Letter to GameStop: More Bad Practices

Here is some more information that I gathered on the place. This goes along with the first paragraph of the other post I wrote on GameStop, Letter to GameStop: A Disgruntled Ex Employee.

One thing that I noticed while I worked there is that they do not turn of their lights at night. I don’t know why businesses do this because it seems like a waste. Why does the store need to be lighted 24 hours a day? With all the energy crises arising, GameStop does nothing in the manner of helping. Maybe it is a deterrent for criminal behavior but still is unsavory practice.

Another thing is how they make their money. They make their money by selling used stuff at marked up prices. Let’s say you saved your money and bought a new gen game for 60 bucks. You have the option of buying a NEW one for 60 or you can buy a used one for 55-50 bucks. Normally, people will want to buy the used game because it saves them the extra cash. But there are many problems with this practice for the consumer and the lowly employee. First off, they probably brought that game from someone else for dirt cheap. For instance, I remember when I was working over at GameStop that the new releases were fetching much lower prices that I would imagine. Let say Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PS3 sold for 60 bucks NEW. GameStop would buy it back from you for 25-30 dollars and saw it was a great trade in offer. Were still imagining it came out like last week ok? So they go around and price it as a yellow sticker, this means it’s USED, and sell it back to someone for 50-55 dollars. I’ve freakin seen them do it! They just made double on what they offered the poor guy that traded it in. This is why this company has so many stores out there. If I remember correctly, it’s in the 2000 region! They generate so much money from this it is absurd. Millions if not Billions from this practice of buying low and selling high. You don’t really save that much money and you aren’t helping the gaming community. Id rather, Id urge you too do the same, buy it new from the game company than line the fat pockets of GameStop by buying their used.

The more absurd is that they pay their employees crap wages. If you’re new, you’re basically working as if you were below a part timer. This means that you’ll be lucky enough if you see ONE day where you can work. I’ve seen with my own eyes my old manager purposely not schedule someone because they weren’t doing as good or not enough hours were there. I’ve also noticed that they tended not to tell the employee until they called and found out for themselves. This happen at my store and I can’t say if other stores practice this but it is always possible.

Moving on the topic of what GameStop considers NEW! They purposely open the game package and remove the game from its case. This defeats the purpose of buying something new! They do this to help curve theft but it’s not really good. Besides, I found games still in their cases when they were up in public display. Than they wonder whey games get stolen. Than they do the most stupid thing, they begin to accuse people of stealing from the register. I’ve yet again seen this happen numerous times. Even though the fact that they having cameras pointing directly where the games are held. This is extremely smart on GameStop’s behalf. There was a little sarcasam in the last sentence. Most of the time employee’s don’t pay attention in handling the game. They will leave finger prints or even worse scratch marks. Insanity if you’re shelling out 60 for something that looks like a dog had in its mouth. Even dumber is that people don’t have a real choice if they shop at GameStop. They have to buy their definition of what a NEW game is! So please just shop somewhere else where people act sensible!

Another topic I want to brush on that annoys the hell out of me is their behavior. What I am talking about is their pushiness about guying USED, buying their subscriptions, or reserving a game. Even before I was an employee I was always turned off by their tactics. Today I cut them off when they offer all of these amazing savings and reservations on the hottest games coming out soon. There is a reason they do this. Already mentioned was how they sell used and make fistful of money. The reason they sell subscriptions is the same thing. They sell them; they are called SUBS in GameStop slang, because it’s basically a vehicle to peddle their wares. They make more money by the advertisments in the magazine sent to your house as well. But if you see games and read about them in the magazine, where else are you going to buy them, Best Buy? Of course not, you are human; you are going to buy them at GameStop because it has its name plastered everywhere in the magazine. The reservation is a little sneaky too. Let’s say that you want to reserve Star Craft 2 and its JULY, even though you might be reading this at a later time so let’s just imagine. It comes out all the way in December but you give in to the pushy CSR, Customer Service Representative in GameStop speak, and give him 5 bucks for it. 5 dollars doesn’t seem that much to me and you but it is to GameStop when you forget about that reservation. See they will call you about the game coming around the time its due out but that is it. They wont be hounding you like if they were too you about buying used or a RES, Reservation in GameStop tongue! So if you buy the game somewhere else and not at the GameStop where you reserve. Guess what! They keep the money! That is why they are so pushy! It is because they gain something in return, although it is minuscule. They higher the numbers they can get, i.e. USED sales, RES, SUBS, and IPT, they get more hours. IPT’s are Items Per Transaction and this means the more the CSR can get the customer to buy, the better it is for the company. So basically the CSR’s are fighting for the little hours vie talked about in my last paper. They are even told if they don’t have good numbers that it is basis to get them fired in the long run. It is bad for the CSR but still ever so annoying. Especially the one where they can’t take no for an answer and ask you multiple times. Not only does this make them seem ignorant but you feel insulted for them not taking your word as for truth. As if you were being talked to as if you were a special child. When I worked there, I understood this and asked only ONCE! If they wanted anything that was cool but I wasn’t going to beat them over the head with it.

