Learn to Speak Elvish

An Elf
An Elf

 So you're curious about Elvish?  Well, then you've come to the right place to learn to speak Elvish.  This is the Elvish based on J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth, so don't complain that this isn't Elvish as you know it.  There are countless authors who try to make a language, but none are as complete as the linguistic picture that J.R.R. Tolkien provides us. Here are a list of common Elvish words and elvish grammer so you can learn to speak Elvish. There are sites down below with additional information on Elvish and it's history.

The Elvish written on the One Ring
The Elvish written on the One Ring

A History of Elvish

Mr. Tolkien produced many varieties of Elvish throughout the Middle Earth series. To go into all the various dialects on Elvish, throughout the scope of time in Middle Earth, is far beyond the scope of this guide, as it would take hundreds of pages to properly fill.

The two language variations with the most complete language and grammar are Quenya and Sindarin, High-elven and grey-elven respectively. In terms of inspiration and rudimentary grammar, Elvish is based off of Welsh and Finnish.  Even though J.R.R. Tolkien only created about 350 words for his Elvish language, fans of his novels have continually expanded the language from the original 350 words, so that today it is many thousands of words, and capable of full and complete conversation, almost up to par with real languages.  The devotion of his fans is a testament to the power of his work. 

So without further ado, here are some good basic conversational Elvish, which satisfies the curiosity of most people and is more than enough to effectively learn to speak elvish at its most rudimentary form.

English - Elvish ____________________________________________________________

Good (day/morning/afternoon) - Uel (re/amrun/andune) Greetings (everyone) - Vedui' (il'er)

Farewell - Namarie

You are a mighty warrior - Lle naa belegohtar

You are beautiful - Lle naa vanima

You disgust me - Amin feuya ten' lle

Are you ready? - Lle desiel?

Run (for it) - Rima (ten'ta)!

For the most complete dictionary of Elvish phrases available, please click here. Below are some useful J.R.R. Tolkien Elf related videos, and additional resources for research on the Elves in general.

Learn to Speak Elvish

J.R.R. Tolkien Reads: "A Poem In Elvish"

Drawing Lessons: How to Draw an Elf

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Tilly Holiday profile image

Tilly Holiday 7 years ago

I'm not sure I have the time to learn JRR Tolkein's Elvish... but kudos to anyone who does! It actually sounds like rather a beautiful language.

danny 7 years ago

ther are three forms of elvish

sindarin quenyan and noldorin:)

danny 7 years ago

also, what dialect are your phrases in?

love the site btw:D

Feuyaer 7 years ago

so do i

Kebennett1 profile image

Kebennett1 7 years ago from San Bernardino County, California

Cool. I love the books, and the movies! I know I will love this too!

Elwing 7 years ago

This is the best website on how to speak elvish i looked on all the other ones and they are crap theyr'e like you have to buy this book to learn how to speak elvish.

suziecat7 profile image

suziecat7 7 years ago from Asheville, NC

Really caught my interest. Very cool..

MarieDance profile image

MarieDance 7 years ago from United States

I like how the written language looks. It's beautiful. Thanks for putting this hub together!

Whoobie 7 years ago

Elves are so COOL!! I am so going to learn how to speak elvish. J.R.R. Tolkien is a genius! :)

jonty 7 years ago

Very well written hub .....

very much informative ......

Thank you very much for your great hub, for good advice, good wishes and support. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us.

Princess Leahh 7 years ago

i love lord of the rings and starwars

13 year old haley 7 years ago

i think it is a butiful language and that is why i want to learn it

hi 7 years ago

love the books, movies and want to get all of J.R.R.Tolkeins works! he is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tryin 2 learn the language for a projrct! hope i can!!!!

Freden Rich 7 years ago

I am a fluent speaker

Elf Lady 7 years ago

i believe that is in Sindarin, i speak it fluently.

dan 7 years ago

i taught all my friend this language now every one if my friends is going and speaking elvish to our teacher and he has no clue what we are saying its so funny

Roxaz 7 years ago

i am awesome

Nehel sekkar 7 years ago

Where may I find a disk or perhaps a book on how and were to lean Elvish (Quenya) dialect? E mail or respond to this post. Thanks

Nehel sekkar 7 years ago


Tae Arear 7 years ago

I really love that your doing this!its really cool!i made and elvish web site and so im kind of learning the basic words.

