List of Phrasal Verbs Beginning With "C"

phrasal Verbs Beginning With "C"
phrasal Verbs Beginning With "C"
  1. Call at (to pay a visit to a place): He called at my place yesterday.
  2. Call away (to call off, to divert, to distract)
  3. Call down (to reprove, abuse): She called down a warning to them.
  4. Call in (to send for): Please call in the doctor at once.
  5. Call of or call off (to cancel): The workers call off the strike.
  6. Call on (to visit a person): I called on him at the hospital.
  7. Call out (to shout): She called out for help.
  8. Call up (to imagine, to summon, to talk by telephone)
  9. Carry off (to win): He carried off the first prize.
  10. Carry on (continue): You must carry on your good work.
  11. Carry out (to do, execute): He carried out the order of the officer.
  12. Carry through (to complete some plan, aim, etc.): He carried through his plan to the end.
  13. Carry through (to bring safely out of the difficulties):
  14. Catch on (to become popular): Skateboarding caught on quickly.
  15. Catch up (come level with): Though two months of his study were wasted due to illness, he caught up with the other students by his hard work.
  16. Charge with (to accuse of): Aksionov was charged with murdering a merchant.
  17. Climb down (move towards the bottom)
  18. Close down (cease business): He has close down his shop due to losses.
  19. Close up (come near one another): Please close up and make room for Sam.
  20. Close in (coming near): The enemy closed in from all sides.
  21. Come about (to happen): It came about as he had told me.
  22. Come across (make an impression in a particular way): He came across well in the interview.
  23. Come across (to meet or find by chance): Yesterday, I came across my old friend.
  24. come at (to attack someone or something): The elephant came at us and we moved away
  25. Come back (return)
  26. Come by (visit): I'll come by after work and see if you need any help.

  27. Come by (acquire): How did you come by that watch?

  28. Come forward (present oneself): A boy came forward to save the old women.
  29. Come down (downfall)
  30. Come down (rain): Just look at the rain coming down! I'm not going out in that.

  31. Come down (travel): When you're next in London, come down and see us.

  32. Come down on (to punish, to rebuke): The manager came down on his staff for not working properly.
  33. Come down upon (to rebuke, to punish)
  34. Come down with (to become ill with a disease): Twenty-two pupils came down with flu.
  35. Come into (inherit something): When his aunt died, he came into a fortune.
  36. Come off (be successful): When everybody failed, Sam efforts came off.
  37. Come out (become known to people): The truth must come out.
  38. Come round (arrive): Many people come round to see the cricket match.
  39. Come up (of the sum; rise): The sun has come up.
  40. Come up to (to be equal to): His performance in the examination didn’t come up to his hopes.
  41. Come up with (reveal): Finally, he came up with the confession that he had killed his wife.
  42. Come upon ( to discover, find or meet by chance or accidentally): I came upon the book in a little second-hand bookshop in Dorset.
  43. Crop up (to appear suddenly, unexpectedly): Many difficulties have cropped up before me.
  44. Crop out (to come out at the surface)
  45. Cut back (prune something): The gardener is cutting back rose-bushes.
  46. Cut down (to reduce): You should cut down you smoking.
  47. Cut off (to intercept): Our forces cut off the enemy’s supplies.

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