Another practice they do that I extremely disapprove is how many people are working. Not only do you have to share a work schedule that is maybe 30 hours on a regular non holiday week with 4-5 people but there is another thing wrong with this. I’ve heard that there are some GameStop’s that only let 1 person work at night. This is extremely stupid and dangerous. They do it to cut down on man hours at a store that doesn’t make that much money on certain days. I know this because I’ve seen the books where GameStop has statistics on stuff. One of these statistics is how much money they made that week of LAST YEAR. By this, this is how they know how many hours they can a lot to that store. It doesn’t help because people come when they want. So you sometimes got 1 person working when a swarm of people are waiting for service. Than you got other days where 3-4 people are working at a time and the store is completely dead! They really don’t know what they are doing at times. I will take this thought to my grave because it was really bizarre the things I experienced when I worked there. But back to the subject, they do this to save money. Plain and simple. The thing I hate about this is that they create a situation of life and death by this. By this I mean that it is really easy to rob the place. When a robber knows a person is the only person working there. I’ve heard stories that I will talk about in the next paragraph. This is especially true at night when that lone person is closing up by themselves. There is no security to help protect the place or even a second person to make it safer. I think it doesn’t manner to GameStop because they constantly do this.

Here is some of the horror stories that vie heard and told by people that experienced it. I worked with someone named Chris and he told me this. He told me that one day a person pulled a gun out on him when there were children present at his GameStop. They guy robbed anything he could get his hands on. He even had the nerve to steal Chris’s car to haul off all the loot he just gotten. Another person by the name of Ken told me his store was robbed by shotgun in daylight. How horrible is that? Thieves have no quarrel about doing that type of thing when they think they are getting easy money. There were even 2 people working at that time also. It’s problematic when there are no security guards that can fight back with their own guns. The worst one story I heard was that someone was murdered. I forgot the state but a manager was murdered outside of the store after closing hours. The manager had just finished closing when someone killed her in cold blood. Also, some died when they suffocated on a gag that was used on them when they were tied up by robbers. I remember this because there was an email going around about his death and to pay their respects to his family. I don’t want to scare you any more by this but it happens. I’m glad it never happened to me but feel sorry for the ones that had to go through it.

This, for now, is all I can remember. If I can give more information ill write another paper. For now, her are some more reason to frown on GameStop. Do me a favor and just shop somewhere else. Use the internet or another store but don’t support GameStop. If you only experienced what I experienced, than you would understand.

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diabloknight 8 years ago

Sadly, buying low and selling high is general business practice. Just think, the next time you go to Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, or the Mall. That brand new, sealed what-ever that you just bought for $40, only costed them $40 for the entire case of 12. I hate that you had such a bad experience with GameStop. I'm sure it is only limited to only several of the stores.

My best friend, Shane, owns three GameStop franchises and in my opinion, he pays his people fairly for being an expert at nothing other than video gaming. You have to admit that it doesn't take a college degree to play video games.

He runs a skeleton crew so he can guarantee that his employees get around 36 hours a week. He starts all his newbies off at $8 an hour, which is a few dollars more than minimum wage. All for nothing. On top of that, they get a 25% discount on items and during employee appreciation week, they get an extra 15%. In the video game community, most of his employees still live with mom and dad, that's worth more than gold to them.