TheSablirab 7 years ago

You know, when LOTR was released back in the early 2000's, I wanted to learn, but never did for one reason or another. I think that I might actually do that now, it will give me something to do. Thanks for the hub!

TheSablirab 7 years ago

angelsfear 7 years ago

my brother tryed to learn it but didn't have the time to, but he got me interested in it.

ReLy 7 years ago

Hello Haley, and hello to all listening Tolkein fans!! ELENDIL!!!!

the one who walks in darkness 7 years ago

what would that be?

13 year old haley 7 years ago

hello to you to rely uel amrun lol

elf fan 101 7 years ago

omg guys i love love love lotr!

confuded 7 years ago

My name on LOTRO was Luinfaron, though I don't remember how that translates...

lotr rocks 6 years ago

I really want to learn it!!!!! My mom says it's not a real language, but now I know it is! cool site btw. love lotr I;m sooo obsessed

elven princess 6 years ago

Aiya Earendil Elenion Ancalima translates: Hail Earendil brightest of the stars! found that on lotr fansite! I wanna speak elvish fluently!!

morgaine 6 years ago

wait... this is pretty much how to write it but how do you speak it!!???

Angellips 6 years ago

Elvish should be a real language,its so awesome.

elfmaster  6 years ago

Elvish is so cool i can speak in it but i cant wright it

Cody 6 years ago

where can i learn it??

hi 6 years ago

how do u say earth in elfish?

channel 6 years ago

"Grammer" is spelt "Grammar".

"It's" should be "its".


Celebrian 6 years ago

Well, i bought the LOTR 50th anniversary edition which was awesome, because at the back it gave a full elvish alphabet and translations of some elvish words.

shadoowmoon 6 years ago

please can you send me a web site address where I can learn elf language? please send me on my mail ... thank shadoowmoon

Breanna 6 years ago

This is really awesome! I need to get a book or something!

My elven name is

Amil-Gaen, the White Rose of Mirkwood..

soo cool!

Signature 6 years ago

I'm trying to figure out how to say, "Draw your Sword!" I thought that would be a common phrase.

Denn!S TurB 6 years ago


elfman 6 years ago

i know how to write elvish but i trying to learn how to speak it

Morikins 6 years ago

how do you pronounce this mess?!!! :(

Meg 6 years ago

I am trying to learn to speak it too...seems hard! I can't find a good website or book to learn how to speak it.

14 year old haley:) 6 years ago

im still lovin it

Swimmergod4 6 years ago

Venimle sila tiri

Owie 6 years ago

I could manage to write in Quenya mode but it's just English words converted letter by letter... I want to learn the other "modes". Tweet me if you want me to write your name in Elvish. I can't promise that it'll be perfect.

Edward 6 years ago

I'm definitely going to devout time to this, and find people who are learning as well! =D

laura 6 years ago

I don't know the abcs at all I wish the people on this website would put a rubric in of them so anyone could print one out. Just a thought I had since it took me forever to do this.

laura 6 years ago

I take back what i said they have a website connected to it. I sooo love this website even more now and I'm going to teach my sisters this. They should have a class so nobody would have to learn on their computer anymore. If anybody on here is out of school and liives by me I would pay you if you could teach me how to speak it.

laura 6 years ago

I know this is my 3rd one but this is the best thing thats ever happened to me! it's my bday today and i told my mom all about this and she got me all the lotr movies that needs 2 disks for the movie since it's unedited! theres also 2 disks for special features! i looooooooooooove lord of the rings! but i hate frodo he never fights except in the 1 movie like in that spider sceen in the 3rd or2cd sam risks his life and then frodo faces it and just drops his sword and backs up into a wall. i skip all those parts now.

Galadriel 6 years ago

You need to read the books. I've got to say, reading them changes the whole world of Middle Earth, and I felt there was more insight in the books than the movies. The movies were brilliant, but the books were exceptional. They make Middle Earth more alive than the movies. Though, I have to say I liked The Hobbit a little more than The Lord Of the Ring Series. Sorry, Anyways, Please read the books. :) Happy reading.

