Kinds of Rocks According to Origin

   Kinds of Rocks According to Origin

1.    Igneous Rock

Igneous rock is the first rock to be formed on earth. It originated as magma, the molten material under the Earth's crust.

When the magma cools and hardens it becomes igneous rock.

The first minerals to crystallize as the magma hardens are silicates. They  contain magnesium and iron. The next to form are feldspars and quartz. An igneous rock that is made up of minerals with low silica content is called basic Gabbro. An Igneous rock that is made up of minerals with high silica j content is called acid. Other examples of igneous rocks are: granite, basalt,  pumice and felsite.

2. Sedimentary Rocks

Sedimentary Rocks consist of the remains of:

a.     Older rocks

b.     Ancient plants

c.     Skeleton of dead organism

For a long period of time, plants and animals decay. These organic materials are carried away by the water and are deposited in lakes, rivers, valleys and seas.

These materials are compacted and become sedimentary rocks.

Kinds of Sedimentary Rocks

a.    Detrital

These are rocks from materials that originated and carried as solid particles.

Clay minerals and quartz are examples.

b.   Chemical

These are rocks that are made of layers of minerals which were dissolved in water.

For example is a sea that dries up will leave behind halite (also known as sodium chloride or salt) and other minerals.

3.   Metomorphic Rock

Like sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock is formed from existing rock. In sedimentary rock, the older rocks are sedimentary rock, while metamorphic rock has changed its appearance and composition through intense pressure and heat.

An example is shale, a block,flaky sedimentary rock which may be changed to flat, leaf like crystals of the shiny mineral mica.

Marble is another example. It is originally limestone. Other examples are Gneiss which is originally granite while schist came from older rocks.

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