They also have a wholesale list that generally pays out $25-$35 cash to bring in those games for a $60 game, depending on the condition and popularity of the title. They generally offer $10 extra if the customer would rather have store credit. So, yeah, someone may pay $55 for a used game, but that's $5 that they don't have to spend. Not to mention, if you're a member of the GameStop club, you get an extra 10-15% off of used titles. Most people that go to GameStop are members. On top of that, you have 7 days to return the game for FULL store or cash credit. I remember a time when I'd buy a $50-$60 game and after a week of playing it, it would sit on the shelf and collect dust or take it to a second hand store and get $2 out of it. There weren't any outlets that offered gamers deals. You paid the $50 and suffered the lost if you beat the game in only a few hours.

So, I'm glad GameStop came around, because I'll go down there, pick up a game, play it, beat it and then trade it in on the 7th day, if not before, and get another game without spending any money. I've spent the same $50 for over a year.

There are some great advantages to GameStop and the risks are no greater than working anywhere else for less money or more money.

EternalSin profile image

EternalSin 8 years ago from Chicago Author

From what i read, that may be one of a handful of places that it is great to work for Gamestop. Unfortunatly I worked for one of the bad ones. I will always have the memories of what i had to go through. I am glad that there are some places that treat the employee and customer with the respect they deserve.

CVJohnso 7 years ago

I will agree with most everything you said. I understand the used trade credit and used price transition after taking several business courses. Most games are sold to dealers for half the price and are advised to sell it (from the developer) for double. They don't pay employees enough (minimum wage which in my state is currently below 7 dollars). You work very limited hours (6 to 14 hours) a week excluding the holidays (Christmas) and summertime (which is not much better). Employees are truly just numbers in a system. They assign all their employees with a 6 digit number and that is how they are recognized by upper management. When I was a key-holder, I read an e-mail which was directed toward someone using the opening "Dear Employee ######,".

Overall, I am still working there right now, I love the job (only part-time and with great non-annoying co-workers), but I am looking for a new part-time job with better hours and pay.

EternalSin profile image

EternalSin 7 years ago from Chicago Author

I might have forgotten to say this but it has to do with my first post on Gamestop. The manager was never disciplined by what i have seen. After me complaining to the area manager so many times, i felt like i was talking to a wall with a poster for gamestop saying "save 5 percent when you buy 30 used games." Ha. It was horrible to say the least. I see her now transferred to a busy mall where i bet her sales must be through the roof. It was more like a pat on the back than a slap on the hand... Im happy to say that im never going to buy from that store again. Im also glad that you are looking for another job CVJonso. Get out quick! They suck the life out of everything near and dear.

JS 7 years ago

The used games are only $5-$10 less because you have 7 days to try it out. If you beat it or don't like it you get your money back. So go to WalMart and buy a game that ends up sucking for $60 and you are screwed. You don't get anything. Also places of business keep their lights on because they are less likely to be robbed if you can clearly see inside the store from the outside. I don't love everything about Gamestop but if you are going to compain at least make them legit reasons.

Ex-Gamestop Asssistant Manager 6 years ago

I found this a very good read. I worked for the company for nearly 5 years and at first it wasn't a bad place to work at all. It was real laid back and generally a pretty fun job, considering I have been a huge gamer all my life. I enjoyed helping people out by giving them the run down on what games where worth the money and which ones they should just rent if curious.

It wasn't until after the merger with EB Games that Gamestop starting getting to be a horrible place to work at. Like I said I was the assistant manager and I was liked very well by all my employees and customers, unlike the store manager who was hated by many employees and most customers due to his lack of knowledge and the fact that he constantly was making up ridiculous stories to make himself seem like some sort of badass.

Everything you talked about, I have experienced and then some. I am 100% behind a movement to stop as many people as I possibly can from wasting their hard earned money at a place like Gamestop.

