Life of a Capricorn or Maybe Just Cursed!

Anyone out there a typical Capricorn and believe your life is harder than for most? I was born on the 30th of December (a typical Capricorn, with a prominent Saturn; Saturn is the leading planet for all Capricorns and stands for delays, obstacles, hard work, self sacrifice....etc, story of my life basically). I think I have a hard time compared to most, I work incredibly hard with everything in order to get somewhere in life. I work hard at my job, at being a decent person, at everything to do with my life but I don't get rewarded. It's one problem after another, one step forwards and 10 back all the time. People call me negative but they haven't a clue and just for the record I think I'm realistic! I also deal with everything alone, aloneness another Saturn favourite!

I am now 50 and I realise that I have spent my whole life, working very hard to achieve the life I would like but yet I am still not settled. I still don't know where I'm headed and what life has in store for me. I battle on from one problem or obstacle to the next hoping that at last a new job, or something will be my break but no there is always some issue; some fight, some problem to sort out. Anyone out there had the same experience?

It's all supposed to be in the name of spiritual growth and I think in that department I am sorted. I believe I would not survive if my self esteem was not very high. I judge myself on my true authentic self not on what I have, possess or have achieved. Just as well because it's zero on that front. Although I certainly do think I am a good, decent person, however.......!

At the end of the day I am human and no saint! Don't we all want and need good friends, good family members, people to share our lives with, some sort of a fulfilling life? In this material world it is easy to forget ones real self but I am never allowed to get away with that. Saturn being the ruthless taskmaster that he is, I am constantly called on to find strength from the inside not from possessions or achievements alas. Some would say that's a great thing and I tend to agree but does that mean you have to be struggling all the time? Surely I can learn the lesson without being made to feel frustrated and out of control of my life so often?!

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Oremie B 7 years ago from North London Author

Please let me know if you have had the experience of a prominent Saturn. Maybe not even a Capricorn but a prominent Saturn on your birth chart.

another frustrated cap 6 years ago

I feel the same. I thought it was suppose to be better when your older. I guess not.

OremieB 6 years ago

Glad to hear I am not the only one, you are the only one who has said they feel the same! Who are you by the way? And no it has got worse for me the older I've got! Hopefully things will get better for you as time goes by, good luck!

Sue 6 years ago

I also am a December 28 born Cappie. My life has been full of struggles. I do not think it will ever get better. Right now, I am at the point where i want ot give up on everything. The Astrologers say that 2010 will be better-NOT- has been even worse than 2009. I am very discouraged.

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Oremie B 6 years ago from North London Author

Oh shame! Sorry, I know the feeling, I can't believe I keep going sometimes because I just can't seem to get anywhere however hard I try! Yes, 2010 has been a real nightmare and I thought 2009 was bad as you say! Take care! Really nice to hear from you.

mindy 6 years ago

stay strong im a capricorn too and believe me i know how u feel

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Oremie B 6 years ago from North London Author

Thanks for that!

Cursed Capri 6 years ago

23 year old capri Jan 15. All online horoscopes predict my life word per word. I'm in the exact same boat as you. The sad part is that even after acknowledging it, there is absolutely nothing you can do to change it. If it's not a curse, I don't know what it is

Oremie B 6 years ago

Thanks for your comment, sad too because you are only 23,I did not feel so stricken at that age. Well I just thought it was life then and all I had to do was to persevere. Have things been so bad for you over the 23 years?

taylorfan 6 years ago

I know how you feel! I have cappie ascendent and moon, let's just say that my life to date has been one long struggle! Seriously you are not alone. as a child i faced struggles that no child should face. The only thing that got me through it was my sheer will. I would give anything not to have these placements! *hugs*

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Oremie B 6 years ago from North London Author

Thanks! Sorry to hear about your struggles in childhood,I believe that's the worst thing ever! As you say 'struggles that no child should face.'Take care!

Sue 6 years ago

December 28 1950 born Cappie. I believe with all my heart that being born a Capricorn is the absolute worst sign ever. I just do not understand why we have so many struggles that other signs do not. What's up with that? It is very very hard to be positive when you have Saturn kicking your but all the time....

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Oremie B 6 years ago from North London Author

Thanks for this, I am really thinking it's an absolute nightmare too being a Capricorn, although I do think maybe because of all the struggle we are a sign with potiential for greatness; if anything ever works out for us to get noticed in the first place of course!One problem after another, I wanted to write a book on my life and the focus being Saturn but surprise, surprise it got rejected and I've had so many other problems of late that I have so far sent the proposal to no more publishers. I should start a club on the internet or something. I thought things were bad anyway but this last year has been a real nightmare. I have not even written many articles on hubs because I get overwhelmed with the problems of daily living never mind anything else! At the mo I have damn neighbours above me smoking dope and the smell is coming down to me causing me the most awful headaches, nausea, tummy upsets, choking, coughing and other symptoms. I have been suffering for 6 months and trying to get the landlord/police to act. Nightmare! I am sick and tired of taking one step forward in life and 10 back! You take care anyway!

YoungCapricorn 6 years ago

Wow; i cant believe that there are others out there living a rough life as well. I am 19 and also a capricorn. 2010 has been such a rough year for. Nothing but bad luck. Two steps forward and five steps back is the way my life goes. I cant stand it. But glad to see im not the only one.

Oremie B 6 years ago

I suspected as much but this proves that there are Capricorns out there having the most awful time! Take care! And I plan to do something at some point to highlight this issue further, thanks for your comment.

doyal 6 years ago

i feel sad thatreaching ur age things didn't change

i just can say one thing believe in god

have blind faith we caps are the one chosen to rule thes underdeveloped people

iv seen so many capis leeding a shit youthcand a beautiful adulthood


bapitism through fire

Chris 6 years ago

I`m a capricorn born on jan 15 ... I´ve been reflecting a lot on my life and how hard everything seems to be for me. Whenever I have achieved something i have put 5 times the effort than normal. We are like the salmon swimming upstream...

I feel I´m really tough on myself many times and do not acknowledge my progress but I really feel like everyone else is progressing while I move at the speed of a turtle..

However I started this year practicing yoga everyday and somehow it is beginning to shift my perception of life, I am by nature really pessimistic but meditation and yoga really help u know. If you somehow manage to become your own best friend you will never be alone. So I guess capricorn needs to learn that no matter how lonely, and how hard life may be you do not need anything outside to make you happy you have yourself and you are the most amazing, beautiful blissful being there is.

Cheer up capricorns, may your journey be filled with love, wisdom and patience.


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Oremie B 6 years ago from North London Author

Nice comment thank you! I don't think I give myself a hard time, I know how much I've worked to make life what I wanted it to be and I know that I am a good person and I really like myself. But I would just like to enjoy the things everyone else enjoys for once! Take care! What do you think about a site for Capricorns to air their views etc (Capricorns Together could be the name of the site!

And thanks doyal for your comment! I answered this one first thinking it was the only new comment, so could not then give you an individual response.

Sue 6 years ago

Well, almost 3 weeks into 2011-everything still sucks like the past 3 years!!!! I think " Capricorns Together" would be kinda cool....

Oremie B 6 years ago

Same here alas! I think I should set up "Capricorns Together" thanks for your comment I'll see what I can do!

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Oremie B 6 years ago from North London Author

Comment just above this one is from me Oremie B, (in response to Sue) who wrote the article!

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Vmx-chick 6 years ago

Hi everyone,

I was born on Jan 1st and I just turned 26.

I'm a Capricorn who is struggling with the feels of the emptiness no matter how hard I work towards what I want.

The problem is, as soon as I achieve or get what I always wanted, it seems too easy that I don't know how to reward or praise myself...I almost get confused that I have no goals to achieve all of the sudden. When people tell me how proud of me they are, I can never accept it.

Now my problem is that I'm trying to open my own hair salon while I'm trying to practice my drumming skill so one day I can be in the band as well.

I always feel this aggressiveness that I can't help and it adds up this unwanted pressure on the relationship with my boyfriend who is a Leo.

I'm extremely feeling out of balance since I had to deal with some nasty stuff with my ex co-workers and trying to start up a new business past few weeks. However, my boyfriend wants more and more from me. He almost makes me feel like I'm a horrible person by telling me that all what he wants from me is to love him. He wants snuggle, watch TV with me and kiss him, love him, HIM.

He thinks it's such an easy thing to do but I find it's so tiring and draining. He seems not to understand that's not a true love to me. Then I ask myself what's true love? I have no freaking idea.

I want to be more loving person who is guilt free from being affectionate and can feel OK to just snuggle up and that's all what it is but the thought of wasting time right now and I can be doing something productive just freaks shit out of me.

