Is 10th September the ‘Dooms Day'?

Will LHC create the black hole?

Did Notrodamas predict this day?

Is the Mayan calendar prediction (2012 end of the world) coming true?

Are the scientists gambling with our past, present and the future?

As the saying in Sanskrit (the oldest Indian script) ‘Vinasha kale viparitha buddhi' meaning, man's intelligent at its very best at the time of destruction. All these and many more questions are answered and predicted by scientist, astronomers and astrologers.

"LARGE HEDRON COLLIDER": The LHC is the world's largest, 27 Kms. long (17 miles) and the highest-energy particle accelerator. The first attempt to circulate a beam through the entire LHC is scheduled for 10 September 2008. Built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), lies 300 feet underground (100m), in the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland. Twenty eight years in preparation, eight thousand physicists from 85 countries, hundred of universities and laboratories began the work as early as 1980. LHC purpose is simple but ambitious: to crack the code of the physical world; to figure out what the universe is made of; in other word, to get to the very bottom of things!! LHC is complete physics experiment ever seen. LHC will accelerate bunches of protons to the highest energies ever generated by a machine. Physicists expect the LHC to bring about a new era of particle physics in which major coundraums about the composition of matter and energy in the universe will be resolved.

According to the latest news, experts are planning a larger machine ILC - INTERNATIONAL LINEAR COLLIDER, which will reveal some of the hottest topics in Physics.

Mankind will be eradicated one way or the other. a) Inflation, b) the fear of black hole sucking in the universe, c) American political results, d) 2012 end of the world: the Mayan prediction, e) Global warming. WOW!! MANY A THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT!!

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Sachin 8 years ago

LHC machine project is good project man whole world that is big achivement for man. i thanks to all scientist for that project and best luck.

John Darmody 8 years ago

This is going to be the ultimate proof that religion (any form of) as we know it is all false and does not exist. Is there not proof enough. But who`s going to tell us the truth anyhow. I hope it does create a black hole, even though I`m sure that it won`t. We don`t deserve to live on this beautiful planet,

paul 7 years ago

who knows whats going to happen ,we never know ,we never will ,thats why we built it ,thats why its running ,and as soon as it begins to destroy the world will we look up and go " oh ... damn ... guss we shouldnt have done that" probobly and you cant go saying that there is no god higher being or what ever because we dont know that to and if im coming off as some one saying that humans dont know shit its true we dont know anything we may have expanded the human mind a little scence the invention of inventing but theres so much to learn still and it will take a lot of things blowing up in our face we cant just sit in our own stool and say what exsists and what dosnt blindly because (let me say it agin) we dont know so dont go turning your back on the matter and do nothing about it because some one out there will show you up (yes im talking to you john) you say that religion dosent exsist then you say we dont belong as if we were put here ,and when we all die in a firey explosion well have finaly learnd what happens after death

and i say there is truth to the saying ignorance is bliss caus your all blissfully stupid

omgitshim profile image

omgitshim 7 years ago from riding an asteroid due earth in 2012

Starts off with the sound of like a Vacuum cleaner sucking in the distant. Slowly the sound grows bigger eventually reaching the volume of a tornado overhead.

Then you will notice items being sucked into a void that appears hovering no larger then a basket ball but growing expidentially with each passing second. After about 1 minute everything within a mile vanishes into the void. And with each passing minute the void grows to 10 times its size. 30 minutes Europe is gone as the earth rolls in on itself. An hour later as you stand on top of the empire state building you see if closing in on you at the last existance of earth evaporates below you. By now it's pulled the moon into it as well and continues to grow until the planets as well as the sun are drawn into it. Still growing expidentially within a week the whole universe is devoured and thenwith no9thing else to eat it starts eating itself to the point of non existance. And all thats left in a particle about the size of a proton within a proton. Then BANG ! and we all start over again. I remember from my last life that this is what happened.

7 years ago

it didnt work again! future partices wont allow it!

surya pratap singh 7 years ago

These are destruction to kill our earth

anmol 6 years ago

this is not a news to create panic...all the religions of god have revealed that 2012 is the end of this earth ...and o life too...if u dont believe search your internet...

ezeki 6 years ago

but wats the use 4 scientists to activate a machine whose result the might knw wen they are sucked up by the blackhole? Shame.

S.k.garua 6 years ago


6 years ago

vry much intresting topic..............

i want to know all about black hole.............

feelling vry xited..............

Jerry Brennan 6 years ago

Only if you are interested in changing your Government and your perspective on how you see the world today. Read this article and you will be witnessing a scientific discovery of your own

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Shahid Bukhari profile image

Shahid Bukhari 5 years ago from My Awareness in Being.

I cannot understand the Blindness of Non-Believing Minds ... seeking the Ideal's answer, in mathematical and technological Addressing of the Physical's Question !

But they do think very loudly ... as all fools do ... in Theoretical Conjectures ...

When the first Fission Reaction was being "planned" on the basis of Mass and Energy's Inter-convertibility ... e=mc2 ... and Quantum Physics ... it was believed, that an human induced Fission, will start a world wide Chain Reaction, which will engulf the whole of earth ... The induced Fission would have engulfed the earth, exactly as Theorized ... but it did not ...

For The Lord Is, Merciful ... particularly towards Fools ...

LHC is now operational ... its an Exercise in Futility ... because, it Expects "the Existent" ... meaning, The Lord's Created Particles ... to tell them, how they came into Being ... !

The Particles would have told them, if they had a tongue to Speak with ... and would say, provided the Blind Fools could hear them speak ... or see ... "Is not our very Existence ... Praise enough of our Creator ...

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