LSAT Study Tips

You Don't Need An Lsat Course to Score Well on the Law School Admission Test

If you follow my study tips you can score well on the LSAT without taking an expensive course. This does not mean that you are sacrificing quality, far from it. I took the LSAT using this method and scored far better than most of my peers who had spent $1000 on a course. I scored in the 95th percentile. The LSAT tests do not vary much from year to year, they are quite predictiable. This is good, it allows test takers to study using repetition.

This means you need to take old LSAT exams. You need to use actual exams, not simulated exams, not exams that some study group put together for you hitting key areas, actual exams. You can get one free at the LSAC (Law School Admissions Counsel), you can also purchase more LSAT exams through LSAC or at a bookstore. Check this page for additional tips and product information.

Scoring well on the LSAT is extremely important. I talk about that more here. The only way to score well is to study often and study hard. Take actual exams, set a timer, score the exams and study the questions you got wrong. It's absolutely imperative you study under testing conditions. This means you are sitting up in a chair with shoes (and pants!) on, earplugs in (if you're going to use them on the exam, I strongly suggest you do), don't have music going, don't answer the phone, and don't stop the timer to go to the bathroom, let the timer continue to run, it will during the exam if you have to go.

The key to this type of LSAT study is repetition. I took many, many tests. My score improved about 14 points in the month that I was studying. To do this you have to score the exams and look at what you got wrong and why. You will start to see what they are looking for. Once you know what they want your score will increase. The surge of confidence you feel when that score increases is amazing.

The LSAT consists of five sections: reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, experimental and essay.

  • Reading comprehension is self-explanatory, comprehend what you read, regurgitate it.
  • Analytical reasoning is logic games, some people are terrified of them, I think they're fun. Anyone can learn them given the time and enough of them to score and compare.
  • Logical reasoning scores your ability to pick apart an argument, much like in a philosophy course.
  • The experimental section is there every year. Basically, you will get one section twice, two different versions. One will be scored and one will not. Don't waste your time trying to figure out which is which, just do your best on both.
  • The Essay is not scored but it is sent to your potential law school along with your LSAT results. Just keep it clean, be persuasive, don't use slang, don't make it illegible, try not to have cross outs or arrows.

When you first start to study you may find that you cannot finish in the allotted amount of time. Just stop and score the exam when the timer goes off. The more exams you take, the quicker you will get. You will be able to score well on this exam and you will be able to do it in the allotted time period. Just keep working towards it. Study like it's your job. Take the time to do it right, take as many exams as you need to feel absolutely comfortable with this test.

A high LSAT score can open doors to very prestigious, high quality law schools. Don't give your money to an LSAT course, save that for the bar exam.

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