History of Tallest Skyscrapers Over The Last 100 Years


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CN Tower
CN Tower
The Effel tower
The Effel tower

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Cities with most Skyscrapers

City/location Skyscrapers

1.Hong kong ,China 188

2.New York City,USA 184

3Chicago,USA 87

4.Shanghai,China 68

5.Tokyo,Japan 61

Taller &Taller

Taipei 101-

The worlds tallest building is the Taipei-101 located in Xinyi District,Taipei,Taiwan.Taipei-101 is the tallest completed skyscrapers according to the council of taller building.It has 101 stories above groundlevel & 5 flours underground.The building is based on the design of a traditional chinese Pagoda and has double-ducker lifts,these are the fastest lift ever built which travel at 1,010m a mintue.Taipei-101 is designed by C.Y Lee Partners & constructed by KTRT Joined Venture and Samsung Engineering&Construction.

CN Tower-Tallest Structure

The worlds tallest free-standing structure on land is the CN Tower in Toronto,Canada with a measture of 553.33m to the top of its antenna.The CN Tower also has the worlds highest graffiti.It has painted-with permission-in 1976 by 20,000 children before the antenna was lifted into the position by computer.The CN Tower was declared as one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.Now the Tower was surpassed in height, by the still under construction Barj Dubai ,after holding the record for 31 years.

The Eiffel Tower

Until 1930,the Eiffel Tower,Paris,france,was the world’s tallest building.It is one of the most visited monument of the world which is designed by the engineer Gustave Eiffel who also built the framework of the Statue of Liberty.The Eiffel Tower in paris, was built as a temporary structure for 1889 Paris Universal Exposition.The construction work of the tower was completed within two years , two months, and five days with an aid of 300 steel workers.More than 200 million people have visited the tower.The tower was so popular that it has been there ever since.The Eiffel Tower features in many films,including James Bond film.

  • The Eiffel tower is 300.5 m tall -320.8m with its antenna,but we can expand/shrink by up to 15cm depending on how hot/cold it is.
  • The tower’s 2,20,000sq m of surfaces are hand painted with 60 tonnes of paint(last painted in 2003).
  • The Eiffel Tower contains 18,038 pieces of steel connected by 2.5 million rivets,weighing a total of 7,175 tonnes.
  • Tower contains 1,665 steps with attractive publicity-seeking climbers.Although most take the lifts.
  • The tower is lit by 352-1000 watt projectors&20,000lights.


The Empire State Building took over the title as “world’s tallest building”from the

Chrysler Building,and quickly became a focal point of New York tourism.The

Empire State Building was built upon the Art Deco style by Shreve,Lamb&Harmon

and it opened its doors on May1,1931 by remote control,when president Herbert

Hoover pressed a button in Washington DC.It tooks only 410 days at a rate of

41/2 flours a week to complete.The record as the worlds tallest building remained

until the twin towers of the World Trade center were completed.

  • The Empire State Building is about 381m from ground level and further 16.7m is below ground and it measures 443.2m to the top of the TV tower.
  • The Empire State building is made of 54,431-tonne steel frame,tonne million tricks and 662tonnes of aluminium , stainless steel and 73 lift.
  • It contains 3,194,547 light bulbs,80kms of radiator pipes and 113kms of pipes.
  • The total building cost of Empire State Building was $40,948,900.
  • On St Valentine’s   day,couples can marry on the 80th  floor.  

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Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

Interesting hub. Have only been to one of these...the Empire State Building...and that was as a child. Very impressive from the top looking over the landscape.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 7 years ago from Global Citizen Author

thank you for supporting and commenting

Beth100 profile image

Beth100 7 years ago from Canada

Architecture is overlooked as one o many different facets of art. Architecture has a wonderful history, and you have touched upon some of the greatest structures that have been erected. Wonderful facts!

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 7 years ago from Global Citizen Author

These Wonderful Architectures are created in past ,Now we have technology ,man power and every thing but why we can't create such wonderful things now ??

Geert Kliphuis profile image

Geert Kliphuis 6 years ago

Kevin, have a look at the Spanish idea of the 'Bionic Tower'! (www.torrebionica.com)

In Madrid, they recently built a skyscraper with a strange, spiral twist at the bottom. (rascocielos madrid, wikipedia)

Kevin h 6 years ago

Was wondering when was the last time a skyscraper was built in the U. S. Of A? Dosent have to be a world record or anything. Just the last significant building that was built

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi Geert kliphuis,

Thanks for sharing the wonderful information.

Hi Kevin h,

Thanks for finding time to leave a comment on the hub.

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