List of Online Graphing and Scientific Calculators

It happens to every high school and college student at some point: you forget to bring your calculator. Luckily, if you have computer or phone with Internet access, you can take advantage of free online calculators. The list below will set you up with the perfect calculator for your needs, whether you are trying to finish your physics lab report or your finance homework.

Use an online graphing or scientific calculator to perform complicated operations and plot equations.  (Credit: Eduland Stock Photos)
Use an online graphing or scientific calculator to perform complicated operations and plot equations. (Credit: Eduland Stock Photos)

List of Free Online Calculators

Desmos Graphing Calculator: A beautiful and sleek online grapher that produces large graphs and displays functions with correct mathematical formatting. You can easily zoom in and center the graph on a particular locus, but there is currently no option to set the x and y scales manually. If you hit "print screen" on your computer you can crop a nice graph using a simple image editor such as MS Paint.

Online Graphing Calculator: This is by far the most versatile online graphing calculator I have found, and inputting the functions is very intuitive. In case you aren't sure how to enter a function, there is a pdf instruction manual too. When you click on the "Click to Start GCalc" button, a graphing window with a coordinate plane pops up. Above the coordinate plane is an input box where you can type the function with x as the variable. After you type the function, hit "Enter" and the graph will appear. You can plot multiple functions and manage them by clicking on the "Function List" button.

Free Online Scientific Calculator: If you need to compute the value of complicated expressions like (exp(cos(5+pi))-Log(88))*Log(67)+sqrt(77), this calculator can do the job with accuracy up to 12 decimal places. Besides the usual exponential, logarithm, and trig functions, this calculator also has several built-in specialty functions. For example, the area(x,y,z) function computes the area of a triangle with side lengths x, y, and z. The gcd(x,y) function computes the greatest common denominator of two integers.

Matrix Calculator:For linear algebra and matrix operations, use this calculator to find the transpose, inverse, determinant, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and decomposition. In the text field, enter the elements of the matrix with spaces between each element. Hit enter to start a new row. Once you have filled out the matrix, check the boxes for each item you want to compute, and hit the "Calculate" button.

Online 3-D Surface Graphing Calculator: To graph equations in 3-dimensional space, use this calculator to generate the image of a surface. The calculator accepts inputs in the form z = f(x,y), for example, z = x^2 + y^2, which is a paraboloid. You can spin the 3-D plot to view the surface from several angles.

Implicit Function Graphing Calculator: If you want to plot complicated curves like xy^3 + x^2 + y + 0.05x^4 = 77, you don't have to do any algebra to solve for y to find the function of x. This calculator graphs implicitly defined functions, such as this example. It plots curves with thick lines and bright colors so you can make attractive images.

Graphs of xy^3 + x^2 + y + 0.05x^4 = 77 (pink), xy^3 + x^2 + y + 0.05x^4 = 55 (orange), xy^3 + x^2 + y + 0.05x^4 = 33 (green), xy^3 + x^2 + y + 0.05x^4 = 11 (blue)
Graphs of xy^3 + x^2 + y + 0.05x^4 = 77 (pink), xy^3 + x^2 + y + 0.05x^4 = 55 (orange), xy^3 + x^2 + y + 0.05x^4 = 33 (green), xy^3 + x^2 + y + 0.05x^4 = 11 (blue)

Other Options

Most PCs and Macs have a built in calculator with basic functionality. You can also use Excel to perform calculations. If you need to draw geometric figures based such as points, lines, conic sections, and polygons, there is a free to download program called GeoGebra that has an easy to use interface for creating simple geometry diagrams.

Also see my related article, Top 10 Online Calculator Collections. Each website on the list has hundreds of practical application calculators that do everything from solving differential equations, estimating the amount of wood needed to build a hardwood floor, estimating pregnancy due dates to calculating the distance between two cities.

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woodsywild11 profile image

woodsywild11 6 years ago from East Tennessee

Neat page with great information. I did not know about these online tools.

Ambr Sina profile image

Ambr Sina 4 years ago from Chandigarh, India

nice list of graphing and scientific calculators. is great tools for complicated scientific maths problems..

Mateusz Mucha profile image

Mateusz Mucha 4 years ago from Krak√≥w


I have created the Percentage Calculator ( - a tool that I hope will help middle school kids learn percentages. While it's not exactly a perfect fit on this page (it's just not a graphing/scientific calculator), I hope you'll find it interesting enough to write about it.

The idea is simple: the student is presented with 4 sentences (x% of y is z, the 3 others are the same thing stated differently). Each sentence has three fields (x, y and z). Fill in any two of them and the third will be calculated automatically. So will the other 3 sentences. This way the student sees how these formulas relate to each other.

Jecinta Onyeka profile image

Jecinta Onyeka 3 years ago from Sango Otta, Ogun, Nigeria

A good online calculator site is which is a metric unit calculation site. it is used to calculate mass, volume, temperature, pressure,electricity, medical units.

calculus-geometry profile image

calculus-geometry 3 years ago from Germany

I also like the implicit function grapher. Wolfram Alpha also makes small graphs in a pinch, like y = x^2, but you can't easily customize the plots unless you have a pro account.

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