Maximize Adsense Earnings

Increase your earnings
Increase your earnings

Maximize Adsense Earnings

I know everyone is talking about it but I have been making more money since I started doing a few things a bit differently. I know most people talk about seo, Search engine optimization and although it is important that is not what I will be talking about in this hub. However I will touch upon the subject briefly. There are many things to consider when you are pursuing a monetary path online. It's one thing to have a hobby but quite another to actually be making money.

This hub is about actually making money online and even increasing the amount of money you are making. I have used the things I am discussing and it has worked for me so I thought why not share this valuable information.  I will try to keep this brief and to the point but I will talk about a few very important topics that will help to increase your earnings and maximum. 


Okay this may go with out saying to many of you but I am still going to point this out in hopes it will help some people who may not know this little known secret. What words you chose to use in your writing does really matter. There are so many ways to phrase things you might think what does it matter, simply put your key words will help maximize AdSence earnings. 

It is very important that you search for your best keyword before you write an article or hub. The importance of keywords is of course the amount you will profit. Do you want to use a phrase that you can earn 5 cents or 50 cents, that is pretty much a no brain-er right. Well it is not that simple you see it is not just about profit but it is also about search traffic if 150 people search a 5 cent keyword but only 10 people are searching for the 50 cent keyword then the question of traffic and search-ability will become very relevant right.

Keyword Based Tool
Keyword Based Tool

One of the best tools out there that you do not hear a whole lot about is Google's Search-Based Tool. This one tool is very valuable because it takes the guess work out of your research on your keywords. You simply type in your word or phrase and the tool brings up the statics on your word or words. This tool will help you but it will not help much if you use it in the wrong way.

First decide on your word or phrase now type them into the box and see what you get back. You will notice there are two things to be concerned about earnings amount as well as traffic. Both of these points are equally important so make sure you give them both your attention. Now you will be off to a good start but now let me turn to another area in order to maximize AdSense earnings with very little effort.

At this point you are asking yourself why I would even bother to write this hub because the search traffic is so low well simply put I just want to help people out to find better more profitable ways to maximize earnings by using a few very simple tips.

Search Engine Traffic Source
Search Engine Traffic Source


Search engine optimization (SEO) is making sure your content, your article, your website or your hub is found easily and quickly on search engines, not just Google but all search engines like Yahoo, Hubpages, or Bing. Everything combined plays into the outcome of your placement in all the search engines thankfully if you are a hubber you have a huge advantage. Hubpages are already ranking as trusted site content so most of that important work is done for you. If you are a hubber go to my account, then click on traffic sources to check out how your doing traffic wise & who is driving that traffic to your hubs as well as which hubs are getting the most views.

One of the most under appreciated but very important elements of a successful earning hub, article or website is hands down layout. If you read nothing else on this hub read this statement; Advertisement placement is directly related to the order of your content, the relevance of your content and the layout of your content. Simple things with very big results that will impact maximizing AdSense earnings.

First and foremost your pictures and videos are great to compliment and enhance your hubs, articles and website content but no one wants their screen filled with any of them to the point it takes aways from your great content because after all as they say content is king,right after traffic the rest are just the court to play to. Keep in mind that the idea is to enhance not overwhelm your reader to the point they miss your content. There is a check box in your picture capsule you can check that says-view this image full size, make sure you check that box and your reader can chose to view it if they wish.

The best thing to keep in mind is that you must leave room in your hubs or article for advertisement placement. I see so many hubs that only use one text box this is most certainly dropping your click through rate because it effects your ad placement directly. Try to use at least two text boxes or more and see what happens to your ad placement. I try to keep my first text box to 2 to 3  paragraphs at most no more then that. I hope these tips not only help you maximize AdSense Earnings but help you to better layout your content so people will be returning to read more of your content in the future.

Not only has this been successful to maximize AdSense earnings but I have had a huge increase in hub success rate concerning traffic, click through rates as well as ranking all three. I tend to believe layout is the main driving force but as I have stated content as well as keywords also play a role.

I hope this hub helps

What is the best tip you have found to maximize earnings

  • Keywords
  • Keyword Based Tool
  • Allowing room for AdSense Placement
  • Minimize pictures and videos
  • Tips not listed
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Hemlata 6 years ago

Very useful tips. I am trying to implement the same. Hope for best results. :)

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Envoy 6 years ago from USA Author

Thanks for your comment.

Good luck with your earnings.

Glad to have you stop by.

Have a great day.

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