It has been very tough year so far...well I always find that winter, most likely around my birthday is the toughest time for me....

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Oremie B 6 years ago from North London Author

Sorry to hear you are struggling! Keep working at it, as we Capricorns do. You seem to have things to work on and move forward with at least so hold tight and try to find some time for your guy! Take care!

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Vmx-chick 6 years ago

Hey Oremie,

Thanks for such quick's so sweet to know that there is someone out there who can understand the feel of being this way...a Capricorn!! I gotta try hard not to be so serious about my work all the time.

What were you doing when you were 26? I read your earlier posts and know that you still feel the same way....but you must have felt that there was something changed a little bit with your wisdom as you got older.

Do you think it's hard because of the way we are or just the paths we were given when we were born under this sign?

I like your kindness and care towards everyone on here. I feel like that's something I'm missing in myself sometimes.

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Oremie B 6 years ago from North London Author

Oh thanks so much for your lovely response,Capricorns are supposed to be very ambitious and serious and hard working so don't be too hard on yourself!

You know I can't even remember what I was doing at 26, let me work it out. Oh yes, I must have been working at Harrods and just finished my degree in Fashion. I worked there 3 days a week, at a cinema every evening afterwards and I used to go for interviews for fashion jobs on my days off! At the weekends I had a stall selling my designs with a friend who did fashion with me too! I was not aware that my life was so difficult then, I thought fashion was so competitive that I might never be lucky enough to get into it. A bit later I spent a year in Milan trying to get into fashion, had to give it up in the end alas! I also had loads of friends then even a boyfriend I think, so it didn't hit me till I had tried to get all kinds of work and could only seem to get the left overs time and time again and friends started to let me down all the time and on and on!

Yes, I am certainly wiser and I like myself but I think I've always been quite wise, never did really crazy stuff! Like I've never been drunk, people can't believe that! Never did crazy stuff and never wished to do crazy stuff! I guess I fit that boring Capricorn title. Although I don't think of myself as boring!

I think certainly in my case it's the paths I was given because looking back I can't say oh I was stupid to have done that or I should have behaved differently there. There are very few times when I feel I messed things up or something!!

Maybe you are working too hard to focus on your kind, caring side! I was working very hard at 26 too, thinking that was what I had to do to get anywhere. I got nowhere in the end career wise! But at least I tried because that was one of my dreams a great career!

All the best for now!

Oracle 5 years ago

I'm a Capricorn female born December 31, and I can agree with you about Capricorns being ambitious and successful, despite, horrific childhoods. Mine of course, consisted of abuse, neglect, abandonment, pain, suffering and disappointments. Not to mention facing ostracism and very bad reputation in high school and having no boyfriends--ever and no girlfriends either.

Also dealing with a schizophrenic mother and sister and men coming around all the time wanting to have sex with you and you are only 14 years old. When boys come around that are suppose to like you, notice they only come around when no ones sees them around. When at school they don't even acknowledge that you even exist. No one understands you and no one talks to you. No one even wants to be seen walking down the hall with you. Hey, I was by far bad looking too, no joke! But it did not matter. I missed out completely and totally, but my pain did not end there. However, I will stop there with the pain.

Capricorn is a very complex sign, it is the most dark and mysterious of all the zodiac. It will tread the deepest depths of the sea to the most high mountain peak. Let's not forget all world saviors are born in this sign. Suffering is part of our initiation no matter how uncomfortable and tiring. We have material and spiritual karma that must be worked through in our present lifetime because it is believed we will not be back. We are natural alchemists and true warriors and the problem with most of us is we often deviate from what we truly are. We mjust muster courage to face our lives and stop running from it. Believe it or not the world needs us, whether they will ever admit it.

We are beautiful, mesmerizing, smart as hell

Oracle 5 years ago

Sorry about the first post, I accidently posted it without proofreading and completing it.

...As I was saying we are smart as hell, and possess hypnotic eyes, any lover we seduce can be ours and will surrender, people fantasize about being with us. We are very passionate and are by far the best lovers of the entire zodiac. What makes us so interesting and sexy is the aloofness and coldness and self containment we possess. No one really knows us and it makes us very mysterious. A warning for the world: These characteristics should never be taken lightly, for when a Capricorn has evolved and pass initiation they become unlimited beings. Not to mention they are of the rarest of beings in the world.

We wear many masks and it is unfortunate for the world because they struggle to unlock us. It is too bad for them because they lack patience and understanding and deprive/deny themselves of a good thing. They lack confidence, don't they? We as Capricorns believe so wholeheartedly that we are unfortunate, but the truth is the world is also unfortunate. Didn't they know something this magnificent would not be so easy to come by!

No matter how struggling or unproductive we may seem we are responsible and often feel cheated at life. I know I do. I'm coming around though. We always prevail, we always succeed no matter how long it takes. It takes a mighty and courageous person to be a Capricorn. We are a done deal, it doesn't get any better than us.

My advice to all Capricorns is eat healthy and exercise and show your body and the universe appreciation for making us not age with time. Be very good to your body. We stay young for a very long time. Also learn everything--literally everything. Believe me it will be of great benefit to you. Also realize that the powers of the earth and universe are attracted to this sign. So be very careful of your passions and desires and please humble yourselves. Do not envy or be jealous of anyone. Treat everything and everyone with kindness and gentleness and try not to get mad, but stay calm and watch the universe unfold for you! I could say more on this point.

Correction: Hey, I was by far not bad looking too.

Oremie B 5 years ago

Thanks for this, sounds like your childhood was indeed a nightmare. Mine was ok, adulthood has been the problem! Not that I didn't have difficult issues as a child to deal with (bullying sister etc). But my childhood was ok, priveledged in many ways and full of opportunities. Adulthood has been exeedingly difficult by comparison. But yes, we have great potential!

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Oremie B 5 years ago from North London Author

Sorry missed the 'C' in exceedingly and I wasn't given the usual chance to correct.

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Oremie B 5 years ago from North London Author

Oracle, did you read my hub on a website for Capricorns, Capricorns Together, what did you think? In fact what did any of you Capricorns think of it! I haven't had any comments.

Oracle 5 years ago

Oremie B, I think it's great. I'm sitting here thinking of a name for you. I even made a long comment. It talks about us definitely. It is so true, but we must reach the summit!

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Oremie B 5 years ago from North London Author

Thanks, I was just reading your last comment again and I must say I think it's much harder if you have had a rotten childhood, I don't know how people who have been through hell in childhood cope! Yesterday I was watching Oprah interview Tyler Perry (Oprah is my heroine, if you hadn't noticed)and OMG what a childhood! So sad and yours seems as if it was really bad too, childhood is not supposed to be a time for suffering! Tyler said his father hated him so much and he couldn't understand why which rang a bell for me because I always thought my sister hates me so much but why, because I did nothing to her?! But that's it for me but all the abuse he suffered, he was telling Oprah with tears in his eyes at 43 and so successful. Gosh talk about sins of the fathers!

And it was true what you said on my other hub about others getting more benefits for much less contribution than you or Capricorns. You weren't complaining too much!

5 years ago

Guys 2010 was really bad, what to say......... does any one know if one can find out the end of struggle period

Oremie B 5 years ago

I don't know I'm afraid, are you a Capricorn!

Max the Cap 5 years ago

The traits of every Capricorn are always similar in each way but remember its how and what u do which makes an individual u can be anything or be nothing with these traits it all up to u.

some guy 5 years ago

Hi everyone,

I am a guy born on 31st december 1983. Its so fucking bullshit to be a capricorn. No one understands you.No one understands you.No one understands you.No one understands you.No one understands you.No one understands you.No one understands you. After all the bloody pain i endured in my life being alone. Its unbearable. Can anyone tell me when this shit is going to end? Last night i tried to kill my self...drank half litre of vodka. puked and found myself alive again. My parents and family is good. But its hard to be intimate with anyone really. I dont know how is life is going to be for my wife when i get married. Just someone please tell me when this shit gets over???

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Oremie B 5 years ago from North London Author

Take it easy for a start! At least you are getting married to someone you love I presume!? So you can work it out together. That is a big plus, you will have someone by your side, which will help! Plus a good family you say so you have some good things to hold on to! Take care!

lyle  5 years ago


someguy 5 years ago

Hi Oremie B,

As i said its hard to be intimate with someone, there is no way to be in love with someone:) Thanks Lyle.Good Luck all of you caps for your next birth.

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Oremie B 5 years ago from North London Author

Lyle, what you say is so true!

Someguy, not sure why you are getting married if '...there is no way to be in love with someone and its hard to be intimate with someone??!' But take care anyway!

