Medical Billing & Coding Salary in the US

If you are looking into becoming a medical biller and coder you should know that there are many factors that will determine your salary.  Geographic location is important, coders in areas with a  higher cost of living will probably have a higher pay rate starting off than coders in an area with a low cost of living.  Your working environment will take a toll on your paycheck as well.  Billers and coders in hospitals will typically have a higher pay rate and a better benefits package than those working in a private practice or online for instance.  Your education level and amount of experience will also determine your earning potential. 

For all of these reasons it is hard to say exactly what your earnings will look like right out of school but according to the median salary from medical billers and coders in November 2008 was between $35,999 and $44,562. While says that the national earnings for someone with a medical billing and coding certificate degree working as a Medical Billing Specialist earns between $11.30 and $14.67 hourly. 

Medical Billing and Coding Salary Across the Country

People with medical billing and coding certificates in Portland can expect to earn between $11.31 and $16.92 depending on their experience.  While those in Houston should expect an hourly wage around $9.64 starting and up to $14.03 once they have some experience.  Las Vegas is between $11.67 and $15.45 which is similar to Dallas at $10.81-$15.42.

Get a Good Education And You'll Go Far!

This field is predominantly female but that doesn’t mean that it is only a woman’s jobs by any means.  Four percent of people with a medical billing and coding certificate degree are men and that number is climbing thanks to technical schools offering financing to more people.  If you are looking into getting a medical billing and coding certificate I recommend that you check out to search for an accredited program near you.  There are often online classes and night school for those who can’t afford to leave their jobs to go back to school full time.  But make sure that the school that you do attend is accredited so that you have the best shot at getting a great job once you graduate.  Good luck!!

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Jaggedfrost 6 years ago

This is a well writen and easy to understand plug for a career that looks good in todays market especially when the job market is more then a little sketchy. Good job.

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l0v3w1ns 6 years ago from Germany Author

Thank you!

Anitha 6 years ago

am working as a Analyst in medical billing...Am moving to germany with my husband. Is their any job related to my profile ?

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A nice blog on medical coding

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Medical billing classes information, including what to avoid when researching medical billing courses online, by

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