Also a side note, DiabloKnight. You have no idea what you are talking about. You're friend is either feeding you a line of crap or just delusional because Gamestop DOES NOT franchise their stores out, it's a corporation and all store are owned by said corporation. If anything you're friend Shane might be a District Manager which would mean he is in charge of the day to day business of about 9-14 stores, but he has no ownership other than a small bit of stock in the company maybe.

ummmm wowwww 6 years ago

yeah how do u think GameStop makes there money buddy...... off of used games. It is a business technique. Also, for the 1st guy that posted, GameStop is corporate owned so how does your friend own 3 of them???????????????????

ummmm wowwww 6 years ago

Also, to add to my comment. The lights stay on at businesses at night for security reasons buddy. Also, like I said before how does your friend OWN 3 if it is not franchised. I think you mean he manages or oversees 3 of them

gamestoploserworker 6 years ago

This entire article is laughable. It's riddled with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and general errors about GameStop.

You're working as a GA, that's GAME ADVISOR in "GameStop" tongue. Get over yourself. Me being a 4 year vet at GameStop I have to take your word at it's face value. You perhaps being a holiday hire who thought GameStop was the "dream job" of your life and it turned out that it wasn't all it's cracked up to be.

It's entirely probable, but you may have just gotten yourself stuck at one of the "shit" GameStops. You do need to get your facts straight however.

A few things here I'd like you to know:

At ANY sales job where you are temp, if you don't do your job, you don't get the hours. If you were hired for holiday help, that's all you're there for. To help the employees who are more or less permanent.

Reservations are entirely refundable and you may use them as a "layaway" service for yourself.

Subscriptions actually help. If you have a customer coming into your store once a day every 2 weeks for 4 months straight, buying 2 used games at 54.99 each visit, and they don't have the GameInformer discount card, how much money are they losing? C'mon.

The items per transaction are called "UPT" Units per transaction, and has been for years.

I haven't seen STRIP stores having 1 person working at night, Mall stores however, sure do.

I'm sorry that were were accused of stealing from your store, but you signed a contract that said "I give GameStop permission to fire me for whatever reason they wish." Honestly, with your terrible information on how GameStop business is run, I wouldn't doubt you were fired for being terrible at your job as well.


To DiabloKnight,

You're so full of shit.

Candice 6 years ago

Unethical is unethical. You can dress it up and put a pretty bow on it, but that doesn't make it okay. And attacking EternalSin's grammatical errors doesn't make him wrong. That's just silly.

I had a really bad experience at GameStop today where not one but TWO managers were rude with me for asking a question. I was floored. Two different locations, but not a single smile from any employee. Nothing but vitriol.

GameStop has permanently lost my business. That is my personal preference. EternalSin has his reasons for never shopping there again as well. I applaud him for informing others about his experiences. I just wish I'd read his hub before I decided to buy games today.

lazerbyte 6 years ago

What I don't like about Gamestop is how they lure you in with all these freebie items and when you don't pick up your game the day it comes out you do not get the item or they say something stupid like they only got a limited supply. I have actually canceled my order and gotten my money back and bought it somewhere else!

Gamestop is just too big now and the one thing I have noticed is they do not care about their employees or their customers they only care about $$$

It is really sad how they just only want to make money.

User11 6 years ago

GameStop does suck I agree..but they do not keep your reservation money, you are welcomed to get your money back on what you reserved at any time. They NEVER keep the money unless you are an idiot and forget.

jt 6 years ago

just one thing i have to say, if at your store you were finding games in cases on the floor, that's your store managers fault, its his job to inform his employees to take the fucking game out of the case before putting in on the floor...