Angel 5 years ago

I was dating a Capri born on January 19th, 1981. He seemed very troubled. He was in a bad marriage, and his wife wouldn't give him a divorce, which led him to cheating. Despite knwledge of his cheating ways, she still wouldn't give him a divorce. She thretened to tell his commanding officer and even went off the record by posting a nasty blog about him. He always had financial difficulty. he was always down and sometimes depressed.I was his confidante for a while. he always had financial difficulty. his car would often break down. Sometimes I wonder if there was another zodiac sign that would break the Capri curse.

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Oremie B 5 years ago from North London Author

Hmm!Shame! And I thought if you were born late in Jan, you would be ok! The new Dutchess of Cambridge,(Kate Middleton)is a Capricorn born on the 9th of Jan. She is not showing any of the cursed Capricorn signs yet! Maybe she has a fantastically placed Saturn and Jupiter??!!

Sergio 5 years ago

I'm a capricorn like you and I can't believe what I'm reading!

I don't know whom you've come in contact with but I tell you my thing: everyone has problems. I know Gemini, Aries guys, who do have their problems, who went through depressions. So what? They're not Capricorns, they face life in other ways. Geminis minds scatter in myriad of different thoughts and people, and that's the way they escape from problems. We are capricorns, and we can't escape, we have to face ourselves first of all. Is this a trap? Not at all. The fact is in my opinion, capricorn's life becomes full of enthusiasm when he starts following his goals, always and always following them. One goal reached? Set another. Stay on track. Work, work and work. As This is what gives sense, colours, brilliance and fortune to our lives. Yes you're right, we have to work hard and always. But you are forgetting one thing everyone has to! Just do it and stay humble and don't complaint. You won't ease your pain by complaining. You will do that by lookning inside yourself, then look others, and see what went wrong. "Am I doin' the right thing? Is it really the fates' or others' fault, or maybe I could have done things in other ways?". When you think you're unlucky, think well: there's surely someone out there who's having more problems than you right. And maybe he's tryin' to fix them somehow: that's it. Don't give faults to the stars, because they can't do anything about it. Instead, you can. YOU HAVE TO TRY IT. Always! Work hard, and whenever you can, have fun. Everyone who has success must do this. And everyone who has everything comin' easy, will soon or later have to pass through ordeals: when this happens, other people soon try to find a shortcut or change or whetver..and we don't. We think life is a cheat. Wrong, capricorns. What we have to learn is that: Life isn't perfect as we would want it to be. We would like to be superhumans and the world to be perfect and mathematical. Well, Life is human. Life has errors. It works this way. You have to stand up,capricorn and try back, because you're human too, regardless of the year period you were born in!. Trial and error, never give up, because for EVERYONE this is life. Trying, falling, gettin' back on your feet again. Watch other people, capricorns. Then watch yourselves. Set your goals by understanding what could be better not only for you, but also for the whole community. Capricorn is the sign of Achievement. The tenth house, The Medium Coeli: our earthly and spiritual goals. The verb is not "I achieve". It is "We achieve". We have to set our goals to improve our lives and those of our community. No egoistic goal or life will ever be really happy, in time.

Learn to love others and forgive them for their mistakes capricorns. Then you'll learn to love yourself, and above all, to forgive yourself when you fall, and be ready to stand up again and....get back to work and follow your goals!

Sergio 5 years ago

Capricorns, read this article from Soul-Centered Astrology by Alan Oken

"The Sun enters Capricorn December 21st. This is the day of the Winter Solstice, and the shortest day and the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere.

The best time of the year to tune into the peaceful stillness of the Earth is when the Sun is in Capricorn. Capricorn lends us a moment of silence so we can actually listen to and hear our Soul speak to us about why we are here, what contribution we have to make to the world. It is this experience of Oneness that crystallizes Capricorn's commitment to serve humanity and this deep experience within yourself that will help you define your unique contribution.

As the cold winter sets in, and we get in touch with our deep insecurities, we light the Yuletide fires to warm our bodies and brighten our spirits. As the Sun emerges from its sleep, we rejoice at the fact that the days will now become longer. We feel spiritually regenerated as "the dark night of the soul" fades into the past and we get ready to celebrate the New Year. Capricorn announces its commitment to a new life and a New Year.

We are all influenced by the energy and modalities of the particular sign that the Sun moves through. When the Sun was in Sagittarius we may have felt excited and restless. Capricorn gives us a moment of time out, especially during the holiday season, to regroup, to re-evaluate our lives, to consolidate our energy and in January to get back to work. While the Sun is in Capricorn from December 21 through January 19, 2001 it is wise to take advantage of the stable moment of the Earth energy to assess our past and design our future.

Capricorn is the most stoic of the Earth Signs. The earth signs deal with matter and material reality and are concerned with the laws and workings of the physical plane and how to direct energy to create in the most solid dimension of reality. The Earth signs are associated with physical resources, the environment, money, work, security, basic needs, service and achievement. *(1) The Earth signs are also related to the five senses and sensations perceiving reality through the rational mind, i.e. what they observe, hear, taste and touch and through their sensations, i.e. what they feel in their bodies.

In the physical world our efforts, mistakes, actions and thoughts produce tangible results. Since tangible techniques and tools are required to survive and thrive on Planet Earth for Capricorn these tools typically include self-discipline, caution, thrift, perseverance and hard work.

Capricorn teaches us that to feel useful, we must each offer our unique contribution to the collective whole of which we are a part. We establish our sense of worth by offering our service. We are rewarded through recognition, money and material payment or gifts. It's Earthly role is to define and encode the Laws of Manifestation. This is the sign that creates the structures and order that bring the Divine Plan into physical existence while teaching us to acquire the emotional stability, surefootedness, and the ability to function wisely in the physical world--the prerequisites for taking on a major responsibility for world service.

Capricorn is about ambitions but when these are defined in terms of solely material gains, we create karma and activate our fate instead of our destiny. Our attachment to material wealth and gain is often challenged by the physical loss of things, situations and persons. Our "karmic lessons" teach us about our own mortality and the cause and effect relationship between our fear driven desires and thoughts. These lessons are not meant as punishment. Capricorn discovers that the purpose of loss, restriction and limitation is to educate itself about the guidelines and parameters for spiritual manifestation of its own Soul path and the expression of a spiritual life on Planet Earth; to learn to move out of egotistical greed into a mindset of sustainable abundance.

Some Capricorns are doggedly attached to the physical world, possessions and status: fixated on amassing objects and property. Their obsession with creating a world of appearances is an attempt to cover up a deep inner insecurity and fear of not getting their needs met. What is possible and desirable is defined by social mores, family conditioning and often a "keeping up with the Jones" mentality. This Capricorn denies the spiritual basis of life because it simply does not perceive anything else than what it sees with its physical senses. Their problems are seemingly of a material nature. They are apprehensive about not having enough, losing what they have and not getting what they want. They are preoccupied, worried and always seem to be fighting an uphill battle as fear is the glue that keeps their limited worldview, trauma-oriented outlook and excess emotional baggage strapped to their back. Until this baggage of fears and insecurities is dropped they will continue to re-create the same old stories and scenarios throughout their life. Once they willingly listen to their own internal guidance and intuition they no longer sabotage their own journey.

Other Capricorns begin to see the spiritual value in the Earthly lessons that they have attracted. Life becomes less of a burden and more of a learning center. Material forms become tools to accomplish goals. Money becomes a means to achieve desirable ends, not an end in itself.

One of the major turning points now in their life is reorienting their desire for worldly status and recognition to making their unique contribution to the world. Since they will always be motivated and ambitious the question now is motivated by what? When their goals are defined in terms of world service, they feel less burdened.

Their inner drive becomes a viable and valuable asset to accomplishing their tasks. There is no harder worker than the Capricorn who is determined to reach its goals. The patience, fortitude, fairness and seriousness of purpose empower it each step of the way. The key ingredient now is to be unattached to the glory or even the success of its projects; now the real goal is not the goal, but the appreciation of the Path and the enjoyment of the moment.

The awakening of this profound awareness in consciousness opens its inner vision where they now tune into the Divine Plan and align their will with Divine Will. Their evolved intelligence is able to synthesize and integrate multiple objectives of the Plan. Their worldly gifts enable them to organize physical resources to bring goals to fruition by combining physical, mental and emotional strength giving power to eliminate outdated forms and structures and to create new ones.

Now they are one of God's most effective servants in manifesting Heaven on Earth. *(2) Having opened the door of their Destiny they have liberated themselves from their attachment to form and material illusions. They are free to serve humanity and be rewarded for their ability to see and manifest spiritual reality on Earth.