Saree Anderson profile image

Saree Anderson 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

Too cool! Now I have to get to learning!

SPark 6 years ago

The Poop that needed to wee

Ignitus 6 years ago

I speak sindarin elvish

Mer 6 years ago

Please anyone that can speak elvish contact me i wish to learn it (martianmer@rocketmail.com)



Gox Serbia 6 years ago

I love this language, but I think it's hard to learn... Looks like you must be real ELVEN fanatic to learn this.... :))))))

MJ Lookalike 6 years ago

Saree Anderson looks like Micheal Jackson.

Be wary.

leah 6 years ago

does anyone know how to write my name,Leah, in elvish? and not like yare-ah-thee-ell i mean like written in that pretty writing. I've been looking all day, plz if you know email it to me at Rswhlsale@aol.com plz show me, i dont want my tattoo to be wrong.

leah 6 years ago

ok does the E symbol go over the L symbol? and if it does then where does the A symbol go?

charlotte 6 years ago

I think elvish is so cool. I'm trying to write my own book and even create my own elvish language! I'm only up to c-words so far and don't worry. I promise not to copy a single word from tolken!

liz 6 years ago

I sat and watched to see if i could get my name, and on the video there is my mom's dad's and my name in elvish :)

paulie/// some dude 6 years ago

elfish lauguage is awesome,,, i can tell you it is ridiculously hard to make a lauguage which sounds like a real one and even to make a conversion on anything

eric has a bay penis 6 years ago

spark ur my idol

summer chase alone 6 years ago

i think elvish is a beautiful language and should be treated strongly

sauron is your ruler 6 years ago

elvish is nothing, i write it read it and speak it, i even learned black speech both took me a total of 3 hours to learn and im 10

heestedilla 6 years ago

This is greate!!!

Thanks a lot hub:-)

a fat hobbit 6 years ago

For all you who speak "fluently", it is impossible to speak a fake language fluently. Instead just say you are JRR Tolkien himself, as that is more believable...

ZZ 6 years ago

Does anyone know how to put alphabet on keyboard?

Stories Inc. profile image

Stories Inc. 6 years ago

I'd just love to ask someone for directions in Elvish, see how they respond.

Also, next time an old person starts babbling on in the bus and I know I'm going to be stuck listening to him/her for hours, I know what to do...


Nessa Cúthalion  6 years ago

I agree with all those who want elvish classes OR it could be an idea for one of those fluent speakers to put up some videos or something... My computer often stuffs up so i only get about an hour on it each day...at least now I've found a site to use that hour properly....


Namarie!!!! XX

Angell 6 years ago

I will be back to visit this site frequently... its very useful and i think that its also well built... but for now... mae govannen mellonae en amin!

Lalaith 6 years ago

This is a beautiful language. I hope to learn it. I don't know much, only one word. Goodbye Mellon...

FAILING TROLL 6 years ago


Failariel nenmacil 6 years ago

i absoloutly love the books, but the movies are THE BOM!!! I loooooove Elvish and i hope to be an awesome author like J.R.R.Tolkien when i grow up. Like his friend, C.S.Lewis, HE IS THE COOOOOOOOLLLLLLLEEEEEEESSSSSTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LLLLLL 6 years ago

That Elf at the top is Elrond.

Th-r Undone 5 years ago

I have my own language, but mine could never compare in elegance to what J.R.R. Tolkien made.

Lsuman777 5 years ago

Thank you so much for making this site and giving us those links! My elvish name is Elendil Anwamanë according to that name generator, an AWESOME name if you ask me.

"All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost."

Lsuman777 5 years ago

Oh and if you play Lord of the Rings online I'm Lsuman on Gladden server. "All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost."

I Rychdil 5 years ago

You have some good links on here.

But that "elvish" is fake, except for one of the phrases.

I'm pretty sure you just took them from the Grey Company site. And their elvish is just made up for RP games and such.

You seem to claim this is actual elvish... unless I am mistaken. But this is nothing at all like any elvish I've seen in the books or even the movies!