that's all i have to say

kwikane 5 years ago

I worked for gamestop for nearly 9 years in both assistant manager as well as store manager capacities. After getting fired, gamestop told the unemployment office that i just walked out on the job to try to screw me over on my benefits. Long story short, they lost and i am receiving them, but what a bunch of pussy's for trying to dick me over.I was also a victim of robbery at my store, having 3 guns held to my head and then tied up on the ground. The very same day (less than 3 hours later) my area manager asked my district manager to have me go to another store, take some money from their safe, and re-open! Gamestop is a company that will shake your hand while trying to stab you in the back.They are a company that has had no original ideas or business practices of their own, they have stood on the shoulders of giants to get to where they are.They are mindwashed corporate dickheads that care nothing about the people or their needs. trust me when i tell you this....gamestop hates you. They only love your money. The warranty they offer on games is a complete sham. Let's say you buy madden 2010 and put a 3 dollar warranty on it for a year, if that disc becomes unplayable, do you really think your going to get a new copy? No. you will receive a used copy of the game and they will defect out the game you gave them and turn around and sell it used.I used to love working for the company, but recent years have had policy changes in the direction of having it become less about the gamers, and more about the gamers money.I have seen excellent employees scolded for dumb shit, and employees that should have there knuckles drag in the dirt when they walk promoted. If you work for gamestop, thought is a liability. they only wish to surround themselves with mindfucked yes-men who will polish their knobs on command.there is only one way to hit gamestop where it will hurt them to the point they will change, quit shopping there. This will never happen. As an email sent out to all the gamestops once said "people are stupid sheep". Yes, that came from a higher-up in the company. All i can say is gamestop shits on you.

gmelover 5 years ago

First of all a lot of the things he said we're a bit twisted, no Gamestop does not keep your reservation money, if you forget to pick it up that's on you, they call twice and send emails, if you bought the game somwhere else you can go and cancel the reservation and get your money back. Second, the reason they open games is to have a live case on the wall without the risk of it getting stolen, let me just make it ,clear as this man already stated there are 2000 stores plus, meaning if the store your at doesn't have a new game sealed best believe they will direct you to the store that does. Third, about the hours we are currently living in a crappy economy (if you haven't noticed) and there are not much hours to pass arounf Gamestop pays minimum wage like 85% of jobs do, so do not judge them for that. Lastly, trade ins, yes they're sell price is mostly double of what you receive when you trade in, but people you are not FORCED to sell to gamestop, you can buy your used game return it if you don't like it and if you've had the game for to long and think that the trade in value is to outlandish then DO NOT trade it in geesshh. Anyways this kid's rants sound like some fool that was either fired from a Gamestop or an underaged child who was refused the sale of an M rated game. Please next time get your facts straight before going on a novel long rant about something you apperantly have no clue on.. okay thanks

EternalSin profile image

EternalSin 5 years ago from Chicago Author

I'm 26 and worked there for a year. I know already what you said because i worked there for ONE YEAR. So even though your argument is sound i still do not agree with it. Please make a Hub page on why Gamestop is so great and let me have the courtesy of disagreeing with you GMELOVER. Thanks

I Hear Ya 5 years ago

Actually as a VET of 4+ years, a lot of what EternalSin wrote is true. Some managers wont refund customers reserves if they don't have the original receipt. They don't email you, sometimes they call you once. The hours have ALWAYS been crappy....ALWAYS. Ive talked to other GA in OTHER states and REGIONS, they all say that hours are CRAP. GAMESTOP does make a lot of money and I agree that they should pay their employees more. I mean your already giving them 4 hours a week. Why you calling him a kid, your so high and mighty or something? kwikane is right about GAMESTOP stabing people in the back.

Daniel 4 years ago

I work at GameShit. I cant stand the place. 2 winters in a row I have gone broke because the company wont give enough hours and our fucking stupid manager way over hired. Ive done all I can to get more numbers for the store but every time they give me less and less hours. 6 hours is not enough to pay my fucking bills. Im quiting soon and when I do Im taking a dump in the top part of the toilet.

Don't shop at game stop 4 years ago

They cheat you... spend 60.00 for a game trade it in for 22.50 then they sell it for 52.00. I work at a pizza place and game stop called wanting 25 pizzas for a midnight release party...they have 600 copied reserved at 59.00 each that is 35,400.00 buck special pack 100.00 each reserved 90 that is 9,000 bucks...total over 44 thousand dollars they have reserved... and who knows how many more they will sell. So they wanted 25 pizzas to kick off and they have the nerve to ask for a discount... ok they are making sales in one day 44,000, large pizza deal of 3.00 off per pizza total 150.00 they will save 75.00... and that is not good enough for them...

making sales of 44 thousand and they can't spend 150.00

Never shop at game stop again... they are part of the problem...