Capricorn's territory includes ambition, recognition, honour, achievement, authority and purpose. This is the businessperson with the mental acuity that knows what needs to be done and how to do it. It is also the worker bee that accomplishes the task.

Capricorn symbolizes the outer image that one projects into the world, which is determined by the inner image that one has of one's role in the world. The need to achieve and to prove its self worth is not a superficial egotistical goal. It must make a contribution to society by expressing its unique purpose.

The life challenge is to overcome the obstacles and difficulties that seem to always delay and get in the way of its achievement and success. One key that unlocks the door is self-determination. Capricorn must exercise its own free will, make its own choices and take responsibility for its own life. It must quit blaming others for its plight. It must learn to accept the preparation and hard work that it takes to manifest its dreams in physical reality. It must honour and utilize the

Sergio 5 years ago

The life challenge is to overcome the obstacles and difficulties that seem to always delay and get in the way of its achievement and success. One key that unlocks the door is self-determination. Capricorn must exercise its own free will, make its own choices and take responsibility for its own life. It must quit blaming others for its plight. It must learn to accept the preparation and hard work that it takes to manifest its dreams in physical reality. It must honour and utilize the power of its inner drive, instead of using it to beat itself up.

Capricorn must learn to enjoy its work because it is not here to rest. It is here to make lasting changes and leave a legacy. When it realizes the importance of its "assignment", discovers its own role and purpose and cooperates with the Plan, it is able to transcend fate and its fatalistic mentality. Setbacks and delays will be replaced by a slow, but steady, climb to the summit of success. Capricorn teaches us that we are all born with gifts, but in order to express them in life we must be able to meet our challenges with courage, patience and skill.

Psychological challenges include fear of failure, sensitivity to the opinions of others, self-questioning and a basic sense of inadequacy. Capricorn must learn how to overcome inertia and get started. One key is to establish goals based on its intuitive guidance, not external values set by others and society. It teaches us that if we truly prepare ourselves, we often find ourselves in positions of great responsibility and authority.

Capricorn helps us get in touch with our own mortality, not to make us pessimistic or fatalistic, but to motivate us to truly live full, rich lives. Capricorn helps us realize that our greatest fear is not of dying, but the fear of the tragic possibility that we could end our lives feeling that we never really lived.

It is perhaps universally true that once "we see the light" we wonder why we wallowed so long in the darkness. Capricorn energy teaches us that the reason is we have to learn our lessons first. Plodding through physical reality takes time. Capricorn instructs us to be thorough. Once we have learned and are wise in worldly ways, we are truly ready to take the next step up the mountain of evolution.

Oremie B profile image

Oremie B 5 years ago from North London Author

Interesting! I agree with some of what you say and I do believe in lessons and spiritual growth (check out my paragraph on it all being in the name of spiritual growth etc)!

I think all we are saying is that it is hard to live in our society with so many experiences being to teach us this that and the other. It's harsh and very difficult but we are not giving in! I keep trying and hoping regardless.

In fact I leave London on the 2nd Aug for a job in Saudi Arabia, personal training in a beautiful Spa/Gym. So with any luck things are about to change for me after years of failures and hard work (and I am not ashamed who knows that and what anyone thinks because I know I have tried my best always and have been the kind of person I want to be. I am very proud of the way I have acted and conducted myself over the years of struggle. And I might have attracted these hard lessons to me by way of being a Capricorn but I have done nothing in life which has caused the problems I have had to deal with. Check out Saturn- A New Look at an Old Devil by Liz Greene.

But it does help to know that others feel the same way and see that they struggle too, that's all we are doing here! Plus don't forget that with the complexity of astrology some Capricorns or those with a prominent Saturn will suffer more than others.

Thanks for your comments!

Ivan 5 years ago

Hi, I can relate to all this. When I was a teenager , my mother got it into her head that I wanted to kill her so I could go and live with my father(they are divorced). This went for several years.... Four years ago I bought an apartment , thought that finally the sun was shining down on me, and the construction company went bust without building my apartment. What I surprise. I should have known better than expect something good from life. What is this? What kind of perverse fate , destiny, God will do this. We are asked to be compassionate, and what about the thing up there, where did he forget his mercy and compassion. After all, you can only take so much. Wrong, the Lord says:you can take so much more!!!

Ivan 5 years ago

If I did sound bitter , that's because I feel that way. Í am on stand by mode now, waiting for the coup de grace, the final blessing from the Almighty. praised be his name. Feel just like captain Ahab from Moby Dick, shaking his fist at the heavens. After all, that is all the choice I have. I realised that this was a curse a few months ago when the girl I was in love for five years turned me down because I was not rich. So this is the moral for a Capricorn:First, life grinds you down in the dirt, slowly, methodically, until you come to look like dirt yourself, and then(boy this is good) life sends the girl you were in love for years to mock you!!!

First grinds you down, then mocks you for being down. And if you just dare, if you just have the cheek to dust yourself off and rise, lo and behold , the just anger of his Omnipotence swoops down on you. Praise the Lord!!! Amen!!!

Oremie B profile image

Oremie B 5 years ago from North London Author

Only just got these comments, sorry! But thanks for them!

Ladydb 5 years ago

Hi OremieB, I have been reading your blog for the last few days and everything you have said resonates with my life. I try very hard not let all the harships, bad luck, betrayals by family and friends and lack of support take me down, however it has taken a toll on my joy and personal happiness. I have to dig deep to rise again each time the little black cloud shows up. I send all my best to every Cappy here who wondering why me. So all I can say at this time is keep looking for that rays of sunshine and keep our heads up to the sky.

arsh 4 years ago

I am sailing on the same boat and born on 29th dec.

Still learning 4 years ago

Ok I am a Dec.26 th cap...talik about being screw from birth.. Yes my birthday was often forgotten even by my parents. So started life as many capicorns under the bottom of shit.. I am very true to my sign in all ways. The last 3 years have been hell but also enlightening. I am fully disabled as a result of someone else . I have always been an overachiever and love to fight the fight. I find strength in the words " no or you can't may favorite you'll never win". Even when life has handed me shit I will find a way to use it. What I have learned is I never saw the good or the wins in my life. I can't drive or work and that's the easiest parts of my life. I have to go against myself to find myself ... What a difference this has made. I lost my dreams my money , independence stability all that I place my value in. I lost me. Now I realize that was not me and I am greater than all of that. I know on my worst day I have to only do 1 thing BREATH ..

tress 4 years ago

;/ fml! I feel that same way... feel like you have to weight of the earth on your shoulders, nothing ever goes the way you want, no recognition for your hard work! Alone and feel like no one cares :/ -.- siggghhhh

Josiah 4 years ago

Hi everyone. I may not be a Capricorn, but I have four planets in Capricorn, including my Moon and Saturn and I can say that life feels like one gigantic curse. Sometimes I wonder why the hell I'm even here. Let down after let down after let down after letdown; will it ever end? I'm only 21 (will be 22 in June) and I feel like this! NOTHING ever goes right! And just when it looks like it's about too -- BAM! Misfortune bitch slaps you right on the cheek. No rest, day or night. Constant struggle. But I do feel like a fighter. I may get down and depressed and so gloomy that it's like a rain cloud follows me everywhere I go, but even in the most thickest of darkness, I always feel like there is at least the tiniest glint of light. And I swear before the universe and before God himself that I will turn that damn glint into a fucking solar flare. One day soon...

krishnan 4 years ago

much said about capricorneans and their ill luck - the ignored - the downtrodden- but wonder why ? why is it has to be this way ? why was it cursed ? do we wrong severely in some past life ? are we being punished by awarded with a dreadful life- how is the end going to be ? will there be solace ?

momina 4 years ago

im also a capricorn.. 31st december.. n its exactly the story of my life... struggles, hurdles, rejection, heartbreak! stress... and what not.. i dont know what to do, y always me?? i have gone through so much in my life that i cant even explain.. bad luck.. just plain bad luck!

111 4 years ago

sorry to say but its good to see other people of the club, we so much ambition and hard work and so less achievement, i wonder what almighty has in store for us..................

Searching 4 years ago

I was born 1/15 and I have read so much on this topic. I find it very difficult to believe our Soul's purpose centers around growth through severe life obstacles and restrictions, one after another. I consider myself ambitious but my true desire is to experience happiness through relationships. Love seems to be the most restricted in my life!

unimaginable 4 years ago

i'm also a capri i also never thought that there are people who are experiencing exactly the same as me.. i'm having hard times, things do not go as i'd planned, i feel always lonely and depressed like any moment i could kill myself, even if I've achieved something i feel numb like what i did is not worth it... people keep cheering me up and i also try my best to laugh even though inside i'm not happy... i feel sick like i'm trapped. i want to get out but there's something that "keeps" me from doing so... i've searched the net for answers but i couldn't find any this started when i was in my 4th yr highschool :( i feel like giving up :(

profile image

rbb 4 years ago

I am also a Capricorn.

