Magnetic Therapy An Innovative medicine

Among the various alternative medicines, magnetic therapy is the one which has acquired much prominence among all of us. It exists since ancient time in Greece. Greeks renowned physician Paracelsus, reasoned that since the magnets have the power to attract the iron it may also have the ability to react with disease producing organisms.

Later Dr.Franz Mesmer another distinguished physician, theorised on animal animal magnetism, an innovative phenomenon that could magnetise even paper and other such objects. This findings was a major breakthrough in Europe and Louis XVI King of France in 1784 appointed a Royal commission with illustrious scientists Lavoisier, and Benjamin Franklin as its members to investigate its efficacy.

It has been estimated that 140 million people around the world extensively use this innovative therapy. According to Dr. Fred Rinker, Director of the International Association of Magnetic Therapists magnetic therapy is an inexpensive, non invasive treatment with a very high success rate.

All magnets emit invisible magnetic fields though their power varies according to the distance. Smithsonian Institution has discovered that sharks and insects derive 90 per cent of their energy from the Earth's magnetic field rather than from food. It was also found that mice which were kept in a cage that shielded them from Earth's electromagnetism lost their fur and began to die, this was proved by NASA, and it has also been found that people are much healthier in parts of the world where magnetic fields are stronger.

According to Dr.William Philpott, an expert in this field magnetic energy is the first line of defense in the human body mechanism. It is a known fact that blood contains a lot of positively and negatively charged particles such as potassium and sodium ions. These electrically charged constituents of the blood as they move create their own extremely weak magnetic fields, during the magneto therapy their actions are hastened by strengthening their magnetic field further from an external source.

They perceptibly promote various biological activities like digestion and excretion that are essential for healthy life. Extensive research has revealed that there is a significant difference between North and South pole energy of a magnet, the south pole stimulates the body system,m while the North pole sedates. South pole energy can soften hardened arteries and make organs flexible while North pole energy causes constriction.

Together they optimise the levels of acid, pH and other factors that are indispensable for normal life.

Magneto therapy should not be carried out on pregnant women, as the magnetic field will influence the foetus.

It should also be kept away from patients who are already using heart pace makers of insulin pumps.

Unfortunately there is also a flip side of all these theories, there are extensive studies with negative results also raising extreme skepticism in ones mind about-the efficacy of this method. Hence one has to conclude that these studies require further exhaustive research by eminent experts as that alone will enlighten us effectively. Until then this will be an issue in melting pot.

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Interesting hub. What magnetic therapy products do you suggest?

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