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A Letter To My Senator

Dear Sir:

First I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff in helping my wife and I with our student loan, although we still have the debt, the student loan people said that they would reduce the debt amount at the appropriate time. Sir while I have your ear, my wife and I are really down hearted over the Stimulus Package, and the way the rich are still getting “richer”, and the poor are still getting “poorer”. The government keeps giving more and more money to the “fat cats” trying to bail them out when these people are the ones that are killing us, “WE THE PEOPLE”. We are in the same old rut as we have always been; they get the “Gold Mine” and “We Get The Shaft”.


Who Is Bailing Us Out

The people that are being bailed out are getting money that we pay into the system that is supposed to help us and keep our country safe, but instead we are paying them billions to help them out, and then every month we send them more money for our “HOME PAYMENTS”, “CAR PAYMENTS”, “STUDENT LOANS”, “CREDIT CARDS”, “SECOND MORTGAGES”, “PERSONAL LOANS”, the list goes on and on.  The President said he wants to get our country moving, and back on track, but the wheels are flat, “That Is Us, We The People”, they keep wondering why people are not spending, “You Can Not Spend Money That You Do Not Have”.  The flat tire needs to be fixed before the wheels can start turning again, all of the money being funneled overseas, and to the fat cats here, is money that should be given back to the people who put it there in the first place.  Why should we give money to people who hate us, who do not care whether we live or die, and also to the people who take advantage of us to profit from our dilemma.

"Invest In Us, We The People"

“We The People” are the ones that need the help, give us the money, let us payoff all of our debt, give us the money to repair our homes, help us remove the burden of debt from our shoulders, then you will see a major change in the economy, then we will be able to go out and buy new things, get new cars, invest, invest in real estate, buy new homes, this is how the government can fix the problem “INVEST IN US, WE THE PEOPLE”. Thank you for your time and consideration of our problem.

Let Freedom Ring

The Next Field Of Investment

1. Set aside 85 billion dollars in a savings account where the interest is compounded daily.

2. Give everyone over the age of 16 two hundred thousand dollars, that includes all the American people (you too).

3. Start a financial program that is fun and easy to understand to be taught in a classroom setting.

4. Train out of work teachers in the use of the financial program.

5. Have classrooms not being used by schools, older schools that are being closed, community centers, and so on to be used as training facilities for the people to learn the new financial program.

6. Make the program at least a 4 weeks long.

7. Have a mandatory letter that must be signed by the teacher for the completion of the financial program class, before a person can apply for the money.

8. Once the class requirements are met, the money will be placed in a savings account under the person’s name.

9. People not passing the class, or not attending the class will not receive anything until the class requirements are met.

10. Of course no one will actually have his or her hands on the money, it will be distributed as needed. All the money that is used for pay-offs, and investments will be taxable, according to federal and state tax laws.

11. Use the interest from the money setting in the bank to pay for new financial programs for schools, so that younger people below the age of 16 will learn at an early age on how to invest in their future.

12. Start a program from the interest also, for the funding of grants to be used by the younger people to help with the financing of a college education.

I have taken business law, and business math classes in high school, they are the driest, and most boring classes you can ever take, and not helpful in the real world, especially if you are not going into the business world. The program listed above will put so many people back to work, and allow people like me who are not trained in the proper handling of money to start using, and investing money intelligently. Training our young for a brighter future, giving our elderly a chance of a happy retirement, instead of being Walmart door greeters. Once again I would like to thank you for your time.

The End?

The text that you read above is a true letter that i sent to my United States Senator here in the Great State Of Alabama, and never heard a word back from him (i wonder if i was too blunt).  We as Americans are loosing in every direction, no jobs, no money, no food, no gas, no help (except for the little dribble we got from our President sharing the wealth).  The only "Change" that i have seen so far is instead of the government stealing from us behind our back, they are taking it right out in the open, and the only "Sharing Of The Wealth" that i have seen is the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer.  We need to speek up people before there is nothing left to this Great Country, so spread the word "WE THE PEOPLE, NEED THE CASH".

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mistyhorizon2003 profile image

mistyhorizon2003 7 years ago from Guernsey (Channel Islands)

Nicely written Roger, sounds like the Margaret Thatcher years here in the UK :)

sophieqd profile image

sophieqd 7 years ago

This is really good information.

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