I have all the usual Capricorn traits. Life was very hard when I was younger, I suffered depression since I was a child, but they say that with age life becomes better and easier for Capricorns. I'm not sure if this is true. One word which I think embodies Cap's is 'struggle'. We suffer a lot of adversity, and we carry big loads- often times we feel like the weight is too much to bear and the mountains never end-but we have to give ourselves credit- we still keep climbing! I think we are one of the strongest signs- we suffer in silence (for the most part). It is hard being a Capricorn, but I think we have a depth to us which others could never fathom.

Cid 3 years ago

I'm a Dec.28th Cap, and I totally understand!!! We remain hopeful, and continue to climb as goats! Maybe we could organize a "Bad Cap Life" gathering??!!! Just an idea...Feel better folks! Much Love!

Bad$eeD 3 years ago

I am a New Years Eve born Capricorn. Life has diffenently served me bad hands at times. Struggle has been my middle name. I am burdened with all of the traits of a Capricorn but know that the most meaningful ones are what lift us up above most people. I wouldn't say that I am glad to hear that many of my Cap Family struggle in life, but it does let me know that I am not alone. We have to keep a positive mind even in the mist of failing or under achieving. Something we Caps dread the most. Stay strong Capricorns. Continue to work hard! Remember the pay-off is the mountain top. Saturn will soon bless us just as it has cursed us. And please never forget we are the leaders in Life and Love.

test 3 years ago


SadOne 3 years ago

I'm not a Capricorn but have had one of the worst lives ever--terrible childhood, dysfunctional family, poverty, health problems, everything that could possibly go wrong. All my life I've worked hard to create a better life for myself. I've prayed and prayed, gone to church, meditated, tried Wiccan spells, gone to psychics, gotten therapy, etc., but tragedies just keep coming.

I've met people who didn't work as hard as I have, who partied all the time, abused drugs, had to go into rehab, went to jail--all kinds of stuff. Yet they're doing better than I am! And I was always the nerd who stayed sober, studied, got good grades in school, etc. I think our society rewards jerks and punishes those of us who try to do the right thing really.

I'd had a dream about it once when I was very young, that I would have a tragic life. I forgot about the dream until recently as I've gotten to a point where I see my life unfolding in a very bad way.

Sadly, that dream turned out to be true. I now believe that I was cursed in some way and have actually considered seeing a priest for an exorcism. Seriously, if you knew what I'd been through, you'd understand.

Point is, it isn't Capricorns who suffer. It's just those of us who were born under an unlucky star or who'd had a curse placed on us at birth.

w nolan 3 years ago

wow ! ! where do i start its been so hard like you all said its one thing after another can never seem to win and for some strange reason no matter what's thrown at me i always keep going where a lot of people wouldn't what i would like to no is there ever goin to be a good brake for us ? ? or is this IT ?

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Goat Thirsty 3 years ago

Being a Capricorn male, Life is hard. I was told when I was younger that life was going to be difficult for me. Your going to live a rough life. But DAM. I'm trying my best to build some daily motivation bout myself idea of Sports accomplishments. Figures of Football, Basketball, Baseball. It was working, now I sort of lost possessions as a ball carrier, came up short on reaching home plate. I write down notes about my bad encounters, their results, and others smooths intentions. Their straight out humiliation pass over on me. Bullied in relationships, fact I wasn't home alot away from home get my drift. My female friend at the time told me Capricorn sucks. Who's paying the bills around here, talking like that. Capricorn, monopolyzed on the job. It's funny how a sorcer lady said to me thatI encounter bad luck August 2012/ a curse. At best interest keep striving on what you are pursue on becoming, no one can't fix it but me.

When will the day come for me to strive, QUESTION MARK THAT. Not all Capricorn are Shun, any other sign of birth get's High Five. Capricorn don't get credit that they deserved. It's a Roller Coaster life for me Up/ Down. Have it for a minute, Lost again. Trying to Kill this Poor George life. Poor planning did lead to poor results. Peace.

profile image

Goat Thirsty 3 years ago

As Capricorns, we should identify our own downfalls. In relationships dealing with Virgo's we will always be at fault. I hate when a lady starts bringing up Relationship Fees when I can't even build something with this cat. Theirs always silent weapons & quiet wars. Pay attention out there. Be the game changer, don't let nobody govern your livelyhood. Something I learn recent about people that some people are Competitive, some are Cooperative. Those whom are Cooperative sit and wait loose out. Competitors win some lose some. But we can't keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Capricorn can be suckers for being in time of need for a friend or cousins,girl friend but they ass will leave you hangin. When you start living for other people you ain't gonna have **it your dam self. Draw the line, it's competition going on you may not know about.

Play your cards right like a game of Poker dealing with people, think before providing assistance. Hold back now. The reward maybe right before your eyes. Capricorns are good at Spelling the word fun. Keep up the bad work.

profile image

Goat Thirsty 3 years ago

Random, Gotta play the fool to catch up with the wise, Capricorns.

InASense 3 years ago

The Planetary Influence of Saturn is like a prison. No matter if a non-cap has a lot of saturnal influence in their charts, I don't believe it's anything like being a cap. And yes we can be pessimistic but most of the time it's just being realistic. Some people just look at realism as pessimism, when we're just speaking the truth. I am 29 and it gets harder for me year by year.

Caps 3 years ago

I am born on Januray 27th, 1971 but i am told by an astrologer that i am a capricorn and i have all the traits of a capricorn and face lot of delays in all aspects of life, no matter what it is, but i have been rewarded for the hard work and setbacks by staurn from time to time. Saturn tests you but also gives you in abundance when time comes. I am one of the highest paid and respected employee in my industry. The most difficult jobs in the office are thrown at me since bosses know that only i can do it. I can understand the problems faced by all of you as i also go through the same but there is light at the end of the tunnel that's for sure.

Ivan 3 years ago

general sense of all-pervasive meaninglessness, dread. Tired of this weight. Others judging me for being weird. Capricorns are in a war of attrition against a formidable enemy: karma, fate or smth., and no one who's had it nice and smooth can relate to it. I want to shake it off, but it's a clinger. Life hits so hard, when you stop spinning, you don't know which way you are facing. Others laughing at you for acting dizzy. But, still we trudge on, one step at a time. It must be for a reason. Keep up the fight. Love you all.

San 3 years ago

The sign of capricorn is related to Karma and it means that you clean all your past life dues in this life.

Yes it is a tough life but it is also something which makes us strong than others.

Famous Capricorns:

Michal Schumacher, Issac Newton, Muhammad ali, Anthony Hoopkins, Denzel Washington etc etc...

We are achievers and achievers always have opposition. The best steel is made in the most gruelling heat.

As a capricorn i have had a lot of external problems, family disputes, sibling issues, monetary problems... but it has also made me more matured and experienced in life.

The key is, capricorn denotes spiritual growth. This spiritual growth only happens when everything external fails to impress us and we turn inwards. That is when the real journey starts.

Hence yoga and meditation.

mountaingoat 3 years ago

Hi, i'm a 22 y/o caps. Just like some of you, my childhood is kinda nightmare. Got bullied all the time, etc. Fortunately, i got some loyal friends.

Today, as i'm yet to reach my quarter of century, i'm struggling everyday toward my dreams, and some of those effort has finally paid off. I work in academic field.

Oh, i got a girlfriend once, she is a virgo, nearly perfect for me, well, she cheated on me. Fortunately i could see the brightside after we broke up.

My love life now is great but confusing, i play it cool, being myself, being what a cap normally do, i don't do anything, not even flirt, but so many girls fancy me.

Young, i am. But hopefully, by speaking through my experience, all i can say is just being yourself, never give up, and always try to see the brightside is the best advice. If life gives you hard times, c'est la vie! Don't be a whiner! Face it!