So, where did you get the few so-called elvish phrases from?

It is not possible to speak "fluently" in elvish, seriously.

If you actually want to learn what elvish there is, Council of Elrond is a good site, along with Arwen-Undomiel(which is in the links section above) or just read all the Tolkien books you can find, surely you'll find out something about elvish.

(I do not know elvish, by the way)

If you want to learn how to write it, that "write your name in 10 minutes" thing above is pretty good, or just look in the appendices of Lord of the Rings.

Oh, and that "name generator" just gives you a random name. Just in case anyone was thinking that they actually mean what your name means.

If anyone wants to talk about this, or anything, you can email me: roheryn@ymail.com

It's good you are trying to make a site and everything, but there is no point putting more fake than there already is.

I really am not trying to offend you or anything.

I Rychdil 5 years ago

Anyone going to reply, or not?

Oh, and DON'T email me about stupid stuff, I did say "if anyone wants to talk about this or anything" but I didn't absolutely anything. I meant anything that has to do with elvish or LotR.

hirgon 5 years ago

i've learnt 12 phrases in elvish

and learning russian at the samwe time it's impossible

Alireza 5 years ago

How can i learn elvish????

Is there any book???(PDF)I'm iranian so i cant buy any of books which can help me to learn . so just give me the name of the book.

Or any idea will be accepted.

Omichi Consu 5 years ago

One of my goals in life is to learn all of the elvish language and then make my own language. It probably won't be as good as the elvish language though. Just a lifetime goal.

melany 5 years ago

my friend is going to love this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous 5 years ago

they didn't even wright real elvish on the ring?!?

Nicolas 5 years ago

I'd love 2 whenever I habe the time, but for now I'll have 2 wait.

curlywurly 5 years ago

which would be the quickest/easiest to learn for me speak fluently

Tiko 5 years ago

Hi,I'm georgian.. I want to say one:Elvish is really beautiful and interesting language. And i think J.R.R. Tolkien was very bright and talented person. I love all his creatures.. And i want tu learn Elvish, sooo.. Wish me luck !:-)

Jonathan 5 years ago

DO you know of any good audio courses on elvish?

ring barer247 5 years ago

dos any body know how to learn more elvish

Legolass Lover 5 years ago

Does anyone know more frases?

Legolass Lover 5 years ago

Hey guys wtf?? I don't like elvish anymore.. It's so tough!!

lillian 5 years ago

i absolutely love this site i want to learn more

Legolass Lover 5 years ago

Does someone know where can i learn some sexual elvish frases?? Please..

LegolasArrow 5 years ago

Wow im starting to learn Elven Language already!!!! Its a wonderful language, but I can only write Elven, not speak it...... Well wish me luck!!! ^-^

Ilovelegolas 5 years ago

I watchedall three movies wheni was 2 yrs old and loved theya im tht nerdy.Well i have watched them over and over through out the years and well now i want to learn elvish .:)

Legolass lover 5 years ago

Heeeey! Somebody,anybody.. I really need sexual frases !..

lord of the rings lol FAN!!!! 5 years ago

I love lord of the Rings actully i am watching it now & it's like in 17 again, where Ned speaks Elvish!!

it's soo AWASOME!!!!!!

Maeglin Telrúnya 5 years ago


i like this one this guy wrote complete schoolbooks in pdf format for every elvish dialect and a list of poems and storys in elvish and english translations if you want to learn elvish for free this is perfect (probably better than some payd sites too)

eli 5 years ago

they didn't write elvish on the ring they wrote the language of mordor on the ring

haldir of lorien 5 years ago

i can write in elvish the hole alphabet and i can speak a little to if anyone wants to learn how to write the hole elvish alphabet i know a website i cant remember though what dialect its in

if you want to know what website i am posting it in a few minutes

haldir of lorien 5 years ago

haldir of lorien 5 years ago

here is another website with great things teaches you how to write in sindarin and quenya and speak some in each to

ps sorry for messy spelling i doing this at 1 am

here's the website below

haldir of lorien 5 years ago

sorry my brother deleted last one the website is



haldir of lorien 5 years ago

here's another one below this one teaches how to speak a lot of words in quenya and sindarin here is the website below




haldir of lorien 5 years ago

here's another one witch is great teaches alot


ps scroll down on these websites the good stuff at mid

Legolas Greenleaf 5 years ago

I luv LOTR! All my friends think I'm a total geek because of it but who cares!!! Lotr is the best movies/books EVER!!!! Legolas is so awesome!!!! I so wish the Elvish was a language so that way people can study it with books and at school and not on the computer. GO LEGOLAS

