Teen Angst: Keyboard Bullies And CyberRage

Forget the old time thugs of the wonder years ... today's bullies rack up points in cyberland.

So, how did blood lust cross the barriers of MySpace, Facebook, and cell phones?

Well for awhile, schools made a great effort to stop hallway bullies by teaching everyone to make nice with each other.

Then came the somewhat effective zero tolerance policies.

But...new mediums for communication make it possible for bullies and victims to assume the position on different ground, and this new playing field leaves plenty of room for role reversal.

Now anyone can join in the game. Can you resist?

Sure you can... if you've got what it takes to hang tough.

Identify Yourself

People can cyberbully and not even know it, making this new game so dangerous and self-destructive.

Have you used a different screen name to get information about someone... or find out what people think about you?

Or, have you ever cut and pasted someone's words and used them to humiliate or make a joke out of that person?

These are just a few symptoms of a progressive disease called bullying. You can take the full test at:

Stop Cyber Bullying

Find out where you stand...then take a stand.

Take Five

Put down the mouse ... Step away from the computer... and no one will get hurt!

This comes from Parry Aftab, executive director of Wiredsafety.

Your emotions can quickly get out of control in the privacy and safety of your own home.

And before you know it you're headed down a dark path where you WILL crash and burn.

Do A Click Test

Before you hit send, proof read and ask yourself, can this message be misread?'

Sometimes a simple typo, misspelling, inappropriate capitalization, missing punctuation, or sarcasm whether it's intentional or used as a joke can be read as an attack.

"You're messed up" can take on a different meaning depending on who says it and when.

Take some time to learn a little Netiquette and resist the urge to join in the bash.

Cyber Bullies, Victims, and Parents can find help and some really great info at:


Get on it today, and you'll be out of the game tomorrow.

Don't Stand By...Stand Up For Peace

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Paul Edmondson profile image

Paul Edmondson 8 years ago from Burlingame, CA

I have to say, I love the term netiquette.

graveyard-rose profile image

graveyard-rose 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

I agree. It is a great term!!! Thats what I thought when I read it. This hub is great.

jblogys 5 years ago

Important hub, thank you.

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