I won't wish any luck because perhaps we won't have or even need any. Take care, caps!

addi 2 years ago

add me up to ur list..

jst wnted to know.. Do capriz also face health problems.. 2 years ago

do capriz also face health problems..

laid 2 years ago

im a Capricorn born january 10th i've had hell since the day im came out the sacks. I was a heroin baby couldn't hear for the first 4 years of my life couldn't talk until I was five didn't start walking until I was 6. never knew my mother. barley knew father treated me like I wasn't his child never loved. stepmother use to beat me. i have 14 felonies on my record from crimes i never commited or went to jail for. no one will hire me. my girlfriend thinks im to good to be true. cause she cant fault me on any thing. my family never visits me and oh yea father kicked me out the house at 14 don't know why never asked never went back home im 33 now. i met my mother for the first time i was 23 i decided to get closer to her she just used me i ask do she love me she said no with a strait face. she my sisters and my little brother my never said he loved me either i never asked they never was there for me they don't even know my kids. want love the or spend time with them. i never sleep don't know how . don't know what its like to know what love is. i live inside my self. prayers never answered. don't really matter. just trys it but nothing ever. i love myself and everyone else more. if i was to become rich i probably would give it all away cause nothing means nothing. were made to be sucked dry so the world can live i guess. my world as a capricorn.

shilpa 2 years ago

I m also Capricorn girl born on 23rd Dec.. My life is also full of struggle. I work so hard in my life bt nvr get reward. I m completely fedup from my life.. Nw m 27 yrs old nd in last 10 yrs I met 3 boys nd all of dem dumped me vry badly. Evn my best frndz also cheated me. M broken completely, depressed nd dnt knw wht to do? Wht is my future is all about wht will I do.

As u said 'one step forwards and 10 back all the time'. Same with me sometimes I feel I must end my life :'(

an Indian 2 years ago

Hi Oremie....

I am an Indian. Unlike western astrology, we follow vedic astrology where we go by moon sign (Zodiac) and not sun sign. I was born on June 15th and I am a capricorn (by zodiac or moon sign and not sun sign). i read your experience and the experience of other capricorns in life. I agree to all this. You are 100 % true. I am 27 years old and from my birth until now, i have had everything in my life..... extreme sufferings and at the same time good things after the corresponding self sacrifice. this is a mysterious sign. we are the darker signs of the Zodiac (after Scorpio and Cancer). i have seen Scorpio women suffer a lot more than Capricorn men. where as we see that other zodiacs do not suffer much. All these are basically because of our Karma (be it in this birth or the previous birth). we will suffer a lot for our bad thoughts, speech and actions, however, small they might be, as compared to people of other zodiac signs. This is what Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism or Jainism tells in their respective spiritual books.

Scorpios love 100 % honesty and they are the most sexual people in the world. They will love to be at the top of their profession. but, they will get everything that they want only after suffering to the complete extent that will let them get what they want. Be it an honest life partner or a n achievement in their career attained through honest means.

Cancer people are known for the 100 % love and care they show towards others. But, they will get true loving people around them only if they are 100 % true to others around them. This needs some constant suffering and self sacrifice of some innate bad qualities to reach this position.

Capricorns are 100 % devoted o their career. But, unlike other signs, they can reach the pinnacle of their career/ profession only after a long struggle. This will demand a real test of patience, perseverance, truth and honesty. They might end up not getting what they want or, falling short of what they want. But, the path will tell them the purpose of their life and will also make them sacrifice all their worst deeds and also neutralize their worst Karma. And, of course, this path will involve complete tenure of frustrations with some light breathe of happiness.

profile image

StatelyWayneManor 2 years ago

Ok fellow Capricorns. Have the last 3 months been unusually horrible-even for us? Or is it just me?

Please let me know.

profile image

Gem girl 2 years ago

I am a Gemini girl and it’s very sad for me to read these posts. I truly think Capricorn is the best sign of Zodiac. I find you guys amazing, deep, trustworthy, extremely intelligent, sweet and caring. My ex-husband is Capricorn and he is a great man.

According to Astrology, Gems are twofaced, backstabbing, cheating liars. Speaking of being misunderstood. I never cheat, betray and most loyal you can get. I am educated, having a great job and a successful career. But all my life I struggle with love and push away everything good comes my way, because of my insecurities. So there, we all have our demons.

And I am currently in love with another Cappy who is amazing in every way…..and who does not and will never love me back. He thinks Gems are bipolar monsters. So there…

Don’t give up guys, you are beautiful human beings….

profile image

yiddy 2 years ago


Yup! Jan and Feb were supposedly bringing some slow changes. March, April and May were supposed to bring changes of such orders of excellence, that they'd reinvent society. June and so far July have been just another "but wait, by the time the month's over, you'll be really pleased with the'll be worth it" - BS!!!

I'm not religious, spiritual or any of that stuff, but I do tend to follow horoscopes with some intent. tends to be pretty much spot on for daily and weekly stuff, but as far as anything else goes, it's a complete lie. 2009 was simply a straight-down downhill ride, with no changes. cainer's descriptions of 2010 depicted utopia, but (alike per a comment made here some years back), was just about the worst yet - Not a slimmer of hope. 2011, which was supposed to be a stepping stone, was a straight replica of 2010, but with practically nothing happening. 2012 was somehow meant to bring magnificent changes, and 2013 was supposed to revolutionize existence. 2014 too. So far, 2012/13/14 have been nothing but a monotonous counting of time, and more letdowns.

Alike many here, I'm very much surprised that there are others like me. It doesn't bring hope, but makes it at least a very tiny bit easier to bare. I'm not even going to list all the stuff I had to deal with so far, but as a composite of a number of posts say: it's an uphill battle, one step forward, ten backward, and a letdown after letdown, no matter how close or hopefully it may get. There's always something to put up with, a bunch of effort, then a complete letdown when the thing doesn't work out and those that you put your confidence into, don't even have a clue what it was they asked you to sacrifice to begin with!!!

Horoscopes do bring a bit of closure, but as of around March or so, I've simply given up. There's a limit to everything...and all that they've been saying so far, is "it'll get better, REEEEEEAAAAALLLLLL gimme subscription money".

profile image

yiddy 2 years ago

It seems editing is a little complicated here.

An edit/addon: It seems just about everyone can waltz into practically all kinds of levels of relationships, even without trying...except for Capricorns. Sure, not all of them are perfect, but at least they have someone. Just about every kind of a lowlife seems to be able to get close to someone, but when I even distantly dare to wish for it, it only brings disastrous results. I guess watching from the side is enough for our sign.

Steve 2 years ago

I know exactly how you feel. My sun is in 19 degrees Capricorn. My moon and ascendant are also in a direct square with my saturn. So I've got Saturn affecting my sun, moon, and ascendant.

All I can say is that every day of my life, there is hell to pay, with interest.

Both of my parents are extremely abusive. So I've left.

Ive been homeless, and worked like hell to get off the streets. I have been single since I was 20... I'm 26 now. Women just... Don't talk to me. Hardly anyone does. No matter how much I smile. I don't drink... No drugs. I just exercise and meditate.

Again. I don't do anything impulsive.... I just meditate and exercise and work... Yet I can hardly afford to live in a modest apartment and eat. I'm just always serious.

One step forward for ten steps back... I like that.

As far as possessions.... All I have are clothing and a bike.

There is always some incredible obstacle... The only time I am not absolutely depressed is when I am meditating.

I ran a half marathon and came in 44th out of 3000. Clearly, I have willpower. I find it odd that with all that stamina, I can hardly survive in "the real world". It's actually unreal, how hard my life is... It's like saturn takes reality and twists it against my favor.

But I am a good person.... Even though most people can only see my straight face... Because I HAVE to be serious all the time.

No one really knows... But I am a very good person. And that's all I have.

Steve 2 years ago

In response to what Sergio said...

It may be one step forward for ten steps back.... But the steps forward still remain.

My life is an intense challenge to survive... To keep my mind together after all the trauma and abuse from my family and homelessness.

But my life is getting better.... Very very slowly.

And I wouldn't be able to make it through today if I hadn't been through yesterday. My health is amazing and I'm sure that I will be alive for a long time. Im too wise to get sucked into destructive relationships. And I really know how to empathize when I do get to know someone else who is going through a rough patch. Those are positives that cannot be ignored.

All my experience... Has created in me... An unshakable mental resilience. And people don't make it obvious... But that frame of mind has an influence on those around me... I am "the father" everywhere I go.... A role I didn't ask for... Yet I know is needed. People need a calm, rational person around.... To remind them that it can be a good thing to think twice. To control destructive impulses.

It is a good thing for the world.... Just to be a Capricorn.

profile image

yiddy 2 years ago

No kidding. If a Capricorn were to skydive into a beauty pageant, there'd be some way for things to change in the last minute.

cappi 2 years ago

i am a capricorn ,bad childhood, nothing ever works out for me i,ve worked hard all my life the house i,d just paid for burnt down i,d canceled my ins. because i couldn,t aford it after i had taken in a family member and their family i had to let something go ,naturally thats when the house burt down story of my life,nothing ever seems to work to my advantage and i go out of my way to try to be a good christian, and a loveing giving person ,no one seems to like me and i dont know why,i,ve become very withdrawn in the last few years i guess i just dont care anymore

profile image

yiddy 2 years ago

Something I want to ask other cappies...

