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Web page Hosts

The first thing you should do is check out well known domain hosts such as yahoo, Google other well known hosts.

Decide what type of web page you want to have if you just want a free web site then there are many out there to choose from here are a few good ones:

Google Blogger



You can make money off the ads on your website from Google ads called Google adsense. It is a revenue sharing site. 

Google AdSense 

It is free to sign up for and you can monetize your website and get paid for traffic that results in ad traffic profit. There is definitely no easier way to make your site profitable than Google AdSense. There are people who would disagree with this and I hope they will comment and give us suggestions of other monetizing methods and sources.

I don't sale anything so I can use a free domain -blogger as my host I just share information. Blogger offers what are called web site templates: An outline for your website set up & you just tweak a few things to customize it. Pretty easy really just using a free web page template or just copy & paste on you html page.

There are some very affordable web site hosts that you can go through for apersonal or business web page

~here is one example from Yahoo but I do not know how much they charge they would have to check that out:

Traffic recognition

~the page will be picked up faster by the search engines which will bring more traffic faster than even affordable advertising in most cases.  There is a better chance you get what you pay for when you go with someone well known. I am just using Yahoo & Google as an example but you could research it pretty easy.


Pay pal is a great way to collect money from people & it is also free to sign up. You know me with free stuff I'm all about that. If you take payments through pay pal they charge you a fee just like any other service but if you make a payment they do not charge you for that.

Social Site Name Recognition makes a connection

Once you get a website set up it's a great idea to take a day to join some of the social network sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter... because they build 1. traffic 2.reputation & 3. name recognition. Best of all it is free advertising! I really am not that active on most social networks but the traffic return is well worth it. One of the best is called Twitter you can add me if you like.


You can also set up what's called Widgets strange name but one one my best lil buddies.  What a widget does is allow you to post information on one site but it will automatically post on other sites as well at the same time. This helps keep your presence fresh on many many sites not just one site that helps build your traffic as well. Saves so much time I can post on say 3 or 4 sites in less then 1 minute per post! That is fantastic!

I hope this helps some & if you have any question feel free to ask I will do my best to help.Don't just take my word for it ask other people too because chances are you will get a new answer from just about anyone they ask.

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