Don't shop At Game Stop

ZiTOisSmarterThanYou 4 years ago

This is a long read and in no specific order, but definitely worth it.

GameStop is a company, a corporation, of course they want to make or save money. Would you try to make or save money if you ran a business? Again I will say, it is a corporation, so it cannot be FRANCHISED or in other-words Privately-Owned. So whomever posted the first comment, your friend is full-of-it.

Hours a week depend on how well your store performs and how well your DM or TM thinks of your store, so obviously you should try to make a good impression.

*ALL EMPLOYEES are accounted for in the store.

The area it is in, ghetto or not only makes a slight difference. So if your manager is not very well trained or skilled obviously you will have 1 person working a night shift. However, it is your job as an employee to report crimes or problems if something is not up-to-code so you are not put into that situation. But what are you going to do if people call in sick or can't make it to work for any reason, who do you think will be all alone working at the store? 99% sure it will be the Managers.

GameStop is indeed an easy mark for getting robbed. However, it is a high-volume, high cash-flow business. Any retail job you take will give you the risk of being held up. My second week on the job I was robbed at gunpoint and they stole everyone's cell phones including the 10+ customers in the store. Fortunately they caught the criminals; unfortunately, they did not refund money for my cellphone because technically policy says no cellphones are allowed on sales floor.

Brand new games averagely sell at $59.99 no matter where you shop. If they are on sale, then that is that store determining how much of a profit they actually want. GameStop is a GAME STORE so obviously there won't be much sales on new games because that is their main-stock. Wal-Mart has 50 million other products that putting up a sale price will attract customers to come in and potentially buy something other than the game they came in for.

How many businesses offer a full refund on newly-opened products? As for the $3 warranty, it is definitely worth it if you don't take care of your games or own a 360, Lol. As long as you save the receipt you can get your new copy. If you don't have your receipt that is on you not the company. Someone said that they give you a used copy instead of new; well yes if they are all out or it is outdated, what do you expect them to do? However, if you just ask for full store credit of your original purchase they can do it for you.

- If any manager gives you a problem, then either call their superiors/corporate and report the issue. Everything in-store is at manager's discretion, so don't be an idiot and harass them, be calm and sincere. Play it smart.

*NOTE: At my store we are geared for customer satisfaction. I had a usual customer who bought a brand new game and was told by me or another employee that some game was amazing. He came back the next day and said that it sucks monkey balls. So I gave him store-credit and re-sold the game later on. If the customer presents his or herself as a genuine person, sometimes exceptions to the rule can be made. That's what we call customer service.

The Recycling Process, that's what made GameStop so much profit. Yes, it does sound like a rip-off but that is to the untrained shopper. If you buy a pre-owned game, you have 7 days with your receipt to get a full refund and 30 days for an exchange for an identical item if it doesn't work. It's a one-time rental fee to the smart shopper. Like someone stated earlier, he spent $50 on a pre-owned game and recycled it for over a year. That is very true and encouraged in all stores.

Reservations... they are tricky. Yes it does suck that you have to pick it up at the store pre-ordered at but there is a logical reason for that. If one store gets 4 reserves, but 1,000 pick-ups, how is that fair to the original store that worked hard for those reserves?

As for getting your money back, whatever you paid is what you get back. No need for receipt, just ID. If the employee is stating otherwise, then they are just manipulating their numbers to make themselves look better. Unfortunately it happens all the time, but then you should learn not to shop at that location anymore or report it to their superiors.

All purchases are your choice, there is no one pointing a gun and telling you to shop there. If you had a bad experience in a store because of an employee, then blame that employee not the company.

I feel bad for the person who said that they had to fight for their unemployment. However, just about any job will do that to you. Unemployment payments are coming straight out of their pocket so if you are not going to fight it, then they will save money. I've had that happen to me too.

As for the person who said that the company asked for a discount because they were buying bulk boxes of pizza for a midnight release, you really aren't too bright. That comes out of the employees' pockets, so why wouldn't they try to save themselves some money for being nice to hardcore gamers/customers? I know if I bought 20 boxes of pizza I would most definitely ask for a discount.