There's the well known truth that for us life is difficult, never works out, and so on. Similarly, capricorns are serious and so forth. It's all been stated.

One thing that's always been a lowest common denominator in my life, is not just the usual capricorn hardships, but the way that they occur. No matter what I do, it seems the only way to go about, is to go down the absolutely serious, responsible and risk-less ways. And that's what drives to insanity. If it was just a bunch of negative events, it'd be far easier to bear. But the fact that I'm always taking practically every possible option of every possible variable in mind, and having to deal with any changes along the way, just for it all to crumble in an instant, is what's at this point simply killing me.

I don't drink, smoke, take drugs, live a carefree life, have done my best to not only learn from the mistakes of others, but learn from the lack of their learning from their own mistakes, picked a stable college/career, leaned towards people who share as many similarities/understandings, used my hobbies as precursors into the career to perfect my knowledge, had hobbies that had something to do with my main interests in life, kept free of random thoughts that lead people astray, didn't spend my teen years getting drunk and chasing the opposite sex non-stop, take interest in things greater than life on this planet, and so on......and for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Major idiots who haven't a clue where they are, are having it easier, never thinking, never realizing, never giving a damn...

Anyone else in this type of a boat?

Mohammad NV profile image

Mohammad NV 2 years ago from Tehran, Iran

I am a middle-eastern Capricorn. I never wanted to believe in my bad luck until being cheated by my all GFs and being bankrupted 3 times. I always struggled more and achieved less! I am 33 and yet this damn Saturn is kicking me everyday... I am totally desperate and cant undrestand, what's wrong! I read somewhere that life of a cappy gets better in 30s but not yet life is crap :(

profile image

yiddy 2 years ago

Since it's been some years since the original post came up, and since there doesn't seem to be much(ie anything) on the internet along the lines of "Capricorns unite", I've started a facebook page on the topic. Feel free to share on places like this, and invite other Capricorns who yet aren't "initiated" in these types of discussions.

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Taylor 2 years ago

I have no luck, prior military with communications training, and I have not had a job since I got out, after 13 years in the service. 3 years now, going to school with the GIBILL, not once but twice the bill dropped me from the roster and I couldn't continue school AND I couldn't feed myself. At 32 i had to move in with my parents. Its not finding a job its getting one, even tho I meet the req's and have no problem liability wise, cept debt, I wont get the job but no one does because after it expires its relisted...........F*** being a Capricorn. I used to be proud, love hard work, never want things given to me, I earn what I get but I can't even earn now...............

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Lost and lost 2 years ago

Thanks for posting such a touching article. I felt I was reading my own life story. Born Jan 1st, I have been there myself and though depressing, it is comforting to know that I am not alone. My life has been far and far from easy. I don't know where to start and to end. I was bullied at school, to the extent of losing my confidence in everything. At Uni, I could not speak to a single woman and despite being told that I am good - looking, I stayed without a companion pretty much through my uni life. I was blessed later to meet someone who I married. Aloofness and loneliness are feelings all too familiar, till date when I am 38. A failed career; random run-ins with so many people at different stages who humiliated me and easily got away that I have lost count. A miserable career with two retrenchments, low salaries, no recognition all of which culminated into domestic problems with wife, almost to the brink of a divorce. The good things: two beautiful children who love me to bits, amazing parents and an improved marital life off late. The biggest negative: I could not make any of these people proud of anything. It comes as a shocker when I clearly realize that I am smarter, more hard working and have a better personality than most of my co workers but I lack the 'mean' streak in me which I guess is required nowadays to cut-it at work and elsewhere. In nutshell, my life is a wreck but somewhere me and my family have come to terms with it. I live each day fearing where the unknown may come from. On a positive note, 'capricorn together' may be a good idea and I am ready to chip-in.

Angela 2 years ago

I'm reading all this and can relate all too well. Born December 31 . I thought it was going to be a good year because it is year of the Horse which I am. Graduated valedictorian from nursing school and have been told at work there was no position for me and have been looking but no one will hire a new grad. I spent so much money and feel so low because I have applied to 12 places in a month had 3 interviews and no response. I feel horrible I give up. I'm sooo depressed. I'm in a fog.

Crappy cap life 2 years ago

I'm sad because it's all so true! I've had a bad childhood but kept going and thought it'll get better if I don't give up and keep going...wrong..I had a horrible time in high school and looking back I was a very nice fun kid that was attractive but yet I ended up with some abisive asshole..then I joined the military and thought okay must get better from here I'll just keep moving do good things and it'll fall into place..met my husband and he kept deploying straight from the start it left us bitter and distant from one that's where it ended..and every time I feel like I'm getting somewhere it's like " hah!" I tricked you from life..I can never find not one meaningful relationship where someone can just see your soul.. And love you for it because we have beautiful, unique ones..we are devoted, caring and deep...maybe I should have never dated a cancer..made me feel very loved and cared for but behind it all I discovered he just had extremely selfish motives and left as soon as they were met..I think for a Capricorn it's devastating because we do as we say and say what we mean there's nothing behind it. So when someone treats us any differently it's mind blowing!

Ignorant Awareness 2 years ago

I know I may be a little late to the game here, but it is just absolutely MINDBLOWING to me how so many of us came from horrible childhoods! Mine was physically abusive, with Gemini & Leo parents both on the cusp of Cancer (which meant I would just end up OH so confused when my mother would supplement her abuse with the overly smothering molly coddling that Cancers are known for). I would end up hating myself for feeling suffocated by the 'affection', because it felt both fake and unfair (just because an Earth type doesn't tell you how they like to be loved, doesn't mean you can just muscle your way in with what YOU want (by feeding into how YOU want to receive love) all the time!) My father was the opposite of my mother, in that he was very cold and uncaring; and THAT actually means something, coming from a grumpy ol' Cap! He would push us with punishments but no reward for doing well; add that to the eldest Cappy daughter, who always has the need to please, and you can see just how destructive it is to hear 'What happened to the other 2%?' when showing him a 98% grade.

Yes, we know that Capricorns are already hard on themselves, buf that's why most astrology charts tell us we need to find someone more lighthearted; someone who can reassure us that we are whole and enough (even when our typically unlucky lives try to proveus otherwise). An overly nitpicky and harsh person will only ever serve to drive a Cappy even deeper within themselves (one reason why I'm not a huge Virgo fan, even though I'm *supposed* to be; you pointing out my flaws without solutions is not helpful for me! Chances are I already am aware of these faults AND already ruminate on them enough without you harping on about them too!) Just because I don't say anything about them, doesn't mean I don't know they're there!

And so many times, despite our reputation for being stubborn asses, I think Capricorns actually spend a lot of time NOT sharing how we think or feel, for fear of rocking the status quo or upsetting anyone. We just don't realise how much we're upsetting OURSELVES by doing this, though. Not until it's too late, anyway- & by that point, I've already fallen into that pit of wallowing and despair that us Cappys are often ruthlessly made fun of for. Just because we don't voice how hurt we are by all this, doesn't mean we aren't!

Ignorant Awareness 2 years ago

Which brings me to where I am today; totally down, having spent all day in bed (partially because I have a heavy-headed cold, but also because I'm avoiding work). What's that, you say? A Capricorn who isn't working? Blasphemy, right? Well, I think our workaholic reputation isn't actually as simple as that. I know many of us work as much as we can; but how much is that because we want to, and how much because we feel we NEED to? It's our duty to provide, right? To save for a rainy day, right? Don't you guys tell me you don't also get that thrill from seeing you have enough money in your savings account, 'just in case'? We feel a duty, or obligation, to uphold. And when we can't reach those impossibly high standards, for one reason or another, we feel we have failed. And given our tendency to keep things inside, that can lead to a lot of ruminating on negative thoughts before long.

See, let me clarify; when I say I'm not working, I mean I'm not finishing the university essays that I'm supposed to be doing. I am, in fact, still holding down 2 jobs (I *am* Cappy after all, haha!), but investing myself in university just doesn't seem to be happening.

I have 2 theories as to why this is; perfectionism and tiredness. My degree was supposed to be 3 years. I am currently in my 5th year (repeating twice) and looking to fail again. Not on purpose, of course. But I think subconsciously, because my assessments are mainly asaignments, I feel thatoverwhelming need to hand in *perfect* work. Now I know that, logically speaking, this is impossible, but I think this is one of the biggest downfalls to the status quo; Capricorns work hard to be seen as important (based on actual achievements, not perceptions). But the only problem with this is, once you start reaching that level (and consistently so, as Caps would do), there then becomes an expectation from others for you to be exceptional all the time. And like my father and my own psyche would say, soon doing great just wasn't good enough anymore. It had to be better than great, it had to be the best; and 101% so, mind you. If you're strong enough, you will continue to plough through it all. But if you are weak, like me, there comes a time where enough is enough. You start to burn out. And rather than talk to someone about it, you end up withdrawing into yourself. No one can call you a failure if you aren't ever around anyone anymore, right?

