Maasai Marathon Runners

London Maasai Marathon Runners

Six Maasai Warriors will be leaving their village for the very first time, and fly from Kilimanjaro to London to run in the London marathon on the 13th of April 2008.

These six warriors come from a village called Eluai, in Monduli, Tanzania, Africa. Two out of every three children die before the age of five because of the water they drink.

So they have taken it upon themselves to do something about this problem. They have decided to run the London Marathon to raise money to build a bore to provide clean drinking water for their village. One bore hole costs approximately £20,000 depending on depth and geology.

Maasai are very proud people, so they will run the London marathon as Maasai wearing their traditional gear. Jewellery and shoes made of car tyres.

They will run with their shields and spears and sticks, just as they do in their homeland Tanzania.

Greenforce have supported this and have arranged for the six warriors to participate in the marathon, along with a Greenforce staff memeber to act as a Liasion Officer. They have been granted a special dispensation by Dave Bedford (Director of the London Marathon) to run without a numbered vest top, so that they may retain their cultural integrity.

This will be a life changing experience for them, one of the young warriors running the marathon is one of only a handful of Maasai that can speak any English.

I am currently living in Tanzania, at a place called Meserani Snake Park

The young warriors come everyday to the meserani snake park to use the gym, they are working extremely hard to make this dream come true for themselves and their village. I truely admire their determination and strength.

I certainly will be following along cheering for the six young Maasai warriors running in the London Marathon.

You can zip over to Greenforceand read more about the events unfolding before these amazing warriors take off on their life changing experience.

The BBC will be following the warriors on this incrediable journey, so be sure to tune in and support the Maasai runners.

Kind Regards

Tania Bale

African Art Online

London Massai Marathon Runners


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