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There are stories on the internet describing precognition by prospective parents who claim to have communication from prespective spirit children that seek to be born to either parents of their choosing or parents chosen by spirit guides. Some of prespective children communicate to either the prospective mother or father depending on the life situation of the parent of choice.The prospective parent may recieve psychic visions of their prospective child. Even a nurse who works with obststricians during the birthing process communicating with the baby being born through some telepathic method,giving the nurse information that is critical for the sucessful birthing of the baby they are in communication with them telepathicaly.I know this information is not well known to the general public and so it is my intention to diseminate this information as much as possible through this hubpage .I find it illuminating as well as inspiring to discover all of the possible ways in which we all connect with each other and why this subject is not more widely known for a lack of a sense of connectedness we have to our family ,freinds and neighbors concerning what is considered out of the ordinary or abnormal to the general population as a result.being uninformed of this known but little discussed subject matter I implore everyone to learn as much about this subject as they can.Discuss it with others. Bring this subject up,if you know it to be true in your own life ,as some couragious people already have.Including the actor Richard Dryfuss. .

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