Ignorant Awareness 2 years ago

Wrong! You *can* still be called a failure! Because guess who you cannot hide from, no matter how hard you try? That's right; yourself. And herein lies the irony of the Capricorn existence; we feel the need to provide for others, but also to run from them when our cracks begin to show. But other people are like the glue in our lives; no matter how self-reliant Capricorns may be purported to be, we cannot do it all on our own. No one can. Just as we do what we can to help others, we need to allow them to help us too.

I know that is difficult to digest (especially those of us who see relying on others as a sign of weakness), but note I'm advocating co-dependancy here. Just opening ourselves up to others. But I know that takes time.

I am with a man for 4.5 years now (a Libra-Scorpio cusp, of all things- why do I have so many cusps in my life??) Anyway, I actually got around that initial Capricorns-always-take-forever-to-open-up problem by meeting him online. Yeah, I know; save me the eye roll. But in case you hadn't noticed, I actually have no problem opening up via writing. A lot. (No, seriously; I actually want to apologise to Oremie for this nightmare of a comment saga already, lol xD!)

Even then, it still took us a year of constant talking before I flew out to go meet him. And it was absolutely wonderful. But he is just so far away that I have only managed to meet him in person twice now; there goes that awful Capricorn bad luck again! He wants me to be happy, and I don't want to chain him down to an impossible woman =/ So even though we still talk, it feels somewhat distant; I'm perceptive enough to know that we're just on surface pleasantries again now. And that really hurts; especially since a Cap takes such a looong time to open up to anyone in the first place! So when they do, they don't want to let go unless they absolutely *must*!

Anyway, the rational part of my brain is turning to mush now; especially when the few loyal friends I have made are all just so far away now (either already graduated (2 years ago, when I was *supposed* to too!) or they live on the other side of the friggin' OCEAN! Grrr, why must Capricorns have the worst luck of. all. Time.?? =[

*deep breath* Anyway, the way this ramble relates in ANY way to the rest of the comments, and article here, is my second theory; tiredness. I don't know about you guys, but I am just so TIRED of it all. I'm not depressed and I haven't given up entirely (hence why I'm still earning), but ever since I was young I have just felt so *tired* about it all. About all the bad luck. About all the aches and pains (I don't know about you guys but I'm only 22, and yet my whole body often feels tired or run down- achy joints and bones, anyone? Like most other Caps, I don't give into vices like drinking or smoking at all- so why is it that I *still* feel so tired at such a young age??)

It just feels like a never ending struggle; no matter how far my stumpy little goat legs plod along, there will always be SOME Wind of Bad Luck buffeting me off the Mountain of Happiness at any given time. I know we often get a bad rap for being cold and miserly, but how much of that is just tiredness? Being weary at the prospect of beginning the climb again; especially when it often ends in heartache?

How many of you feel the same way; tired? And more importantly, how many of you think that shall ever end? I've read that Capricorns are old souls whom become and act younger the longer they age; is it true? Someone please tell me it's true; give me hope, dammit :( !

Ignorant Awareness 2 years ago

And once again, I sincerely apologize for blabbing on and on in the comments here; I think I need a blog, lol xD

unlucky capri 2 years ago

oh god

unlucky capri 2 years ago

Hello guys. So it seems I'am not totally alone. Yet I have been lonely at every step of my life. A 26 year old Dec 23 capri finds his life demanding more and more from him. I work very hard from my peers, yet the results are meagre. People become friends with me only to take my advantage. After their work is done, they forget me. I don't have a single true friend in my life. My life is full of ups and downs. The downs contributing to 80% of my life. My childhood was destroyed very early. Something so bad happened in 2000 that left a deep emotional scar in me. How I coped with it is only a miracle. At that time I wished if I could be dead. I have also been unlucky in my career while my peers are successful. However I can work 6 times harder than them. Also people describes me as very rebellious. But they don't know the truth, the reasoning behind my opinions. But I'am a man of character and have always stood strong when my character has been challenged although I have poor health, poor digestion. Can't enjoy most of the tasty foodstuffs. Anyways, everyone has their own life. I have come to believe it as karma, the fruits of your actions of your previous birth. Since most cappies have a very hard life, it seems logical they are intent on clearing their karma in this life and the next few lives. I believe we have this choice before taking birth. So it seems we could be reaching the end of spending our lives on earth. Which means we would soon find ourselves in other spiritual realms after our time on earth dries up. It would be a lot easier there as our basic needs(food cloth shelter sex) would have been eliminated. I feel we all capricorns will be rulers there. See ya in heaven

yiddy 23 months ago

No changes here for sure. How're the rest doing....oh never mind *sick humor* :( :(

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caprisan2015 23 months ago

I am starging my work on capricorns together.....anyone interested?

yiddy 23 months ago

I attempted a page some time back, but with *ding ding* NATURALLY, zero interest! :)

Interested here.

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Lost and lost 23 months ago

Caprisan, depends what are you looking for.

yiddy 22 months ago

It'll get better they say! HA!!!

yiddy 19 months ago

So....any change ( ̄ー ̄)

Sorry, couldn't help myself. It's almost 2am and as always, deeply meloncholic, no hope in sight, one step forward, ten back, nothing even remotely positive coming, etc etc.........................

Wow 18 months ago

Just came across this and yes it's been a struggle especially since 2009 and yes I'm 50. Capricons take all the pains so no others have too.

Leena 7 months ago

I am a Capricorn woman born on January 13th. I was born into a family who depended on me for everything. I had no voice, I had to hide and wash my tears and show no emotions at all. Growing up I was very sensitive. My mom was a single mom who took all her frustrations out me since I was the oldest. To make matters worse my dad was selfish. He was my world at one point until I started to see who he really was as I started to see his actions when it came to me. He was in and out of my life. Having selfish parents and adults around me was a nightmare. No one could see my pain and tears at night when I would sleep. If only they knew what I was dealing with. I was bullied, I was hated and dislike by everyone who seen me . Sometimes I would walk into a room without saying a word I was not liked by anyone. As I got older I felt alone , unloved and unwanted. It really does break someone's spirit . All I wanted to know is what I did wrong so I could change that about myself so everyone could love me. People who seen the beauty in me would tell you are a very beautiful girl inside and outside you don't see that much. The was the last I wanted to hear since I didn't feel beautiful inside and out. I needed to have a great reason from someone is why yiu hate me if I didn't nothing to deserve this treatment from people when my heart is weak for everyone who mistreat me. No one cared . So I became bitter and angry with whoever wanted to go there with me

Wow the power I had to break someone spirit like everyone has don't to me is so powerful I kind of likes . One day, I had to set down and ask a higher power help me to make sense of this life I was cursed to be in. Because, even how I love to see tbe hurt on people who hurt me I feel bad inside to be this way . My heart is still weak for the people who matter to me. Ask and it shall be given is very true. I started to pray daily and I would feel this strong warmest come over making feel so much love I never felt in my whole life. Everyday was a new beginning to a wiser person who now understood myself worth and how God made us al beautiful inside and outside. However. To see the beauty each other we have to get to know someone from the inside to see the real beauty outside of what can be misleading to us humans. Even though I am wise and love myself and others . I still go through a lot , my loyalty to family is my down fall. I am alone in my struggles with God on my side lifting my spirit along the way. I am always taking ten steps forward and ten steps backwards. It could be the sacrifices I make for my love ones and myself. Betrayal and backstabbing has always be the story of my life. It gets me down sometimes because everything always works against me. However, something inside me says I am worth more and what it takes I will show everyone how hard you have to work is not an easy job. but to remain humble through it all the unfairness I had to face against pure evilness. That will keep them speechless how can you not believe in a God. Do not give up my sister's and brother's God knows you pain and your heart. Do not let anyone still your joy anymore because God loves you. Do not forget yourself worth.

Jeetu 7 months ago


Annette 6 months ago

Hey my fellow Capricorns, we are the strongest sign in the zodiac. Who else can adore the disappointments of the world and never let them see you sweat. Every time we are face with adversity, we know there is a lesson that we have learn. Most Capricorn suffer from the time the enter the world but its ok Caps let do what we were born to do and that is conquer the world like Muhammad Ali, Denzel Washington, Martin Luther King, Michelle Obama and Gabby Douglas. We were born for greatest.

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