Kids (and Adults) Say The Darndest Things.

What's That You Say?

Greetings again all. Well, been perusing the Internet and between that and my kids home on the spring break, I am kind of "loosing" my mind.

I've always been a 'stickler' for the right words, spelling, grammar, and language. Simply put and to ME, when used properly, it gets your message across without leaving the other parties with questions about what you're trying to say.

These days in my studies of Internet Marketing, one thing I've noticed is the use of the word "loosing". Have you noticed that as well? You'll get an email ad that says, "Stop loosing your money ... click HERE!" ???? What the heck is "loosing"? The word, my IM friends, is 'LOSING'. Where the heck did "loosing" come from? I guess that some folks simply don't know how to spell. I've seen this spelling a million times and to ME, if you can't put the effort into making sure you ad is correctly spelled, you are doomed to my 'deleted items' folder.

Another case in point: A few years ago, my son was applying for a job and put together a 'resume' of sorts. When he got me to review it for him, I looked at his "Experience" section and noted the following: Experiences: "Worked for the town in general labor". Fine. "Keeping care of children (i.e.: babysitting)". Fine. "Grocery Store Stalking"...whaaaaaaa? "Stalking??", THERE'S a guy you want on the staff for sure, one who is able to 'stalk'. Gotta have HIM on the team...*s

hehe -- We quickly revised this document as you might expect and changed his 'stalking' to 'stocking'! Nothing like having a qualified stalker on the floor...*s

And just today, in fact, when he came home for the break, we were chatting and he mentioned that something wasn't proper "adequate"...whaaaaaa? "Son, it's proper 'etiquette'..." - sigh...He was NEVER very good at expressing himself 'etiquette-ly'...'er...ADEQUATELY...

I visit many websites in the run of a day. Even the governments are not immune, with all their dotted "i's" and crossed "t's" of operation. The other day on their national news website, the word 'panelist' was spelled with two "l's", as in 'panellist'. Wrong, and on the front page. They pay these people handsomely to report diligently and with precision - but, they are human and we are all prone to the odd grammatical mistake.

Again, I've been to a zillion sites (via traffic exchange surfing and so on), and have come across a plethora of misspellings and broken sentences. I don't know about you but for ME, I don't tend to stay that long if the webmasters and programmers cannot get their 3 - 5 second message across properly to keep me there. Studies have shown that the average visitor only takes a few second to view a home page and if there is something that raises any flags at all, they are gone. That's lost traffic and potential lost sales.

When I was younger, I won almost every spelling bee that we had in grade school. They used to line us up on a Friday afternoon, two lines, one on each side of the classroom, and...I'd win. No big prizes other than a religious artifact, but, the great reward was going home and telling Mum that I had won! Praise enough for a seven-year old.

Spell checks with computers are mostly fine, but they will not distinguish between "losing" and "loosing", as both are bona fide words. I just don't see how potential marketers can get that mixed up, really. The word is "losing".

My Friday night gripe. Thanks for reading and stay 'tooned'*s

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