As he drew his last living breath, he could faintly hear the beep of the monitor and the frantic words of the people around him fading away. “Clear 1...2…3….

And then there was deathly silence. A quiet, so quiet it was deafening, so still it was stifling and so empty it was claustrophobic. In a void of neither substance nor emptiness, his sense of physical being drifted away as his consciousness drew closer to the oneness, stranded in fear, sinking helplessly into the quicksand of the unknown.

Yet it remained alive and alert already seeking new direction, grasping desperately for a lifeline. And it became aware of the hustle and bustle, the light and the energy of other consciousness intertwined in an ever flowing cycle, all vying for new existences. Yet this was neither rat-race nor battle but an orderly chaos where everything was nothing and nothing was everything.

Once a powerful, immensely rich soul this conscience felt belittled by its helplessness in the sway and flow of a new reality. Devoid of its domineering physical imposition and bellowing voice, absent of its material wealth and intimidating status, possessing no authority or bullying prowess it had only the power of thought to raise itself back to its lofty position of perceived entitlement. As it collided, merged and re-emerged from other consciousness it touched their love, pain, happiness, sadness, poverty and all manner of feelings unfamiliar and most unwanted, poisoning and polluting its selfish sense of superiority.

And ahead there was a glorious light, so bright, so attractive and so vital it had to be the path back to physical existence itself. Resisting its calling to join the eternal flow, this conscience desired one thing only and that was to be first. Its instincts to tread upon others with its delusion of importance, drove it faster and faster through the ether. Stand in line? go with the flow? Not this conscience. That was for others, losers and no-hopers. This conscience felt greater and better, wanting only to be at the top.

With little consideration and increasing acceleration it smashed, collided, spun, and whirred through the incessant web of awful inferior thoughts held by pathetic other souls. Its desire to reach the light became obsessive; its refusal to be tarnished by the weakness of love and kindness became blurred in its desperate quest to reach the shining light and its pursuit of former glory. And as the light loomed larger and larger, so did its lust for physical existence become greater and its dream of again becoming powerful and dominant. With unimaginable speed it raced into the glorious shining light with a force so remarkable that the might of its collision scattered it far and wide into a billion particles.

Then there was nothing. No thought, no memory, no anything.

Coughing, spluttering and wincing in the brightness of new existence the birth of a baby girl would suggest a time for celebration. But the tears of a despairing midwife told another story as she stood contemplating the pointless waste of another mother’s life for the sake of bringing into this World an orphan destined for the hopeless squalor and poverty of their ghetto existence.

With her sore overworked hands, she placed the innocent child on a makeshift mat thinking solemnly of the hard labour, deprivation and degradation that awaited this poor young soul. Resting her hand gently on the little girl’s forehead and with a heavy heart she whispered “How could something so beautiful and innocent be inflicted with such cruel fate in life…

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Jefsaid 4 years ago from London, UK Author

Maddot - Thank you!

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maddot 4 years ago from Northern NSW, Australia

Brilliant! This is so good. I'm so glad I've found your hubs. It's refreshing. lookforward to more. voted up

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