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Strong Links, Increase Traffic
Strong Links, Increase Traffic

First Things First

As you will see on this hub there are many links. The ones that are in BOLD are the ones of importance and are pertaining to my information. The rest? Well this will be explained later. Also for some of you it might be helpful to RIGHT click on the links and select "Open in New Tab/Window" as to not lose this page.

Also to make it easier: You can click an image to enlarge it, for better viewing!

Carry on....

Don't Waste Your Money!
Don't Waste Your Money!


Links can be bought for very cheap prices just about anywhere you look... But are they relevent to what you are trying to link too? This hub is going to show you how to build priceless links that are KEYWORD relevant, thus helping you to be found easier on Google search engines and thus building traffic to you site getting you're company logo out there.

There are a few things you need to know before investing time and energy in to links. What type of link is best for you, and how much competition is there going to be to get ranked higher for a certain keyword. Here is a great hub writtin by a person who I follow very closely on the subject of links. How Do-Follow and No-Follow Links Work by:SUNSTREEK

After you have brushed up on your definitions of links it's time to school you to some shizzle about Yahoo Backlink Checker and Google Keyword Tool.

Google's Back Links
Google's Back Links

Yahoo Back Link Checker

First things first! Goto the Yahoo Backlink Checker Tool and fill in your website URL and add the numbers and click OK. Doing this will give you an accurate count of how many links you have pointing to you site. (I know that yahoo is a little out of date, but it works for me and it will work for you, so shut up and keep reading)

Here is an example of what your screen should look like after utilizing the Yahoo Backlink Checker Tool. Notice I used Google as an example, in comparison your links will be a joke but this is for education's sake!

Make sure to create a new folder in your bookmarks for all of these site, to make it easier to go back over later, when you inevitably forget some of the information. ;)

Google Keyword Tool
Google Keyword Tool
Hubpages Keyword Results
Hubpages Keyword Results
Elite Publishing's & Graffix Ranking
Elite Publishing's & Graffix Ranking

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Now for some of you, you will have to Sign Up for this. I don't make any money what-so-ever off of it and Google doesn't charge a dime to use it! You want this information? Then do it! Here is the link to Google Adwords: Keyword Tool.

Once you get signed up your screen will look just like the one to the right."Google Keyword Tool"

Next you want to type a few words that are relevant to your site in the box and click search. You'll see that you can sort your results by not only High and Low but also by Competition and by CPC and so on... This is important!

I entered the word "Hubpages" just for shits and giggles and here is what it looks like.

"Hubpages Keyword Results"

Notice the competition for the keywords "hubpages" has very low competition? And the fact that it get 240k searches Globally and month? THIS IS GOOD! This means that you can use that keyword and get on the first page of a Google search for that keyword in no time at all. "Given that your site is relevant to that key word."

This is what you want to do to check and see the available keywords to use with the lowest competition with the highest amount of traffic possible and utilize those relevant keywords. Play around with the Keyword Tool until you find the right keyword for your site. You'd be surprised to see just which words are used and more surprised to see which are available!

Just an example the keyword that I just tested out for use on my site has brought me to the 4th position on a Google Search that has on average 2k searches/month. This might sound like much, but for the business I'm in it is plenty. Here is a link to my actual Google Search. Notice the Search terms? and notice my place... 4th isn't bad, but it will get better, that I can assure you. And possible by the time you have read this I might have jumped up even higher!

Make Money on HubPages
Make Money on HubPages

Utilizing Keywords

So now you have a list of keywords that you want to use huh? What do i do with them? This is a major part of Google ranking, so pay attention!

Sign up for an account with Hubpages, Squidoo, SquareSpace, E-Zines, and write short informative articles that have at least some relevance to your site and include a link back to your site in each article. Check out this Hub on Useful Sites.

Most of you already have a HubPages account, for those of you that don't, no worries. HubPages is 100% free and can also bring you in extra money using Google Adsence. To sign up for your free HubPages account click "SIGN UP". For the rest of you lets move on...

As most of you know writing articles and opinions is an easy way of gaining "Link Juice", but what a lot of people don't know is how to use those links properly to gain "Keyword Relevance". Sure you can put a link on your hub to your page and you will get a link, but we're actually trying to get found on the 1st page of Google here, and thats not gonna happen unless you use the right "Keyword".

Keyword Search For "Gifts"
Keyword Search For "Gifts"

Using Keywords Properly

Say I have a website that I am tryng to sell stuff on.. i.e. Rich Alliance Books I would first do a Keyword Search using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, then searching for the term "gifts" I would select the keyword "the brilliant gift shop". (See Picture to the right.) The reason for doing this is simple those keywords have the lowest competition and get 1,900 searches/month. Not bad!

Trust me on this when your first starting out you just can't go for the hardest competition, it just doesn't work like that! You have to start out at the bottom and work your way up, so to speak. And every keyword that you place 1st on Google for brings in more traffic, which in then boosts your pagerank. Follow me? If not no worries, I didn't learn this over-night and don't expect you to, just make sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

Notice where I put the link to Rich Alliance Books! Sure I could have used the name of the site, but lets get honest who searchers for "Rich Alliance Books"? Nobody!... So I utilize the keyword that I researched. "the brilliant gift shop" logo. Which if you remember gets how many hits a month? That's right 1900+/-. When writing article's you want to make sure and plug your site by stating. EXAMPLE: "Check out the brilliant gift shop created to supply you with, things that you want."

Camouflage Your Links
Camouflage Your Links

Why Not Bold Links?

As you can see, I only highlight important links pertaining to the article I am writing, and not the links the are used to point to my site. This is because you want to make it harder on your competition to find out how/where you links have been created.

On this hub I have actually include links to my personal business page and have hidden them amongst the multitude of other links, to help camouflage them. Sneaky huh?

If i was to simply put my links up here and "BOLD" them out my competition can do a simple search and find my links and then combat them using similar stories.

A cool feature that allows you to put links in your story to help camouflage you links is the Recommend Links tool on Hubpages. This tool suggests links to other related Hubs and allows to insert the link inside your pertaining text. Try it out!


Hopefully I have made this Hub easy to understand, and it will help you get the maximum amount of traffic to your site as possible by using relevant keywords. Getting to the 1st place position is important in ascertaining a viable source of income, when working on the internet.

Thanks again for stopping by, and reading this hub and good luck to you. Check out a few others I have written, listed down below.

Also if you haven't signed up for HubPages yet, heres the link again.

~~>SIGN UP!<~~

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