I am sure, now a days, most of us are swimming along with the wave. Trying to be almost there with the trend. Nothing new! But not to the extent to peel an orange in 35 seconds and eat it! According to the press release, the new Australian orange can be peeled in an average of 35 seconds. This attempt is to win back consumers who have no patience to peel and eat the regular orange. The variety is of the same size, shape and has a softer skin, making it simple to peel! The added advantage is that it is 50% sweeter than other varieties. Because, according to figures from research firm TNS, consumption of orange fell by 2% in U.K last year as busy consumers has no time to peel and eat.


The Australian orange has gone on sale in Sainsbury's stores across the country. The orange buyer Peter Lyons quoted that the new easy-peel orange will save his customers a huge amount of time and bother! He feels that this is a convenient citrus fruit for people to peel and eat on the move or at their desks. ‘CHEW THE FOOD 32 TIMES BEFORE SWALLOWING IT', does not matter these days.

Every topic you chose it is the ‘Speed' on the limelight. ‘Star Trek Warp Drive' is not just Sci-Fi, traveling faster than light is possible! A supercomputer, being built by the University of Toronto, which will be capable of performing 360 trillion calculations per seconds and will find its place among the 20 fastest supercomputers in the world! In Beijing 2008 Olympic the ‘Gold' medals won, as on date are 105, breaking the previous records! The cars, the bikes, the trains, bicycles with gears, speedboats, and fast food - you name it and they are all in the fast track.

The education system is also not far behind. My niece who attends the play school at the tender age of 2 years 6 months is learning faster than what I learnt at 5! The school starts in June; in August she has a project to do ‘A family tree'. Learning through computers, nature walk, birthday parties, fancy-dress competition. She seems to have more idea about the dress code than myself!! She is on FASTER track Indeed !


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ColdWarBaby 8 years ago

"I am sure, now a days, most of us are swimming along with the wave."

You lost me with the first sentence.

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