Not the Lord of the Ring 5 years ago

I too am a Legolas lover!!!! ;)

Amazing site, really well done all that created it- am in the process of learning Elvish and this site is unbelievably helpful!

Love Lord of the Rings- the most wonderful series EVER.

Tolkien is a total genius. R.I.P Tolkien.

greenleaf's daugter 5 years ago

I LOVE Legolas 2!!!!!!:) I am also his real daugter and i can speak the language fluently

greenleaf's daughter 5 years ago

I talked to my father yesterday and he said that he loves all his fans lol

adwen 5 years ago

love this language cant wait 2 master it

Arwen's Guard 5 years ago

I love LOTR so much. I cant wait to learn the language. thanks for putting this hub together

Serae Elf-friend 5 years ago

This is one of the most awesome sites ever!!

I just love LOTR and SF

Yeah, I know I'm a geek :D

Raeesa 5 years ago

what form of elvish are the websites above in?

odd thing 5 years ago

has anyone really notice this is titled how to speek elvish and all the vids show you is how to write elvish?

Alyssa 5 years ago

Is there anyone that would be willing to be my elvish tutor? please contact me here if you are intersted in teaching me: willa4888888@gmail.com

Sophie Elf :) 5 years ago

mara Aure (Mah-Rah Ow-Ray) which is hello.im learning Elvish right now, it isn't as hard as you may think, its harder to learn all the wod though, but writing is easy once you get the hang of ot. i know a few basic words and phrases like hello, greetings i love you, how are you, do you speak elvish, a star will shine upon the hour of our meeting. Suff like that. it is a fun language to learn and it is very beautiful. i hiughly recommend people to learn it. it is amazing :)Le Hannon! (thank you)

Clive 5 years ago

Some advice for many of the posters here...before you attempt to learn Elvish, you may wish to learn some fundamentals of English first. I've never seen such poor grammar and terrible spelling...urgh.

Isildur 5 years ago

Amazing.....Love it its a great language

elvish478 5 years ago

best thing ever


Thomasalder99@yahoo.com 5 years ago

hey guys I'm trying to learn it can some1 email me a sentence in elvish writing and then i can work it out and email back the answer in english then tell me if I'm correct plz would be very helpful =]

PreludeOfLight 5 years ago

Uhmm, the link to the complete dictionary is no longer available. Does anyone know another site that has a complete dictionary?

ben 5 years ago

it is so cool now all i talk is elvish

Princess Tigerlily 4 years ago

I LOVE LOTR and want to write a book with elvish in it sooo any good web sites that a person of 9+ can look at?????????????????????????????? I REALLY want to write this book. Thnx y'all

heh 4 years ago

ckick in this link: http://www.arwen-undomiel.com/elvish/phrases.html to learn some elvish frazez

yomamasofat 4 years ago

I love LEGOlos

jacob 4 years ago

this site didn't help me much...

Enelya Felagund 4 years ago

i can write in sindarin and i am learning to speak it

my advice for people is to learn to write it first ( it makes learning to speak it easier)


rebecca 4 years ago

im gonna learn this over spring break!

Daisy 4 years ago

since i love the lord of the rings, it is so great that i can learn one of the languages from the films and books.

Aragorn 4 years ago

can you WRITE a bit more plz?

greenleaf's daughter 4 years ago


i love legolassssssssssssss very much .

and elven language.i can speak alittle too........

Ryan 4 years ago

This Looks amazing, Just wish There was a bit more information, But I will keep looking incase I have missed something.

evelyn 4 years ago

needs more language translations so people can learn to speak it not write it

ian 4 years ago

how do you speak elvish

Elven Archer 4 years ago

This website is not as useful as this other website, but i'm a HUGE Legolas fan love lord od the rings.

