SHOCKING Life Threatening Dangers of Microwave Cooking and Re-Heating

Should Microwave Cooking Be Banned?

By Dale Ovenstone 2012

The magnetron, a tube containing microwaves, invented during world war two to spot early signs of Nazi planes before they had the chance to bomb Britain.

Microwave cooking, using radiation, can produce heat without causing foods to become radioactive by using short, high frequency radar waves to heat up internally many foods quicker, compared to conventional cooker & stove heating, this method of heating, & cooking foods, was discovered by accident shortly afterwards.

Banned by the Russians in 1976 after experimenting on microwave ovens, conducting damning research on the biological effects of using microwave ovens!


Here are some of the Reported Findings:

Microwave cooking tears apart & deforms food cells, & once ingested, can harm the kidneys & the nervous system, by attract viruses, micro organisms & fungi thus suppressing normal body immunity thus creating a chemical reaction whilst reforming the food structure once cooked or heated through, this abnormal method of heating or cooking, causes dire health issues, by effecting the immune system, whilst hemoglobin, & the ability to create white ‘immune busting’ blood cells are destroyed, causing besides many other health alterations such as becoming anemic, a higher rate of intestinal & stomach cancers, whilst also increasing heart disease issues whilst also converting nutrients in the food into poisonous synthetic substances, even especially in Baby Foods.

Vegetables microwave cooked lost an amazing 97% of their beneficial oxidant chemicals.

Toxins are leached from containers & plastics straight into your food when microwave cooking, which could be partially responsible for poor sperm count in males, whilst adverse effects of breast cancer within females are highly rated too.

One Final Note:

To cook or to reheat food, using microwaves, is not a conventional ‘normal’ method of cooking or reheating, therefore, health dangers WILL permit.

Further Research Sources:

Thanks for reading

Regards Dale Ovenstone

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Watch This Damning Video Before You Microwave Your Food!

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Matthew Maktub profile image

Matthew Maktub 4 years ago from Las Vegas

I haven't used a microwave in a few years and it's one of the best choices I made. Microwaves seem more useful for people who eat a lot of processed foods. If people get back to a more whole-food based diet, microwaves won't have as big a place in today's society.

I am even nervous about being in the same room when a microwave is running.

livingpah2004 profile image

livingpah2004 4 years ago from USA

What an information. Good to know. Thanks for sharing it.

Inspired to write profile image

Inspired to write 4 years ago from Wales UK Author

Microwaves & processed foods, no wonder there are so many health related issues nowadays.

Thanks for your comments Matthew Maktub, livingpah2004.

Regards Dale

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 4 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Very interesting hub. I'm glad that I rarely use a microwave - to be honest I think food taste crappy when cooked using this method. When you compare the texture and flavour of oven baked foods there is no comparison, the oven wins every time. But these findings about microwaves are scary, especially when you think about just how often microwave ovens are used.

Voted up!

Inspired to write profile image

Inspired to write 4 years ago from Wales UK Author

Thank you for the vote up & the comment Seeker7

Regards Dale

povmang profile image

povmang 4 years ago from phnom penh

wow!!!!good source to know. I really appreciate for your researching.

voted up!

Inspired to write profile image

Inspired to write 4 years ago from Wales UK Author

Thank you povmang, I never realised the dangers until I looked further into this

All the best

Regards Dale

profile image

Truthseekerbee 4 years ago


Inspired to write profile image

Inspired to write 4 years ago from Wales UK Author

Hello to you Truthseekerbee welcome to hubpages.

Is there a comment you want to leave concerning this article if so I would love to hear it?

Regards Dale

profile image

Truthseekerbee 4 years ago

Hello Dale,

Thankyou & yes I do!

Did you know that microwave-treated water does not sprout seeds?

It is also most likely that the plague of obesity in the United States is directly linked to the almost universal use of microwave ovens. People are eating dead food!

Their digestive systems know the food is dead, and so the digestive organs cry out for help by sending hunger-pangs to the person doing the eating.

Hunger is a plea -- not for food -- but for vital nutrients! Alas, most people respond to that plea by filling themselves with more dead and toxic food. After a while, the body gives up; the immune system shuts down.

The inner organs are lined with a vast oil-slick of toxic waste; an oxygen-less environment that leads to cancer and a host of other horrors.

Did you know:

...that Russian scientists took thousands of healthy cats, and gave them nothing but nutritious and natural foods that had been heated in a microwave for just 1 minute.

The result?

In six months, all the cats were dead. When the scientists performed autopsies on some of the cats, they found that the animals had literally starved to death.

The cells in their bodies contained no trace of nutrient components, even though the dead bodies looked well-fed. "Microwaves had turned their food into deadly poison!"

profile image

Truthseekerbee 4 years ago

Hello Dale & Thankyou!

Yes, tried posting 2 times, it said something like "waiting to be approved by a moderator", strange you haven't received it, maybe it's being censored?

Hope this goes through.

Everyone should try this experiment at home, for their own proof on this! Did you know that, that microwave-treated water does not sprout seeds?

I posted other details, they didn't go through...

Inspired to write profile image

Inspired to write 4 years ago from Wales UK Author

Truthseekerbee so much research & information you share here, it's so plain to see the dangers of microwaves I hope others read this.

Thanks again for your post.

Regards Dale

profile image

Truthseekerbee 4 years ago


I like to alert you to a possible disinformation site:

Note, the person only refers to mainstream sources, and not independent ones. A few people posted interesting comments, on the dangers of microwave ovens. Note, that the person who claims that the microwave is safe, is quick to ridicule anyone, pointing out the dangers!

I find his comment about Dr. Mercola (An dependent Doctor) absolutely disgusting. This in itself is revealing.

Oh, did you know that the government is a corporation?

It is NOT for the people, but for the corporations!

In other words, it is only for the minority!

No wonder, one needs to do independent research!

Take care & cheers,


Inspired to write profile image

Inspired to write 4 years ago from Wales UK Author

Thank you once again Truthseekerbee your research on this subject is an asset to this article, thank you for sharing.

Regards Dale

red mermaid profile image

red mermaid 4 years ago

Thankyou for your information i'm sure many people will appreciate you taking the time to inform others of the danger of microwave cooking

Inspired to write profile image

Inspired to write 4 years ago from Wales UK Author

Thanks for your comment red mermaid, hope folk find the information useful.

Regards Dale

Angela Brummer profile image

Angela Brummer 4 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

This is really interesting and scarey!

Inspired to write profile image

Inspired to write 4 years ago from Wales UK Author

Angela, scary it is, I strive to bring awareness & truth because usually, when there is a product, or any other thing manufactured, you usually hear only the benefits for the user, but we should learn to look deeper into aspects.

Thank you for your comment

Regards Dale

teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 4 years ago

I only use the microwave to reheat and that is a very rare use here at home. Great share on the dangers of using this appliance -- makes you think!

Inspired to write profile image

Inspired to write 4 years ago from Wales UK Author

Thanyou for your comment teaches12345

suzzycue profile image

suzzycue 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

This does make you think. This is very scary information. Thanks for posting it.

Inspired to write profile image

Inspired to write 4 years ago from Wales UK Author

Definitely Suzy, its best to research the dangers of technology, folk can make up their own mind then.

Thanks for your comment

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