,ano ang ibig ipahiwatig ng poem at meaning ng buong poem...............kasi kailangan ko yan by friday po......please help me poh..................

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Inudaran, Marantao Lumbac 6 years ago

Ampa a masamok, and playful... heheh

Inudaran, Marantao Lumbac  6 years ago

hindi po namin makita kung anong detalye nakasaad about sa sinulat ni Rizal that have written in spanish...

kaylangan ko today..

ka fail ako akie.. kapdi po please..

azumi 6 years ago

pd po malaman kong ano mening sa poem ni rizal na my 1st inspiration? thnks

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nak ng tokwa kglo amn nd q mkta ung lntk n poem ni rizal pkiaus aman

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okey lang naman ang mga detalye ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well organize then its very informative,,,,at entertaining,,,,,,,,,,,makatuwa,,,,,,,,,,,ahm enjoy basahin ang mga facts tungkol sa kanya

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,.sana marami pang naka lagay na works ni ricial,., kai kailangan namu,.,

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pki post nman ung mga picture ng mga BaBae ni rizaL .. thank you i need it

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uo nga nan kasi!!!! korni... walang details

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Pinapahirapan pa aQ n Rizal sa mga Poems nya...hahaha!

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aahhhhh.... kainis|!

rizalhater 5 years ago

aahhhhh.... kainis|!

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rizal namam bat pa sumulat ng maraming poems!!!!!haz2x!!!ung iba wla mga details!hirap mag interprit..!!!!

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please pkilagyan poh ng LINK!!!!!!! WE NEED IT.

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we also need the meanings of those poems

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dapat may mga interpretation ang mga poems.

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hahaizzzz..walang klaro na detalye

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missing person 5 years ago

walang kwenta

cherie mae p. 5 years ago

We all know Dr. Rizal had a great contribution to us, as a we should respect about his writings..because of being so intelligent..that's the result..

cherie mae p. 5 years ago

We all know Dr. Rizal had a great contribution to us, as a we should respect about his writings..because of being so intelligent..that's the result..

jhay 5 years ago

anu b yan kulang wg n kau mgpost kng wla din amn ung mga poems nia mula 1875 to 1877... we need a copy of all those poems.. wlang wenta

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rizal pla is not our national hero it should be andres bonifacio

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:( incomplete

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nakaka relate

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ang ganda d ko mahanap..............!

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jose rizal is a great man...... imagine he accomplish his legendary in writing a poems....

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bakit sabi ng iba hindi daw maka graduate pag d naka kuha ng rizal na subject?eh bakit c rizal naging doctor wala naman syang subject na rizal....hehehehe

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sna kcng talino q rizal....u r the best hero

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thanks Dr. Jose Rizal ur the best hero

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i cannot really understand the poem , will you please put some meaning in every poem he did, really need it

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bakit ganun ?

neliesen payot 4 years ago

JOSE RIZAL is not only hero of our country

he also hero of our assignment


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paano namin mababasa ang poem na ginawa ni rizal kung title lang ang nkalagay...not the whole poem.....pls supplied it...especially the poem in title "a farewell dialogue of the students"

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sayang naman yung oras ko kulang ang poem but its okey thanks na lang sa nagpost

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All the information's that you put in this page about is really a very big help for us and i thank you for that but i think it would be more better if the information's are complete.

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bkt walan spanish version? feeling sad. :(

jessica 3 years ago

Jessica E. Cabo


On above article, it is enumerated the poems that Rizal had written in Ateneo. I was so amazed in his works because all of his poems were written with his heart and passion in writing. He had wrote more than 10 poems when he was a student there.

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,, nakaka tenS naman Oh , walang meaning ung iba ...

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walang kwenta ito dapat iblock ito nooby ito noob 3x

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