Claire 4 years ago

For all of you except a few who have posted on here, including the author, you cannot learn Elvish, because it is not a language. It is called ELVEN.

snowdrop15 4 years ago

I really want to learn Sindarin, but it's tough to do by myself- I've tried self-learning, but it was really difficult. Can anyone help me? I can teach Russian or Spanish in return...


undead994life 4 years ago

If there is anyone who speaks elvish and is willing to teach me how to speak it please contact me at MagicBa1@Yahoo.com

deanna dixon 4 years ago

this page is stupid i thought we were goging to learn to speak elvish

Hailey 4 years ago

This is awesome :) i love elvish

bruce 4 years ago

I was hoping to learn elvish here on this page or via sub pages. But what words I did want to know are not found in the elvish language. The words are honor, truth, trust, etc. I am thinking of creating my own elvish language just to fix the problem. Now all I would have to do is come up with the language, and how it is pronounced. If any one wants to be a part of this , email me at bruceturner1972@live.com

I look forward to working with other elvish fans.

jacob 4 years ago

i want to speak elvish fluently but i dont k ow how. can you guys teach me??????

Jack 4 years ago

Could u do a whole say like this and sound it out

KayceeBurtonFreak 4 years ago

I can easily learn this, it looks easy, but I can't pronounce it... :( Can someone helpp me pronounce it? And I still don't understand how to write in this language... D: Other than that, once I learn it, I can't wait to watch the new LOTRs movies that'll come out later on so I won't need to read the subtitles lol. Just message me on my facebook (Kayla Burton Cloutier) Please?

Grammar Nazi 4 years ago

Please correct grammer into grammar. Thank You.

rana 4 years ago

i want lern to spake like as elf......

plz healp me...

blackbee.rana @gmail.com

Pleb 4 years ago

Except that Noldorin is practically dead seen as most of the Noldor were wiped out by Morgoth the first dark lord during the first age. The Noldor were eventually destroyed when Gondolin fell and only fragments of that once proud race remain.

katster 4 years ago

Please e-mail me a list of books that would help me learn elvish so i can ask for one for my birthday :) kathryn@mackin.me.uk thanks

Dan 4 years ago

Could you make a video venturing deeply into the elven language that explains the needed rolls of the tounge and specific speaking variations and have all the letters numbers ect in a photo or file it would help a lot

Boss 4 years ago

I can sort of speak sindarin but i cant write it or translate the writing into sindarin

Dan Son Of Asora 4 years ago

Love Elfs And Lotr

aimee 3 years ago

i can speak german but not elvish

weng hui 3 years ago



hd 3 years ago


hobbit#1fan 3 years ago

The websites really cool and all, but can you please do something like as an example: A-is pronounced "aug" , B is pronounced what ever and so on. So that we can know how to pronounce things in elvish. those aren't true but they are just examples, but I think that that would be easier to do and for people to learn. Thx!

lolpop 3 years ago

cool hard but cool

Azalon Evenstar 3 years ago

Amazing! My 100 anniversary addition of the LOTR trilogy doesn't teach this as well as here!

Azalon Evenstar 3 years ago

Also ..... I CAN TALK LIKE LEGOLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Le fael. Agoreg vae. Guren glassui.

Archer 3 years ago

Elvish is just... awesome. This is another reason why I'm a nerd. Lol

miki 3 years ago

This is awesome! Can't wait to confuse people lol

weng hui 3 years ago


elwin 3 years ago

i dig legolas - orlando bloom is a classic actor

elvish panda 3 years ago

I will annoy my family with my knolage of evlish they wont know wat im saying

David 3 years ago

I just said to my dad, "Nai Valaraukar tye-mátar." And he had no idea what I was saying.

John 3 years ago

good site. but the one ring doesn't have elvish written on it. it is the language of mordor

isa 2 years ago

do sombody know the verbs?

CLASSIFIED 2 years ago


Chatty Chat profile image

Chatty Chat 8 months ago from United States

This is amazing!

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