One thing the company can most definitely improve on is their medical benefits to employees.

The people ranting on GameStop are obviously disgruntled workers or customers with an unfortunate customer experience.

Did I leave out anything?

GameStopChick 4 years ago

Im a vet at GameStop the company is one of the best retail stores I have worked at. I word hard for my job and love it. The one thing people don't know about the whole used thing is that yes GameStop makes its money off of used. (Not New) The reason they buy games a lower prices is that fact that games drop in price. Recently Fallout New Vegas is one of my favorite examples. I went from being 54$ to 12 dollars in a matter of months. So if I sold my copy to them for 30$ and now that same copy is 12$ used they lost money off of that game and it happens more frequently than anything else. Its how it works. ZiTOisSmarterThanYou I loved your post btw I just hope I filled in the last blank I didn't see posted. (Sorry for my bad grammar)

AshleyLiz 4 years ago

I work at gamestop and I love it! People who don't agree with some of our practices are just ignorant. Yes I understand that the trade in values aren't always that great but at least you have a place that will take your old games for something instead of just having them sit in your closet collecting dust! Something is always better then nothing.

Anyone complaining about the reservations I can almost guarantee that all of you have been to 1 or more of our midnight releases. You know how we get those midnight releases?? Enough reserves! Seriously. I have had many people call my store disappointed that there wasn't going to be a midnight for certain games but we don't get the extra hours for a midnight if we don't have enough hours. Granted some games like COD automatically get a midnight release because of the hype. And I'm not going to lie to you I hate asking people if they want to reserve something and then nagging them to death to reserve something but I have to do it. I was recently denied a promotion because I wasn't meeting company average for reserve and powerup cards. I was devastated. I felt and still feel like I deserve a promotion I'm good at my job my customer service rating is the highest in my store but all because of these stupid numbers I couldn't get the promotion I deserved. So I understand everyone on gamestop employees and how we nag (for lack of a better term). But it's our job and it honestly helps the customer. Just for putting money down you almost always get extra stuff that you wouldn't get without reserving it. Some people just don't understand that and think we are just trying to squeeze money out of them.

All you people who either complain about gamestop or are disgruntled employees you have free will right??? Either don't shop there or quit.. You have a choice. Just saying.

Justin 4 years ago

Just another person complaining about something that he can't change, Businesses do everything for a reason....to MAKE money, and normally buy low sell high is what they do sorry you worked at one of the bad gamestop's man but just because you didn't like your job doesn't mean the rest of us hate our's...I get great hours and paid well for what i work...in some cases maybe you were just to lazy to work and got fired and then decided to bitch about it.

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EternalSin 4 years ago from Chicago Author

Yes, I poured over this whole rant because i was lazy at my job and wanted to do some real work, finally, by writing up a made up story. You are beyond ignorant Justin.

tonyhawk 4 years ago

what do you think you are doing these games coast to much and when i have a game story i will make the prices lower

jgfuf 4 years ago


trevor 4 years ago

Ya this is bull shit i decided to give Kingdoms of Amalur reckoning a try paid 60 dollars for it after protection and tax came to 70 dollars! the game wasn't good at all so i go to trade it in you know how much they offer me? Eight dollars, so there gonna turn around and sell it for 50. fourty-two dollar profit, fuck them ill just keep it then let them do this, i may sell it on ebay for like 30$ if interested contact me trevorpaskavich@hotmail.com

HAha 4 years ago

You people are idiots.

Buy your used games on Amazon/ebay. Don't work at gamestop. Don't buy the 'protection plans' or reservations, and you're all set

yeahhh 2 years ago

of course, this is all corporate. I imagine working for a franchise owner would vary. However, I believe the buying and selling of used games is a horrible practice and does only hurt the gaming community. Sure, what do you care when you save money? Money is hard to come by, but, how long will you have good games to play? How long until your favorite game companies really start to go under because of all the pirating and used game selling? And all of this time, it was because the customers did it. Love video games? Support new products.

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